Woman Versus Man

So there’s this amazing Daddy blogger having me over at his place today!  We are having quite a conversation about our genders and I think you will enjoy the dialogue.  This exchange of sorts is only the beginning of opening up a good ol’ can of worms!!  Both she worms and he worms alike!  Well not really…

 So go on over to see my friend Eli at CoachDaddy.  I assure you, he’ll knock your socks off. When you visit, you will never leave empty handed.  His wit and brilliant word play can woo any reader – you’ll see.


Over at his blog, I share with my only “man/daddy/blogger friend”, questions regarding the male gender in hopes he would shed light into the infamous world of MAN.  I thought it best to pick just a few subjects so as not to overwhelm him.  I have learned this lesson well with my precious hubby.  If I were really smart, I would have only chosen ONE thing to focus on, seeing as that’s usually how most men operate.  But I pushed the limit, just to see what he could do with it all…


And boy did he show up to play!


Come check out our little do-dad!  It’s quite entertaining…

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      Thanks so much for stopping by Robin!!! Hope you have a GREAT time over at Eli’s place! 🙂 His questions are on their way to me for next week’s post… stay tuned!

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        I hope to divert the attention from your husband and the beating I’d hoped to help him avoid!

        I hope, Robin, you’ll be ready to answer the questions I pose to Chris, too.

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      Thanks so much for traveling over there Michell!!! It was SOOOO much fun to work with Eli! I am excited to get his questions soon to work on the post for my place… stay tuned!!! 😉

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      You are in for a TREAT!!! Let me know what you think!! I am working on Eli’s questions and will be posting the answers soon!! Stay tuned for the “Man VS Woman part II”. 😉

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