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I don’t play favorites.  I simply can’t.  How do you pick just ten? I am going to try my best to take on this beautiful challenge from Lisa at The Golden Spoons and Rabia at The Liebers.  My mind flies at top speed, thinking of all the amazing blogs out there in this wonderland of plenty.  How on earth can I pick just ten?  The only way I can do this, is to know I can always write another post with ten more blogs that I love.  Yes!  That is how I can do this!  So this is just the beginning of a wonderful mission:  To give love where love is so deserved…

With that said, I now know that if I forget a blog that should be honored here, I have more opportunities to highlight them in the future.  Deal?


Some writers leave me breathless.  Their words are a beautiful creation.  They know how to paint pictures and frame feelings with a unique brilliance that literally stops my breath.  They have a depth that speaks through their voice and a message that permeates my heart.   I soak in every word and feel privileged to have received their gift.  If you haven’t found these treasures, I encourage you to discover their value, and reap such rewards in doing so.  Some delve into heart heavy issues, while others describe the on-goings of life with a wit and genius that just makes me swoon.  These are in no order, and each blog is a gem of its own.

My Inner Chick  I recently found Kim, and her story is one that pierces my heart and breaks open my soul.  Her incredible spirit and powerful mission in honor of her sister, is full of passion and pain.  I was hooked immediately, when I first read her.  If you haven’t met Kim yet, you simply must go now.  Read about her precious sister who now resides in Heaven.  It’s her story to tell, not mine.  

Considerings.  Lizzi is truly one of my favorite writers and most beloved friends on the internet.  Oh, how I adore her British ways and her undeniable talent as a writer.  Her depth and aptitude for raw and genuine struggles are intensely powerful and gloriously beautiful.  If you haven’t met her, you simply must be blessed by her words and her dedication to finding ten things thankful every week.  (Best link up EVER)

Raising Humans.  Tricia writes so beautifully, I can honestly expect to stop and hold my breath while I read every single incredible post of hers about parenting and life in between.  She is a gifted writer and truly knows how to find the golden treasures in capturing those moments in motherhood so perfectly.

Writer B Is Me I never ever leave Beth’s blog without a loud laugh or a deep sigh.  Her way around words is full of an uncanny wit and brilliance that grabs you and pulls you in.  Every single time.  You just want to hang with her as often as possible, just so you can submerge yourself in her presence.  She’s that good.

Chairs From The Curb.  Karmen is truly one of my absolute favorite writers on the Internet.  Her words are so creatively placed and her beautiful blend of humor and inspiration is entirely unique and wonderfully powerful.  I absolutely relish in every post she creates, because I know I will be taken on a ride that is designed to enlighten and lift you around each corner of her world.  She is my diamond in the rough.  I believe her talent has yet to be discovered as it should.  Go find the buried treasure that is in her blog!

Finding Nenee.  This girl has the most amazing knack for balancing the funny and the fragile between and among posts, sharing her hardships and enduring unfailing love of her precious son- and her hilarious takes on parenthood and everything that screams humor.  She knows how to deliver a message with clarity and consciousness… as she delves into the pain and purpose of being a mother of a special needs child.  What I love about Kristi, is her incredible humor and genuine heart.  She is as real as they come, and it doesn’t get more beautiful than her.

The Fierce Diva Guide To Life.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!  Ilene is real, raw, brilliant, courageous, beautiful, and powerful within her own right.  She’s earned these marks of high honor, because she is a constant source of integrity and empowerment that can light up any heart.  Her words constantly capture that vision as she writes about her own journey through twists and turns that declare her world to be brutal and beautiful all at once.  She is a constant source of strength and endless well of love.  As soon as you open her posts, you feel it.  Integrity’s flame keeps burning for no one will be able to put it out, due to Ilene’s fierce force of unquestionable fortitude.  Every single post is authentic as she finds her way around embracing an inner strength that stretches into your own heart.

Whoa Susannah!  I have loved Susannah for years.  She is hilarious and flawlessly wraps her wit around her words like no one else I’ve read before.  Her voice is so unique and her southern spin adds more sparkle to her ways.  She is a gifted writer and even better, a beloved friend.  Her heart for Christ lies beneath her smirk and giggles, and His Light comes out with hints of abiding faith and generosity.  I am so blessed to call her friend.  You simply must go read her, because she is a rare voice and her talent is uncanny and worthy of a bigger stage.

These little Waves.  Galit is a force to be reckoned with.  I have yet to find a more talented writer on the Internet.  Every single post she writes is truly a work of art.  Her poignant and powerful words always reach deep into my heart and soul and I am stunned by her brilliance.  She is truly one of the great writers I am privileged to know and honored to read.  She wraps you around her words and calls you into her presence with an astounding appeal to the genuine clarity of the moment.  Her beauty beams within each perfectly place word that so eloquently embraces your attention and you are left with an awe-inspiring message.  

The Dose of Reality. I simply must end with my absolute favorite writers and generous souls that are a constant source of love in our blogosphere.  Lisa and Ashley have an unending brilliant take on giving all of us readers an enormous amount of laughter and light, as they take us into their hilarious world of reality.  They have such a gift in not only finding the funny in everything from “Oh, Pinterest No. Just No!” to “Would You Rather?” games.  But in all sincerity, it’s how they deliver their humor that strikes me as truly a gift.  Readers flock to their place every time they post, because they have a way of creating energy about them that exudes laughter and love and this unconditional acceptance and support of every soul they come into contact with.  I absolutely love reading their brilliant twists on life and their remarkable way of presenting it.  Each post takes me away from my world, and into theirs- never failing to make me beam with a joy that only they can evoke.

