My dear friends, have you met Meredith over at The Mom of the Year? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a pretty HUGE blessing in your life.  She is funny and faithful and a “forever” kinda friend.  You know those kind?  The real gems in our world, that are insightful and genuine and full of God’s light?  Yeah…that’s Meredith.  She invited me over to her place today to share in something we have in common.  Being overwhelmed!  Can anyone say “AMEN”??

Follow me over there and share your own insights about how you handle stress.    And while you’re there… take a good look around.

I promise, you will surely find some good laughs and encouragement in every post…

The Mom of the Year

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      I know right? When it rains… Btw- did you get my invite for February? I would LOVE to have you guest post over here!!! It’s gonna be a FUN month filled with some of my favorite blogging friends… 🙂

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    Chris, your words are so kind! Thanks for writing this sweet intro, the great post and for being such a tremendous encouragement through it all. YOU are a blessing. Thanks, friend!

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      What a beautiful comment of encouragement, support and love Melinda! Oh that means so much to me… Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart. 🙂

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    On my way to check it out! You are doing a lot of guest posts these days! That’s awesome Chris! You are the most encouraging person I know!!! Hugs!

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