New Year Resolution 2013

In honor of You God, I give You my time.  This gift is precious and I am reminded that each moment of my life can bring purpose and meaning.  I want to inhale Your Discernment and exhale Your Truth.  As I go forward through each day, may I ask in every moment…

 Is this worthy of my time?

Do I spend my time wisely?  Each choice I make matters.  Would You approve with my plan or could I do better.

Do the days fly by without a moment spent with You?

Do the weeks blur together in a hurried state of clutter?

Am I taking each turn that shapes my life, in a thoughtful manner?

Am I giving of myself the way You want me to?

Am I living each day immersed in You?

Or am I selfishly sliding inward and slacking on Your gift.

Do I care for each person that You place in my life?

Do I reach those who need You, during times of suffering?

Will I make the time to still my heart and listen to what You say?

Or do I just ramble on to You in those hurried fleeting ways…


Oh I long for time.  It’s withered through the years.  I want so much to stop it and to pause to see if those moments mattered.  I want to look to You and find Your Plan and Power.  I need to thread my day in Your Wisdom and learn of Your Wishes.  It is my desire, Oh Lord… to make my time worthy…


Of You.


Each day I will start with this question.  And I will walk through each moment and find significance in the gift of time You give to me.

I will pray that this treasure is not wasted, on things that don’t last.  I will hope that my investments are deep and full of purpose in Your Plan.  I will not stray from my mission.  I will find peace in each new choice.  The time You give to me, Lord… I will in Thanksgiving, give back to You.  I will listen to Your Whispers and feel Your Nudges that lead me within and help define each moment of every day. 

And I will ask over and over again…

“Is this worthy of my time, Lord?”

And I will listen for Your Reply…




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  1. says

    I absolutely love this. Wow. The choices we make do matter. And we do have a choice in how we spend our time–do we neglect things that actually matter in favor of things that really don’t? I think I do this a lot actually.


    It’s such a good question to ask and a great way of making sure our important time isn’t squandered and we pay attention to things that really matter.

    What a thoughtful and though provoking New Years Resolution post! Fantastic!!

    • says

      Oh thank you SO much Lisa. It’s amazing how we can waste so much time on things that matter least, and very little time on things that matter most. I will do my best to be intentional with my time. It’s so easy to get swept up in life and lose so much of this treasured gift!

  2. Candice Harper says

    There can’t be a better resolution than that!! Beautiful Chris!! Happy New Year dear sister! May 2013 exist only to strengthen our will to serve Him better and with more resolve..

  3. says

    I have so loved that you come to visit me regularly and I always come back and find the most heartwarming, wonderfully written, thought provoking posts. Thank you for doing that for me. And because “I do motherhood” too, I just bought your book! I am sure it will be excellent! 🙂 Happy New Year Chris.

    • says

      Oh I am so happy you bought my book!! 🙂 I feel blessed to have met you, and to follow your blog. It means the WORLD to me that my words touch you in some way. Happy New Year to you, my friend!!!

  4. says

    Oh wow, Chris! What a wonderful resolution–the only one we really need to have, huh? You worded this so beautifully and thanks for using the gifts He has given you to encourage and support others. Loved this.

    • says

      Oh thank you so much Meredith. Your kind words mean the world to me!! Yes… this is the one resolution that really counts. We all have this gift and we all are responsible for using it wisely. My dear friend died the day after Christmas, and it makes me appreciate “time” even more… Here’s to a New Year full of precious, precious time!!!

  5. says

    So much good stuff here, especially one word – LISTEN. I think we get the answers we need, but do we listen?

    It’s so easy to pack a day with a flurry, but if we test the importance of how we spend the time, we’d often come up empty. It doesn’t have to be time spent finding a cure for diseases and poverty – were you kind to a stranger, accepting of a friend, or did you just take some time to really look at what your kid was showing you in her sketch book?

    All the things you wrote about sound like great New Year’s resolutions, or at least things to be aware of.

    It’s Dec. 31. I kind of feel like getting a head start.

    I can tell you that today, yes, I did spend my time wisely – reading this post.

    • says

      OH thank you so much Eli! Your words are always such a treat to read either in your blog or in my comments! And yes…no curing of diseases here, just like you said. But if we can only be truly intentional with our time, I believe each day can be full of purpose and passion.

  6. Marcia says

    Love that question (and hate it too). How often I go through my day from task to task that I pile on the heap like dirty clothes (can you tell it’s laundry day?) often feeling stretched thin and scattered beyond the point of rational thought! I love the challenge that this question poses — “is it worthy of my time?” I know that this is an area that I need to delve into fully in 2013. Thank you for that thought to start off the new year.

    • says

      Oh how I LOVE this comment Marcia!! What mom can’t relate to this: “How often I go through my day from task to task that I pile on the heap like dirty clothes”. And this: “often feeling stretched thin and scattered beyond the point of rational thought!” So perfectly put my friend! Every mom can absolutely understand days and moments like these. It can be sooo hard to stop and be ‘intentional’ with our time!! Thank you so much for sharing… 🙂

  7. says

    Awesome Chris! What a way to bring in the new year…loyalty to our Lord! Unfortunately the one thing that gets in the way is our stinking flesh! Hope you had an awesome Christmas and may you and yours have a blessed New Year my friend!

  8. says

    Absolutely lovely, Chris! Your site is gorgeous and I love your focus and strength. I hope to have the willingness to ask what God’s will is for me every day and get out of my own way long enough to enjoy it. Thank you for this timely reminder!

    • says

      Oh thank you so much for your kind words Mary!! I love how you put that: “I hope to have the willingness to ask what God’s will is for me every day and get out of my own way long enough to enjoy it.” Yes! So grateful you stopped by… 🙂

  9. says

    Wow! This is one resolution to renew daily…to honor God with our time. After all, it isn’t even ours. Sometimes we get so busy with our time and what we don’t use, we waste…I’m convicted. Thanks for this reminder Chris. I resolve to honor God more with my time.

    • says

      Awesome Hope!!! Sometimes I get so selfish, I forget that my time is a gift and I need to treat it as such. To Honoring God with our time…CHEERS!!! 🙂

    • says

      You speak for everyone Shell!! It’s just so easy to get sucked into the every day “stuff” and not have an intentional plan that we stick to and fulfill. I am practicing being mindful of my every moment… giving it purpose and power. Happy New Year!!

    • says

      I need those ears too…and sometimes I need some tough rope to tie me down (be still) and some good strong tape to shut me up (and know) and finally FINALLY allow Him to move me in His Plan. (I’m God.) Thanks so much for stopping by AJ! So lovely to have you here. 🙂

  10. Rosie says

    Found you through Saturday Sharefest on SITS girls. GFEAT blog & great question on time. I look forward to reading more updates from you. -Rosie

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by Rosie! I appreciate your comment so very much. Hope you come back to visit again. 🙂 Happy New Year my new friend!

  11. says

    Absolutely beautiful. I wish you much success as you work on this.

    For the coming year I chose the word “see.” I want to slow down and see the things I miss when I rush. I want to be present in my own life more. I want to see the magic in moments. I want to see as He sees. The one word for the year thing works for me.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • says

      Oh Robin, you are such an encouragement!! I am so grateful you stop by to read my posts. 🙂 I read yours also, but couldn’t get my comment published. I will try again… Your word is perfect for the coming year. May you truly SEE… it all.

    • says

      I just saw this comment Michell! HA! Thanks so much for having me over at your link up “Doing YOU WELL Wednesday” my friend!!! Looking forward to more of them… 🙂

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