The Latest Tragedy… Will You Join Me Again?

My emotions are high, my heart is broken, and my soul is heavy… there are horrific tragedies that permeate the news and I always try to not let them penetrate my safe bubble of existence.  But how can I read, hear and digest all that goes on in this world without finally crumbling into tiny pieces of bitterness, rage, and sorrow?  The darkness surrounds us, yet again.  We cannot escape it.  No matter how much I attempt to disengage.  I cannot.  I must address it.

Murder of innocent lives.  Little precious children.  Teachers, treasured teachers.  Evil in places of innocence. Massacre in theaters.  In malls.  In schools.  Everywhere there is the possibility of danger.  Evil lurks in hidden corners of our world.

 Such darkness I cannot ignore.  I try.  I say a prayer for those suffering and walk forward in my little world of safety.  But who is really safe?  I drop my kids off at school with a new prayer of protection, and an anxious heart.  I know my world is not safe.

 No one is safe.

 I am having difficulty these days just walking on, as I usually can muster the detachment to do so.  This time I am weary of the fight.  I want to keep my family in my home with the doors locked and never ever leave again.  The world is just too terrifying, untrustworthy, and unpredictable.

 Yet, I must go forward.  We must live in this world.  I cannot control and protect our every move.  I  gravely surrender, with fear and paranoid insecurity.  I have no choice.

 For those who have been attacked by these evil monsters that dwell among us…

 My heart aches for you. 

And I will pray for His Light of comfort and strength to surround you.

Because in this world, there is good.  It abounds and stretches through the darkness.  As my pastor once shared with me,

 ”One stream of light pierces an entire room of darkness”.  Light will always overcome darkness.

 One tiny stream.  Of Light.  Can light up a large mass of darkness.

 Light is powerful.  Even the smallest ray…

 So with a heavy sigh, I will use my light and make it glow.  And I will pray that all the light of His Highest Grace and Glory will overcome it all.

 All of it. 

 Will you join me?

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  1. Marcia says

    Beautiful reminder (and boy do we need it, right?) that there IS good in this world. Sometimes we have to work really hard to try to find that “light” but it is always there. I treasure you, my friend, for shining your light in this darkness!

  2. says

    There is always light. And good. It’s going to take some time to heal, but we need to keep our faith. I’m trying to stay hopeful instead of being angry. It’s hard, but posts like this help! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Hyatt says

    Ugh! I want to build an underground bunker and hide with my kids…but we cannot be surprised by sin, nor can we avoid it because unfortunately it lives in our hearts and will until Jesus returns. Though we strive to understand why someone would do something like this, there is no understanding the unthinkable. Jesus knew this would happen. He is not surprised (but he does mourn). Forewarned is forearmed which is why Jesus tells us we WILL have sorrow in this world. He tells us to stay alert because the Evil One prowls around like a roaring lion seeking who he can kill and destroy. Jesus warns us and tells us to be on guard.
    As awful as this whole reality is, as Americans, we easily forget that Scripture tells us that there is a wonderful resource in our trials. We hate discomfort but there is growth in discomfort. We hate anguish, but there is healing after anguish. We hate despair but GOD says he is the source of HOPE in our despair. When else is our need for Christ so obvious as when we are face down in sadness and despair begging God for this to end? Then and only then can we see Him in the fullness of His love and comfort. Then and only then can we understand how in our weakness He gives us strength.
    I HATE what has happened to our babies…so many sweet little babies were lost in a senseless act of hatred and evil. BUT my God promises He will work all things together for good and this makes the Evil One the most frustrated being in the universe. At last, frustration and despair come to the king of frustration and despair! I cling to the promise that God will frustrate Satan SO deeply by revealing beauty and love that He is bringing about as a result of this tragedy. I need these promises and cling to them because otherwise I weep and weep as I build my underground bunker. That is what Satan wants, too. He wants those of us that are called to be light to crawl into our holes and hide. He loves fear and wants us to lose hope. BUT we are called to put our lights on a lamp stand and light up our corner of the world as we pray for the rest. We have to do the opposite of what our flesh wants to do. We MUST resist fear and hopelessness. We must refuse to stay in our despair. Jesus meets us right where we lie face down in the mud at the foot of the cross. Remember we are forewarned, so we must be forearmed. We must stand in clear contrast to the madness and selfishness of this world. Let’s learn the lessons had for each of us in the sufferings and use them as a resource to grow stronger in our faith so we can live our faith, lead our families, comfort our friends, and lend a hand to the limping and suffering families. That is how Satan loses every time! There is too much at stake…mainly God’s reputation and our children’s hearts and minds. We must let God display His light through us so that the world can see HIM through this darkness…otherwise it seems pitch black.

    • says

      Oh Kimberly, what a passionate and powerful response to this tragedy!! I loved every wise and faithful word of your comment. May I have the privilege to repeat… “Let’s learn the lessons had for each of us in the sufferings and use them as a resource to grow stronger in our faith so we can live our faith, lead our families, comfort our friends, and lend a hand to the limping and suffering families. That is how Satan loses every time!” Thank you for sharing it all my friend!

  4. Candice says

    Beautifully written Chris….I picture Jesus swooping up those children and adults into his arms immediately and them having no fear, no pain, no loss of innocence. It is the only peace to find and it is there for us no matter how dark the world. Prayer and Thanksgiving…our only power in this….

    • says

      What a beautiful vision you painted Candice… It brings me such peace picturing it. If only the living were so lucky. Thanksgiving and Prayer… powerful provisions in times like these.

