Summer’s Grace for Moms


How can it be that summer is over?  As quick as it came crashing in, it has yanked itself away with school starting and cool mornings meant for jackets and backpacks.

I feel cheated.

This summer season was all but a blur of goings on that seemed to roll together and never stand still.  I set out for moments to embrace in the heat of the sun and soak in the fresh chill of the water, and I vaguely recollect a few brisk fleeting swims on steamy days.

Did I fail this motherhood job?

My kids wanted more of me this summer, and I honestly don’t think I came through.  With calls to lead a ministry, blog, host group and carry out whatever responsibilities I had- I don’t feel I put my kids first.


As we were frantically pulling our house together with school supply shopping and preparing for the new season, I became dismayed over my reflection and assessment of the past few months.   Agonizingly so.

I love summer.  I love having long days at the pool and late nights of freedom.  I don’t recall much of that happening at all.  And I am disappointed in myself, for missing it.  Allowing summer to fly by and not catching it all with an intentional grip.

I needed to do something with this perspective.  I needed to see if my kids felt the same way. 

So I asked them.

I shared what they said over at 1Cor13Parenting this week.  And I would love for you to go read it (here) and then?

If you feel at all discouraged and defeated in your own motherhood mission, perhaps you too can go straight to the source.  Ask your kids, and in doing so you may find the grace I did.  And if they are too young to be asked, I bet their smiles and hugs and giggles might be your sign of approval.

Moms, we can be pretty hard on ourselves.  And honestly?  We tend to think the happiness of our children is based solely on us…

But you might be as surprised as I was.


Summer's Grace For Moms We don’t have to fear failing after all.


It may be quite possible, they are doing just fine.


It’s time to give some grace for moms.  I found it, and I want you to feel it too…






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    I feel like I failed too. Pulled in too many directions and my kids were not always first on the list. (sigh). heading over to read your post now!

    • says

      Oh my dear, you have quite the reasons behind why you were pulled in too many directions!! If there is anyone who deserves the white flag, it’s you girl. Single mom…three kids…owning and starting and working a new business… hmm…. I cannot fathom the million things that pull you in a million directions. You continue to amaze me. You always will.

      I love you to the moon and back. And about 4,672,831 trips after that. 🙂

  2. says

    Actually, my blog helps me connect with the kids over the summer because I drag them all over town to take pictures and review places to have fun!

    • says

      It’s SO hard to juggle it all, isn’t it Janine? I feel like I keep talking about it with hopes that somehow I will figure it all out.

      Work in progress always. 🙂

  3. says

    I’m guessing the kids had a different take on the summer. I’m interested to read it!

    Our cool fall morning sure did come fast here in the ‘Burgh. Time for sweaters and hot tea it would seem. I feel ready for it!

  4. says

    Oh I had a million good intentions this summer. I did well at one: I did not over plan and schedule our lives. One point for me. But as for the more spontaneous mandate: well honestly — the weather has sucked this summer. The past 2 weeks have been more like Fall. Just yesterday we had a whole day planned at friend’s trailer in a campground: it poured rain the entire day!! And was only like 9 degrees, so here the 8 of us were all stuck inside the trailer. ugh. but we made the best of it.
    Can’t really control the weather though, can I? But it’s been challenging to not let disappointment colour our days. sigh.

    • says

      GOOD FOR YOU with your simplistic scheduling Leslie!! I think that is key, isn’t it? And yeah- the weather. ugh. I know… it hasn’t “felt’ like summer at all. I’m so sorry you had to squoosh into a trailer for your ‘fun day’. That doesn’t sound fun at all- so disappointing I’m sure!! Board games anyone? Oy.

    • says

      I want summer forever and ever TOO!!!!!! Sigh…

      I despise endings too… but yet? Beginnings can be quite beautiful at times…if we let them be.

      Love you. xx

  5. says

    Heading over now!
    Yes, I feel cheated. There IS still a month of summer, according to the calendar year, though. More.
    Do something nice for yourself and think of me! And I’ll do the same.
    Oh yeah, and for our kids too! (they’ve had a lot of nice over here)

  6. says

    Going now. I did feel like I missed it (but Tucker’s school doesn’t start until Sept. 2), so this weekend, we drove 2.5 hours each way to go to an amusement park, and then went to a water park Sunday, so I feel better about it. xxoo we are too hard on ourselves.

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    So good! My daughter isn’t school age yet, so summer isn’t especially important. But I work from home an every day I feel the struggle, the desperate search for balance, and trying not to feel like a failure as a mother. It’s tough! But as I think about it, my daughter is healthy and happy. She loves me so much and I’m completely crazy about her. We’re ok 🙂

  8. says

    We are so hard on ourselves!! The fact that you are thinking about how you are doing as a mother, makes you an even better mother. Heading over now…xo

  9. says

    I do feel cheated too. I mean, how is it the middle of August? And I feel like I failed too in my parenting mostly because I had visions of work slowing down and having time with my kids to say yes to all that they wanted to do. But of course, hours and days and weeks filled up with work and obligations and other things! Hoping to salvage some of that these last two weeks before the kids head back to school.

    • says

      Oh thank you so so much Rebekah!! I really was so glad I asked my kids. I thought for sure I would get a barrage of complaints, but nothing related to me at all!! 🙂

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