Parenting: It’s All Relative

Oh my friends, I am SO excited to be hanging out at The Kludgy Mom’s place today!!  Gigi has an amazing and incredibly successful blog over there.  She hosts an Around The Bonfire Series, where she has guest bloggers share their thoughts on a particular area they feel passionate about.   I am just so so honored that she asked me to be a part of this awesome series!

I decided to share about building confidence in parenting, as I truly believe every single mom or dad has been down the road of defeat and questioning at some point on their parenting path.  Oh, how I struggled with this from the moment I held my first child in my arms.

With each day, comes new faith in my choices and who I am as a mother of two amazing kids.  How do you feel about your parenting choices and who YOU are as a mother/father?  Would you swing by and join me?

We’re taking this important conversation to G+ Hangouts on Air tomorrow night, 5/30 at 6 p.m. PST/9 CST. Check out the live stream at that time – but you can RSVP now!   If you have thoughts and feelings you would like to share, please join us as we discuss this sensitive and significant topic.

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    Can’t wait to read this, Chris. What a great topic. I so wish I could watch the Hangout live, but I’ll be at a baseball game. I will check the video out after the fact. So exciting!

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    You are awesome, Chris! That is all. That and I agree that it is something we all struggle with. I don’t think we’ll ever truly feel confident until they are grown up and turn out ok (or at least I won’t). I won’t be able to make the chat due to baseball but good luck! You’ll do great!

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      And even when they are grown…. I have a feeling we will still be wondering if we made the right decisions!!! It’s all about believing that we are making the best choices we can make for each individual child. We all have our unique stories and we are worthy of believing we know best how to write them. I am always so inspired by your parenting, and all your choices for your own beautiful kiddos! 🙂

      I love you AnnMarie!!! You are the BEST!!! 🙂 (Have fun at baseball!!!)

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      I am soooooooooooooooooo nervous Mary!! Just ridiculous! I need to take a CHILL PILL. 😉 It’s one hour of my life, I can DO THIS. (Right?) lol

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      Oh you are simply the BEST!! Do you know how grateful I am for your support??? It’s been such a crazy time… I’m sure I missed some of yours. Feel AWFUL!! 🙁 xoxo

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