  5. says

    I’ll join you, my friend. I feel the same way. I want to keep my kids home with me and never let them leave but that is hardly living and then the bad guys win. We can’t have that, can we? So I will pray for the light in the darkness. I will cling to my faith and my friends like you.

    • says

      Oh AnnMarie- I love that last statement, “So I will pray for the light in the darkness. I will cling to my faith and my friends like you.” Just so perfectly said my friend. Thanks for joining me… your light shines bright. 🙂

  6. says

    Oh my, this is so perfect. I thought my tears were all spent, but this post just hits home. Wonderfully written and yes, just clinging to His Light right now…

  7. says

    Yes, I will join you in praying that His light will overcome it all. With all the darkness in this world….this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine….. Thank you for such a beautifully written post.

  8. says

    Beautifully written. It is so hard to soldier on, but we must. I must believe that among all the ugliness and hate there is even more beauty and light. I must believe that deep deep deep down in every single one of us resides the light of our creator. Sometimes we forget it’s there and when we forget the darkness overwhelms us and horrible things happen. But light and love always win. If I stop believing that then there is not point. I must believe…

    • says

      Oh yes Stephanie! We must believe that Light will always and forever illuminate the darkness. The God given Light within each of us that if embraced… is more powerful than any evil that exists.
      “But light and love always win. If I stop believing that then there is no point. I must believe…” I just love that. Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie.

  9. says

    So well said. I agree with you… I want to shut the doors and never come out… interacting with people just over the computer. But that isn’t what God has called us too. You said it best, shining our tiny bit of light in this dark world will overcome!

    • says

      All of our little lights from His Holiness…can create a spark so bright that no darkness will ever win. It is a war…and we are called to battle it with His love and His grace, no matter how difficult it may be at times. Thanks for reading and sharing Kari.

  10. says

    {Melinda} Even though we know God and trust His provision, it is sometimes so hard to cling to hope and optimism for the future (at least here on earth) when this kind of evil seems to triumph again and again. When every headline screams doom and despair and selfishness. I have to be a choice, sometimes moment-by-moment to trust God and rely on the wisdom of His plan, which I do often don’t understand.

    • says

      Yes Melinda…we have to make a choice. As hard as it is and against all the darkness, our little lights of hope and grace and faith can shine and illuminate even the most hideous evil. His light is stronger. It will prevail.

  11. says

    I know exactly what you mean. That day my son had track practice after school, I didn’t want him to attend, let alone let him stay the entire day. I told my husband to call as soon as he got him. I had to come to the realization that I couldn’t live in fear, but it really put life in perspective. It doesn’t matter how old they are, you’re still concerned. I am told that with grandkids, your concerns are bigger. 😉 We need to continue to keep them in our prayers; because after the funerals are over and the visitors and media have left, is when it will all set in. It will take the prayers of a nation and the peace of our God to get them through it. Thanks for sharing Chris! BTW…love your new blog design. 😉

    • says

      Yes…evil does not discriminate age does it? And what an amazing insight to continue prayers and support long after the media coverage and things settle down. It is then, they will need prayers of strength more than ever. Thank you so much for noticing and liking my new “look”! Isn’t it fun?! 😉

  12. says

    I watched my 15-year-old walk all the way into her school today, and she turned back to look at me. I can’t explain the look in her eyes. It wasn’t fear, or sadness, completely. Maybe elements of both were there. I think it was a new understanding that nothing is as safe as we hope.

    It was like she was giving me a little of her heart, and I was giving some of mine back.

    I’d do anything to not feel this way ever again.

    So with you, Chris. Beautifully said.

    • says

      Oh Eli, I just pictured you watching her and your precious girl looking back… a moment of time that speaks volumes. That scene speaks to us all… Thank you for sharing it, and a part of you.

  13. says

    That is all we have sometimes.
    I’ve been struggling, too, lately. I took the kids to McDonald’s — it was busier than normal and I kept looking for the nearest exit, thinking of where to hide them if needed. I shouldn’t have to feel that way. And children should be safe at school.

    • says

      I think the scariest part of it all is how it comes out of nowhere… so we are always terrified of letting our guards down in case the random act of evil would happen to us. That is what is so horrifying to me. No one is safe…anywhere. So like you said, prayer is all we have. We can’t stop living so we can only pray through our fears and hope for safety in our corner of the world. And we must continue to add our light to any darkness that surrounds us. Grateful you stopped by!

  14. says

    Very well put. I feel the same way. And I’ll join you! This tragedy has rocked our world, but we have the power to help – not just the residents of Newtown, but our own communities as well.

    • says

      Exactly! In our own corners of the the world…we can at least shine our light and illuminate what darkness we know and see. Prayerfully facing each need with a serving heart. There is more good than evil. Let that always be. So grateful you stopped by!

  15. says

    Thank you for finding me in this huge blog world so I could have the pleasure of finding you! I love this post. It’s beautiful and fragile and strong all in one.
    I find peace knowing that “Light is powerful. Even the smallest ray…” because that is all we have sometimes. We can only protect our loved ones so much and as parents, we have to show our kids how to use that perfect light to brave the scary and dark world.
    Count me in as a new fan of your blog! (I love the coffee beans!)
    Much love,
    Terese from “You’ll Be Fine. I Promise.”

    • says

      I am just so excited we have connected Terese!! The odds are crazy…so this was definitely meant to be!! Can’t wait to bond more over posts!! Thanks so much for stopping by. So grateful. 🙂 To a new year and NEW FRIENDS! CHEERS.

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