Santa Is Mindful Too…

There is a sense of entitlement that all children have during this festive time. We all have Jolly  ol’ Saint Nick to thank for that. Much like the Tooth Fairy, there is a prolific comparison out there amongst the young spirits, when it comes to what magical goods they receive. THIS is where I will make my declaration to my children:

“Santa is mindful too.”

Santa can choose wisely, his lot to give. He can discern what each child should have according to their life, and their way of living it. Santa is careful in making sure he respects the standards of each home and the purpose of his gifts…

To bring joy. Not plenty.

(Come read the rest of this post over at Mothering From Scratch, as I delve into the reasoning behind a new perspective Santa can bring to your home!)

Santa Can Be Mindful Too

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    Loved your thoughts of using Santa for good not goods. Seriously, do have to keep this in mind even though, I have small kids still who look to Santa for all he can bring them to teach them he is a good man who could bring happiness and good will to all. Thanks, Chris!!:)

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      I didn’t have to worry about it when my kids were little either! As they grow, it’s a new ballgame. And I am trying to learn how to ‘bend the rules’- to meet the needs and values of our family. Enjoy your precious little ones, my friend!

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    How do you manage to always hit the nail on its head? I’ve never even thought of it like that before but it is perfect! Heading over to read right now!

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      I really had one of those “AH HA!” moments about it recently… because the kids are getting older and although Santa is all about giving our kids SO many “goods”- they can also become much more aware of measuring their “lot” with their family values- not with their friends’- or all the other influences in their world.
      There’s a lot to be taught about GREED. It’s everywhere- and always will be.

      I love you for stopping by, sweet friend!!! XOXO

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    Loved this post. Our daughters are starting to learn the concept of money. Our 3-year-old carries around her quarters in a little purse so she can buy random toy machine junk when we go out. She has also recently learned that the advertisements she sees on TV are real toys. So we get to listen to her ever evolving wish list. It is cute for the time being =)

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      It starts early, doesn’t it Melissa? It’s amazing how they grow to learn about the significance of money and ‘things’… and desires. We can start to teach them even at three, the lessons of greed versus good. They don’t understand much of it then, but how we practice our values will sink in as they grow. Thanks so much for stopping by!!! SO grateful!

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    {Melinda} Chris, keeping the focus on Jesus at Christmas is always my goal and I can’t say that I’ve done the job I’ve wanted to do. So often, I get caught up on the busyness of all the “urgent” and lost the spotlight on the Most Important.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job with your kiddos. 🙂

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      I get that Melinda- this is the hardest time to focus on the actual ONE we should be attending to! Some years seem better than others, ya know?

      God knows your heart, and He knows the faith that exudes His Name in who you are every day.

      He knows mine too. And yet, I know He wants more. For us both. XO

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      I am SO glad you are on board with this perspective Stephanie!! It really is a good one to teach our kiddos. You still have time, my friend!!! I love LOVE that you will join me!!! XOXO

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      I think when they are little, it’s so fun to bring on all the magic you can muster!! But as they get older and are learning more about this world and all the “stuff” they can have… that’s when Santa needs a new “hat”! Hope you liked it!!!

      Thanks for coming over Nicole!! XOXO

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