I know there are SO many more writers I adore- but these are the ones that enter my heart when I think of the power of their words.  The gift each one has in their writing, and I always expect that the quality of their script is consistent on any given post they publish.

This blog world we live in, is a pool of endless gifted writers with missions and purpose in their craft.  As I think about the countless people that I am privileged to read every day, I can’t help but feel undeniably blessed for knowing them all.  There is so much talent out there, and each time I read a post- a new part of me awakens and breathes it’s first breath.  I am forever grateful to find my place in this world of passion and purpose, with souls that I have discovered and cherish along the way.

Every last one of you- should be on my list. Every last one.

  The Liebers

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    Ohhhh you’re such a darling 😀 Thank you MILLIONS for featuring me on your list.

    And hey, you have some of my favourites there too. Including new (to me) wonderful writer Tricia – WOW! The way she weaves words!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness so many new blogs! I only know a few of your favs! And I am so far behind on my blog reading right now! I will have to bookmark your post so I can go back this weekend! So exciting!

    • says

      You will LOVE them Michelle!!! Definitely worth taking a look! I seriously considered them all, knowing some are not in our little corner of the world. 🙂

  3. says

    I don’t think I could put into words how honored, touched, and blown-away I am that I made this list, and for the wonderful things you said. I’m genuinely floored. To say the feeling is mutual is an understatement. THANK YOU!!

    Also: the other bloggers on your list are ones whom I admire to the moon and back. I’m lucky to be with them on your post!! Mad love to you, Chris!!!

    • says

      I CRAZY LOVE YOU TOO BETH!!! Seriously- you are such a talented writer and oh gosh how I adore you as a person!!! You crack me up and pull me in at the same time with your humor and your love. MWUAH!!

  4. says

    I love your list. I read several of these blogs myself! A few of them I learned about through you 🙂 I will definitely check out the ones I don’t yet read, cause yeah, you have good taste!

    • says

      Oh that is just awesome Laurie!! You won’t be disappointed in any of these beautiful blogs. Each one is a true gem! 🙂 It was really hard though, I could have added ten more!

  5. says

    Oh Chris!! We are totally over here SOBBING! Thank you so much for everything you said about us here…we are not worthy! Seriously, though, you have truly just made our entire day/week/month/year/lifetime with your generosity and kindness! 🙂 We absolutely adore the blogs you chose!! The interwebs are most definitely a better place because of you! :)-The Dose Girls

  6. says

    Wow! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for mentioning me in such a list! Took my breath away. You are such a faithful encourager–so inspiring!

    You know we live pretty close–we should meet for coffee!
    (hope that didn’t sound creepy to you)

    • says

      I absolutely adore ADORE your blog, Karmen!! Are we FB friends? We MUST be!! And coffee with you??? Are you KIDDING ME? I didn’t know we lived close!!! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to meet with you!!!! (SO not creepy!! LOL Something I would say too!) (Friend me? I tried to find you!)

  7. says

    I know and love half of the writers you mentioned, but I will have to check out the rest! What lovely words to pay tribute to some awesome women, Chris.

    • says

      They are ALL such awesome women and writers, Dana! I decided to try to give a shout out to those that aren’t in our tight bunch and they absolutely deserve it!

  8. says

    I’m so glad I didn’t link up to this one because my list would be 100 long!
    Such beautiful descriptions here, of beautiful writers, and I’m happy to know most of them.

    • says

      It was ALL I could do to NOT put you on this list Tamara!!! Seriously. But I chose some that are not in our little corner of the blogosphere on purpose… they so earned there spot here!

  9. says

    I adore many of these and am looking forward to reading the others. I just love how you describe everyone, Chris. The ones I know are dead on, so I’m sure the others are as well. Thanks for the tips on the new blogs!

    • says

      They are ALL quality writers Jen. You will LOVE them!! Do you know I had Alexa and YOU on this list too? I decided to stretch outside out beautiful box and share some gems instead. 🙂

  10. says

    Speechless. I am speechless at the things you say about me. And I am honored to be in such amazing company. I Love you. Don’t even know what else to say!

  11. says

    I am familiar with about half of these. Your descriptions are so beautiful, I definitely want to check out the others. I have been amazed by this link up today. I really anticipated a good bit of overlap, but it hasn’t been that way. So many wonderful writers and I look forward to finding some new ones to follow!

    • says

      This link up topic was a BRILLIANT idea Lisa!!! I am so excited to find so many more blogs through everyone’s lists!! It’s so interesting to see what everyone else loves, isn’t it?

  12. says

    ~~~~Thank you, Chris.
    How lovely to be included with these wonderful writers / bloggers.
    I’m truly happy to be a tiny part of your universe! Xxx

    PS. I shall check out the other blogs you mentioned here!

  13. says

    Oh Chris!!! I’m so late…snow days, work, life, and OMG I’m so beyond and above honored, humbled, amazed, and overjoyed to be included in your list of incredible writers!!! THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU so much.
    There are actually a couple that I do not know and cannot wait to get to know them as if they are your favorites? They are sure to be mine. Thank you again, my gorgeous friend. Huge.

    • says

      There is NO such thing as LATE in the blog world…. we have NO TIME LIMITS!! I have to say that, because I am always ALWAYS late to everything around blogging! LOL

      Don’t you ever worry about that- I can SO relate. Can’t catch my breath either…

      I hope you are sound asleep now- and relishing in the fact that I adore you and your work/writing/purpose/gift.

  14. says

    Yes — I have read many of those on your list and agree wholeheartedly. Just makes me want to learn more and work harder to someday make “a list!” Thank you for the inspiration

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