This I Promise You My Love…

 Every year I reflect on Valentine’s Day and the promises I made to my husband, 13 years ago.  And every year I realize how blessed I am to be on this journey filled with years of joy and suffering, challenges and celebrations, failures and successes, sickness and health, endurance and acceptance, and fulfillment and commitment.  I think of the words I wrote and shared with my vows, and how every single promise I made continues to resonate in our lives every miraculous day we are together.  It amazes me, thinking back to our beginning… and how our future has unfolded  into “tomorrow’s birth of dreams”.

This I Promise You…

 This I promise you, my love

That wherever the winds may blow, I will follow you

As the seasons change, and so do we

I will be your constant.


This I promise you, my love

That when you feel joy, I will touch it

When you feel pain, I will taste it

And when there is plenty, I will embrace it

But when there is little, I will embrace you…


For you will always make me full.


This I promise you, my love

When the sun rises and falls, through each passing day

I will delight in your schemes, and believe in your vision.

I will wake with your hopes, and know each day is ours…


Let us unfold tomorrow’s birth of dreams together.


This I promise you, my love

I will hold you up with honor

I will trust in your inspirations

And believe in your faith.

I will understand your thoughts and visions

And I will dedicate my life to all that holds our union.


This I promise you, my love

As we plant our family garden, I will care for every seed

With delicate passion, with every breath I breathe.

Let each one blossom under our love and care

With God’s hands.


For this I promise you, my love

I will light the fires of passionate flames

As only lovers do.

 I will love you through your darkest hour

I will love you if you should fall…

I will love you as the tides come in

And change the sands, the shore.

For even as the Heaven’s dance

And play our melody.

This I promise you, my love

For all eternity.


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  1. says

    Oh, Chris. I have the chills. This is spectacular. Congratulations on 14 years – that’s a long time to keep promises! 😉 I hope you have a lovely anniversary and Valentine’s Day with many more years of renewing these promises. Gorgeous!

    • says

      Oh thank you SO much Mary!!! It’s truly amazing how much we have grown. Life has moved us closer and closer toward each other, through all the hardships and the incredible miracles too! I was hesitant to post my promises, but as they hang on my bedroom wall in a glorious frame, I thought it was a nice way of honoring them once again in public!

    • says

      AW….thanks SO much Jennifer!! So kind of you. Happy V-day my friend!!! We are heading for our “date” in front of the tv to catch up on dvr’d Modern Family. HA! Leaving Sat for the night away at our church’s cabin…for 24 BLISSFUL hours away from BOTH kids- for the FIRST time. Pretty amazing. 🙂

  2. says

    I read this post from my cell phone earlier and couldn’t comment, I had to come back and read It again and think about each stanza. Beautiful promise. Poetically and eloquently spoken. May God continue to bless and prosper your marriage. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day

    • says

      Oh thank you SO much Hope for really reading it… every word… It means so much to know you thought through these words that I chose with intention and hopeful love. Thank you so so much my friend! 🙂

  3. says

    Happy Everything! 14 Years! How wonderfu. Thanks for sharing. My favorite lines: “And when there is plenty, I will embrace it. But when there is little, I will embrace you…”

  4. says

    What a beautiful poem!

    Congratulations on 14 years together. I love the line of loving through the darkest hour… It is easy to love when things are going well, it is all the other times where we really show our love.

    • says

      Oh yes my friend! It’s the darkest hour that true love shows it’s enduring light. I love that I committed that promise not knowing all we would be going through in the future. Those dark times grew us toward each other and not away, thank God. I know how beautiful your marriage is, so I know you get how love like that is… 🙂

    • says

      Thank you SO much Melinda!! That means the WORLD to me…seriously, thank YOU. 🙂
      Derek and I are going to our church’s cabin (“King’s Haven”- cool name isn’t it??) for a 24 hour “getaway” leaving tomorrow at NOON. This will be the FIRST time we have gone away leaving BOTH kids in nine years… that’s what chronic medical issues with your kids does to a marriage. By the Grace of GOD we have grown stronger and closer through it all!! And by the miracle of God the kids are healthy and strong!!! 🙂

  5. says

    Happy Anniversary! This was so beautifully written that I don’t think I could have said it without breaking down. Love, love, love this! I often wonder if we really knew when we were standing at that altar what we were promising to each other and know that if I had it to do all over again, these would be the vows I’d want to say.

    • says

      AW thanks so much AnnMarie!! I really was so taken back when I kept re-reading these promises I made… that was the beginning of it all. I had NO idea what was ahead of us. Looking back through all we have been through- these words just resonate that much deeper for me. We are both very blessed wives with such great men to go through life with, aren’t we??!! 🙂

    • says

      Oh how cool is that?! It’s a great idea to be married on the day you meet isn’t it? I love it… Thanks so much for stopping by! So grateful. 🙂

  6. Tammy says

    That is the single most beautiful love letter I have ever read. My heart knows that kind of love and for that I am so grateful. I am also truly grateful to have a friend in my life that encourages me along in love’s journey when it’s so hard to wade through the raging rivers of adversity and to keep my eyes on hope – thank you Chris

    • says

      OH my gosh Tammy… You just TOOK my breath away with this beautiful comment. Oh my… your words are so amazing and poetic. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I love you and I feel so grateful for our friendship and ALL we bless each other with- hope and encouragement and above all UN-conditional love. I am HONORED to be a part of your journey.

  7. says

    Awwwwwwwwww Chris…absolutely beautiful!!! Filled with so many truths…if more couples would settle within themselves to commit to one another DESPITE what may come, we would see marriages remain the awesome institution God intended it to be! Thanks so much for reminding us Chris that marriage IS about selfLESSness! Wishing you and your husband a “Happy Anniversary” and praying for continued marital BLISS! XOXOXO

    • says

      Thanks SO much Michell!! You nailed it. SelfLESS love and giving and nurturing your lifetime commitment to your spouse is exactly what God intended!! That’s how a marriage thrives!!! 🙂

  8. Candice says

    So glad you got away alone together! Those words are so beautiful and how fun to look back and see how life has evolved…may you have more decades ahead to enjoy each other! I pray the next decade means many more opportunities to get away ALONE together!! I know Ryan and I are so excited in this second decade of marriage to be able to celebrate each other more and reap the harvest of so much hard work and sacrifice poured into sowing our garden. So blessed to have each and every day with a partner carved out just for YOU! Every night we now go to bed together and as we curl up inside each other I thank God as He hears my heart saying ‘all is well with my soul’. What a way to end the day! All thanks to Him for providing so abundantly.

    • says

      Oh what a GLORIOUS comment sweet sis!!! We are both so blessed with the gift of our Heavenly Father aren’t we?? Our husbands were hand-picked for us… May we always remember to celebrate every day all that we have been given- and rejoice with SONG!! 🙂

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