The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project

Many bloggers are well aware of this amazing project that has been a buzzin’ around the internet, but there are another good bunch of readers here that don’t know a thing about it.  This is big, my friends.  And it’s worth your time and perhaps your financial gift.  Jill has a mission, and she has inspired so many to contribute to her project to feed families who are struggling.  If you are able, could you contribute to her fund to feed families?  Take a look:

Join Scary Mommy Nation to Help Support Families in Need This Thanksgiving

scary mom thanksgiving project

The Thanksgiving Project started as a simple blog post from Jill Smokler (aka Scary Mommy) back in 2011. This post talked about how some people in the Scary Mommy community had a rough year and simply couldn’t provide a Thanksgiving dinner for their families. Some could barely afford a loaf of bread.

Jill had the idea of asking her large community of followers for help. Would they be willing to donate some money, even a small amount, to make sure everyone would be able to celebrate Thanksgiving?

The answer was a resounding Yes. Jill was overwhelmed with people who wanted to donate. She also heard from many others who needed help. The story received a ton of media attention, including on Good Morning AmericaNightline and the homepages of Yahoo and Huffington Post.

An average Thanksgiving dinner costs $50. In that first year of the Thanksgiving Project, the Scary Mommy community raised more than $20,000 and provided meals for more than 400 families.

After the success of the first impromptu Thanksgiving Project, Scary Mommy Nation quickly became a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization powered by mothers helping other mothers. As Jill told me in an email, “Once I saw the impact the site could have, I couldn’t not want to do more. I realized that people really want to help, they just need to be shown how to do it. Being official helped give me the structure I needed as well as a legitimacy that’s needed when collecting money.”

In addition to the Thanksgiving Project, there is also a Birthday Project. Jill hopes to expand the impact beyond Thanksgiving, possibly adding other landmark days such as Mother’s Day and Christmas.

As of Monday morning, Jill still had 235 people on a waiting list for the Thanksgiving Project, and the applications for help close on Friday. While Jill says donations come in as quickly as money, it takes several donations of $5, $10, $20 etc. to cover each gift card.

Scary Mommy Nation
I gave to Scary Mommy Nation along with fellow co-authors of The Mother of All Meltdowns. Together we hope to help several families in need this holiday season. If you’d like to join us, you can donate through the MOAM website or directly on the Scary Mommy website.

If you can’t afford to donate at this time, I hope you will take a moment to share this post. I am sharing this post from My dear friend over at Another Jennifer.

If you need help, you can apply at Scary Mommy’s website up until November 15th.

Will you support #ScaryMommyThanksgiving?


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    I also gave and so happy to be with all of you on this!! I truly wasn’t sure how to share this and have been so behind, but totally was my pleasure in giving back to help in this for sure!

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      I get being so behind, Janine!! Good LORD am I behind!!! I just pulled this one out like a crazy mama last night! I have yet to get to comments from – three posts ago I think? Such is the life, amIright? XO Trying to find the balance- together!!! 🙂

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      SHUT UP!! I totally didn’t know I could actually do it until I tried Jen’s!! And of course I couldn’t even look at the doc you sent. Geesh. Too much work for something that really shouldn’t have taken that much work!! You are a dear…for trying to help. Thanks so much sweetie!!! XO

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      You are amazing- I see you everywhere supporting this cause. I just love you Ashley. You amaze me with your constant encouragement flowing all over the internet!! You and Lisa need some kind of an award. Hmm… like say ‘THE BESTEST BLOGGER FRIENDS EVER!!!” award. Yeah, that one. XO

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      I appreciate you saying that Alison! I don’t usually post things like this- but this one is important and worth it! Many are- of course! I just don’t usually post these types of posts, so thank you. SO glad you are a part of this amazing project as well!! XOXO

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    I think this is such a great project! And it is great to see it getting so much attention all around the internet. I haven’t written a post, but I am tweeting out others!

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    Ugghhh, I feel like crap Chris!! I hate I missed the deadline!! My blogging doldrums have gotten the best of me. Is it too late? I’ve never heard of this, but thanks so much for spreading the word my friend!!

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      Oh man… now I feel like CRAP Michell!!!! I decided to go through and makes sure I have replied to all my comments and somehow I forgot or missed this one!!! SO sorry!!!

      Oh my friend- you never EVER have to feel bad. You give and serve more than you could ever know. God is pleased dear one, I just know He is!! XOXOXO

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