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Today I am so excited to share someone who is proudly taking on Lizzi’s call to have us focus on the Ten Things of Thankful in our life.  I decided that this week’s thankful should be something really special, seeing as Lizzi and I have been going CRAZY over the big package reveal.  You see, when someone touches your heart and life like this- it permeates through the layers of your life.  My family saw first hand, how Lizzi’s gift touched my heart and spooked me GOOD!

My daughter Cassidy, has grown especially fond of dear Lizzi- and we have talked about the brilliant idea of visiting her in England for Cassidy’s High School graduation gift!  (Seven years is way too long to wait for that!) We have had a bit of a rough week here, and I had this wonderful idea to include my girl because she is all about being thankful!  Now is a perfect time to have her do just that.

Here’s the deal…My heart broke into a few million pieces recently while watching her school talent show.  My sweetie was not chosen to be in some very important ‘acts’, because she has been ostracized by several of her friends.  Watching them practice every day for months on cheers and dances with so many other kids, has soaked her beautiful glowing spirit into such heavy sullen sadness.  I have been in angst about this looming night for a while now, and it turns out- I wasn’t as emotionally prepared as I thought I would be. 

While sitting next to Cass in the audience- we watched her ‘used to be friends‘ doing a cheer, a dance, and a song on stage beaming and smiling and having so much fun without her.  This pretty much gutted me.  The reality crashed straight into that torn place we have been living all year.  Watching those girls and seeing even more kids that were apparently ‘approved’ for these performances evoked a deep bitter anger, and I wanted to walk out.  It was all I could do to stay in that place and watch my daughter watch them… as they left her all alone strung out to wither away on the barren empty barriers that were built… out of nothing but superficial selfish solidarity.

It leaves me aching now, needing to do something.

What better stage than here, where she will be loved and honored, as she should.  Those fifth graders don’t know what they are missing…  shame on them.  In the end, my daughter prevails with a smile, a good heart, many Thankfuls to embrace, and a new friend in Lizzi.  


Ten Things of Thankful

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    [FIRST! (cos I gotta honour that, at least)]

    Oh my HEART! Cassidy, you are absolutely the MOST ADORABLE girl. Thank you so much for this very precious video and your first ever Ten Things of Thankful entry.

    I LOVE IT. So much.

    You know that if we’re going to be BFFs then I absolutely cannot wait seven years to meet you in person, right?

    This list was amazing though, and you have some really deep and important things on it, and I’m so glad you have those wonderful people in your life to make it a *shinyhappysparkly* place.

    It’s been really sad to hear how you’ve been struggling with finding friends at school, so I’m HUGELY glad for your BFF Sophie, and the ways she has your back. I really feel for you – when I was in school, I was the one who not even the losers wanted to hang out with, and it was down to an entirely different set of circumstances, but kids can be cruel, and however it happens, it sucks. Things change, though, and life is full of seasons – some harder than others, and some filled to the brim with joy.

    Keep your friends and your family close, Cass, because they’ll keep you afloat when life gets tough. You have some truly gorgeous, lifeboat-type people around you.

    I read recently about your swimming gala and the perseverance and effort you put into winning your ribbons. That’s the kind of spirit which will get you through the tough times. The thing which touched me most about those posts, and that video at the end, of your awards ceremony, was how incredibly much your teachers loved you.

    You have an amazing spirit, Cassidy. Keep being wonderful YOU.

    CHRIS….SHOOT! You put me through every emotion. You did good. Thank you <3

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        Cassidy, my dear, you have your Mom’s enthusiastic, shouty capitals 🙂 love it.

        How soon are you coming? Because I hope to head Stateside at the end of 2015, so if we’re to meet first in England, y’all better get your skates on 😀

        • says

          Cassidy is now at a sleepover, or she would write back!! 😉

          Since the girl can’t type worth a darn- she told me what to write and exactly HOW to write it! “All caps mom! Did you do that?” I don’t know WHERE she gets it from.

          Tee hee…

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    Omg, seriously Chris, I am bawling (tears of happiness) after seeing Cassidy here. She truly is a wonderful young girl and just wanted to reach through the video and give her a huge hug. If you ever come to NY and could use another friend, you both got one here in me, too!! Again hugs and thank you for sharing your beautiful girl here with us today 🙂

  3. says

    Cassidy is seriously the cutest girl ever!!! Those mean girls don’t know what they are missing out on but we all do!!! Thank you for sharing her and her list of thankful – I’m pretty sure that Grandma Carter isn’t the only one who thinks she is very special!
    I wish that there was a way to make all the girls want to be nice but I’m glad that she does have a BFF!!! And, in the big picture her family are the people that really matter anyway!!!

  4. says

    Your daughter’s video is excellent! I’m sure she will have many people throughout her life who will be honored to be her friend!

  5. Tammy says

    Absolutely amazing! Sophie and I are so touched by you and Cass and the friendship we share with you. I couldn’t help but see the You in Cass as she told of her ten things. She is SO you Chris, and that is part of what makes her so incredible! I love that we get to journey with you girls. Lizzi seriously needs to move here to join in the hugs! (Lizzi, brace yourself babe, the hugs are a little “over the top” : )
    Love you ladies more than you’ll ever know…yeah, yeah , yeah!
    : D

    • says

      So I’ve heard, Tammy – Chris said she’s actually knocked people OUT by whomping into them so hard for a hug!

