Ten Traits of an Amazing Woman

I could list countless women, who have had an impact on me.  As I thought about the many incredible women who have made a difference in my life, I realized they all have the same traits that not only attract me to them, but inspire me to be a better person. These characteristics are what compel me to do better, try harder, love deeper, stretch wider, endure longer, reach higher, and see clearer. There are women I have had the honor to know, to love, and to share this life with… and I reach out my arms to hug you, to thank you, and to tell you that you are truly amazing.

Ten Traits of an Amazing Woman

Here in no particular order are ten traits of an amazing woman…

1. She holds incredible strength. She can withstand a crisis and forge on her path with endurance. She can face barriers and burdens with the tenacity of a bear and the grace of a saint. She may fall, but in that fall she finds new perspective that will raise her higher than she was. She is a warrior. A fighter.

2. She shines magnifying love… This love has the power to enlarge and enlighten the greatest essentials of acceptance and respect. Her passionate heart illuminates compassion to any and all people who cross her path. She does not discriminate, nor separate the ‘ones who deserve love’ and the ‘ones who do not’. Her relentless love proves to withstand the toughest of tests and the hardest of hates.

3. She embraces the good. This woman may have spent years on the battleground of life, and yet she has the ability to discover and recognize the good when she sees it. This woman delights in the beauty of the moment and the triumph of a trial. She pauses with gratitude and celebrates with joy for all things that shed light in her life, and yours.

4. She understands grace. This woman has faced the decision to look into offenses, and stare into the eye of the biting winds and rise higher in extending mercy. Although she may never understand or accept wrongdoings, she chooses to let go of the bitter grasp of resentment. She steps out of such attacks and gracefully withholds her anger realizing there is nothing more she can do, but step forward with the light of love to diminish the power of persecution.

5. She walks in humility. This woman gives unknowingly, serves without reward, and sacrifices without needing acknowledgment from others. She can readily accept her flaws and weaknesses, and she can testify to her own shortcomings with the rare but true integrity of who she is. She never boasts, or demands to be heard, because she has no need for the applause of her works for the sake of praise. She needs no credit, but rather celebrates in living a life extending herself for others. That in itself is the gift.

6. She exudes confidence. This woman knows what she believes in, and has the ability to see herself as worthy and worthwhile. She can attest to her limitations, and yet claim her identity as unique and valuable. She has found her grounding and built a foundation of who she is, with the ability to recognize and admire her presence in this world. She finds peace within herself, and realizes her potential.

7. She has a passionate purpose. This woman has a passion for what she believes in, whether it is a mission, a campaign, or her faith. She dives deeply into sacrificing her time, her energy and all her effort in making a difference in this world. She has a voice that stands strong on her platform, and she pours her heart into whatever cause or need she believes is significant. She is able to extend her hands and her feet with the conviction that this is a purpose she must act on, and take part in. She blazes her own trail with fire and fervor.

8. She’s a trusted friend. This is the woman who realizes that her life can be stopped in an instant for the call of a friend. She knows how to sacrifice her time and step out of her comfort zone for the sake of commitment and love. She makes decisions that are often selfless, and she is able to run toward the trauma with outstretched arms for her fallen Conrad. She shows up. She responds. She bends and stretches parts of herself for the sake of another. She shifts her priorities as needs arise. She honors relationships with a trusting ear, and a dedicated heart. She knows what support truly means.

9. She is daringly honest. This woman has the ability to look honestly at herself and risk sharing her feelings and thoughts with a bold and courageous voice. She’s not afraid of being transparent, because she has the strength and conviction of knowing that in her honesty there is freedom. She is willing to expose her truths, for the sake of gaining clarity and connection. She values honesty in others, and she pursues wisdom and trust in unveiling her vulnerability. Through her profound perspective, she seeks validity and value. She reveals parts of herself, in order to grow and nourish those pieces of who she is. It is in taking those steps of faith, she discovers empowerment.

10. The lady needs to laugh. A life without laughter is a life with no color. This woman knows how to add that important ingredient to her recipe of life. She has the ability to shine light on a dark place through the proverbial one liner, the unpredictable snort, and the hilarious twist of a thought that will immediately release those ‘laugh til you cry’ moments. She has a wit about her that can knock you off your heavy feet and slide you into a smile. Her timing is impeccable, and the giggle you get will naturally lift you higher. Her humorous take on any given turn, will shift your day, your outlook, and your step. She can find the funny in just about anything. Humor softens blows, eases strains, bonds brokenness, and heals wounds. She knows this. And she uses it well.

To all the women out there who are full of integrity, love, strength, grace, joy, perspective, wisdom, insight, confidence, strength, passion, humility, honesty and humor…

Thank you, for being exactly who you are. You have truly made an impact on my life.

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    There is not one point on here I could disagree with – I kept nodding and saying “yes, that, absolutely” And you know what? All of these describe my Mom and my Grandmother to a T. I am blessed to have these two amazing women in my life.

    • says

      Oh Lisa!! I just LOVE that you have a mom and AND a grandma that are so amazing!! Lucky lucky you, my friend. NOW I see where you get it all from. 🙂

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    What I really, REALLY like about this list is that I can allow my mind to wander across the faces of friends, and for each item, think “Yes!”

    Lovely to know that I keep such awesome company (you included, of course) and thank you for such a beautiful list. You’ve written the best of everyone, and made a list I can strive to achieve more on 🙂

    • says

      It really is the BEST of everyone… I love that!! And yes, aren’t we so lucky/blessed to have friends that aspire to these traits? WOW. Oh, what I have learned through these amazing women!! You can strive, I can strive, we all can strive… <3 You LIVE it in SO many ways, already. <3 (Yep. You do.)

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    Aw, what can I say, but wonderful list and definitely hit the nail on the proverbial head as to what qualities makeup an amazing woman. I feel blessed that I too have known a few myself 😉

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      I believe you can cross off most if not all of these traits Allie!! That’s the beauty of them… in many ways, they are ALL in every one of us. <3

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    What a brilliant list Christine – I too, saw faces of the amazing women that have made an impact on my life. It is my hope that I portray these traits for my children, friends and family.

    *pinning as a GREAT READ

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      Oh thank you so much Charlene! Aren’t we so lucky to have such inspiring women in our lives? There are many. And I too, hope I can portray these traits for my children, family and friends. Oh yes…

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    **A life without laughter is a life with no color.**

    what a great line.
    what a great post.
    what a great role-model.

    you. walk. the. walk. xxx kiss from Minnesota.

    PS. my mother, Saint Shirley, is the most amazing woman I know.

    • says

      I love that your mother is such an inspiration to you, Kim!! I can only imagine how amazing she is, and how many of these traits you got from her. You own them ALL. Thank her for me, okay? <3

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      It’s amazing how incredibly strong and beautiful a woman can be, isn’t it Galit? I’m so blessed to be inspired by women like YOU. <3

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    Oh yes. I love that she needs to laugh. One of the best parts! I was so happy when I started reading because I just knew this was a Tuesday Ten post!

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    YES! YES! YES! To number 10, we do need to laugh, it is how we get to embraces numbers 1-9. I think you embody all of these traits, by the way.

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