      (or wait….maybe that was knocked OVER….)

      • says

        I once knocked over a teenager… and she lost her footing and stepped on my toe with her big boot and broke my toe! It took two months to heal. I *believe* that was the only injury or at least broken bones!

        Now, there may be some slightly inappropriate grabbing. But I ONLY do that when I REALLY know the person. I wouldn’t do that to the kids! Just grown women thankyouverymuch.

        And if Tammy tells you I have kissed one of our bff’s on the lips in a moment of passion… (It was SO fun to surprise Marcia like that! She whipped her head back so hard, it hit the wall… almost had whiplash and I’m sure a sore noggin’!)

        -or squeezed her butt too many times to count…(I think Tammy actually likes this.)

        Don’t believe it. DON’T. 😉

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            Shhhh…. Tammy- don’t tell her! Don’t TELL HER! I want to surprise her when she comes… It’s gonna be like bungee jumping GALLORE!!!

            Don’t. Tell. HER!!!!!!

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              (Tammy if I need to bring massive F-off army boots to protect myself, or armour, or any kind of shielding, you’ll let me know, right? This woman ADMITS she grabs, she knocks people over…she HIT SOMEONE WITH A WALL…Tammy, I need to know you have my back here, chica…)

              • says

                I believe it will be HOT here, so flip flops are a good choice….

                (Oh Lord, please let her pack the flip flops… I can’t take a kick to my groin!)

              • says

                Fascinating that you have me down as a kicker! What gave you that impression? To be honest, I’m far more likely to punch or bite…

  6. says

    Chris and Cassidy, This has to be the best TToT post in the history of forever. What a personality! Cassidy, I think you should meet my daughter, Nikki. I think the two of you would hit it off. I will send your mom our address and ask for yours so we can get you two girls communicating! I think the two of you would be a great support for each other, even miles apart. She’s a swimmer too, by the way!
    This was amazing! My favorite this week, perhaps ever. Good job, Cassidy! You’re a peach 🙂

  7. says

    Wow, Cassidy!
    You have the same beautiful voice as your mom, and you are as wonderful as she is!
    Lizzi rocks.
    I’m so sorry about kids at school not being nice. The sad thing is that it happens to us all at some point, but all of us do survive school and go on to have wonderful friends and passions in adulthood.
    I have a four-year-old daughter and I hope she’s just like you!

  8. says

    Cassidy, that was the best TTOT ever! Don’t tell Lizzi that, though – I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

    I’m sorry this year has been difficult for you in terms of friendships. It stinks that some girls are mean and feel like they have to exclude people to feel better about themselves. I have a 15 year old daughter, and she told me to tell you that it gets better. There will be other girls like Sophie who discover what an awesome friend you are, and how lucky they would be to have you in their lives!

  9. says

    Beautiful job, Cassidy! I loved your list filled with family, faith and friends. I’m not sure there are many things more important. Ignore the mean kids. There are other amazing people out there who will love you just as you are. I think you have a future in film. 🙂

  10. says

    Oh, I was crying for Cassidy and you, Chris, as I read about the talent show. It is so difficult to watch our daughters go through these things. I am impressed that you sat through it. I taught 5th grade, and the mean girl thing is frustrating and maddening, but quite common. And I’m aware that knowing this doesn’t make things any easier for either of you.
    The video was marvelous. Cassidy is adorable and she has her priorities all straight. (And she sounds so much like you!)
    I’ll be praying for Cassidy, just as I did when my daughter had to go through similar mean girl issues.

  11. says

    Oh, Cassidy!! This is just the cutest and best list I have ever seen! I love it! You were born to vlog!!

    Chris, your Cassidy is just the most precious girl. I love the things she is thankful for are people. It made me tear up.
    What a very special young lady!

    My son, Bobby, had a *really* rough…and I mean *really* rough 5th grade, socially speaking. It was heartbreaking. It gave me a lump in my throat to hear Cassidy say she hasn’t made a lot of friends this year. Bobby’s entire goal of 5th grade–what he told his teachers as his actual official goal–was that he just wanted to make a friend. Just one. I cried for hours on the phone with Ashley. His confidence was at an all time low. I really didn’t think things could ever get much better…but they did. He gained friends and happiness in 6th grade…and 7th and 8th grade couldn’t have gone better, socially.

    It’s so hard. Cassidy is so completely precious. These kids just need to catch up to how wonderful she is…and the right ones will. I just know it because her loveliness just shines.

  12. says

    wow, Cassidy! You are beautiful and amazing and I love love love your list. And your little ‘tude for Lizzi at the end! You are too adorable and seriously your list is definitely full of the Big Important Things. I hope your grandma and grandpa saw 😀

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    also, can I just say that the age you’re in RIGHT NOW, it’s going to go away faster than you realize, and that whatever you think your life is now when it comes to friends, it will CHANGE big. Big huge. I promise.

  14. says

    So Chris… this is how we meet, me in tears after watching your beautiful daughter so confidently and brilliantly share her list of 10 things to be thankful for. (You’ll come to know me as a very emotional person… I weep easily). You should be glowing with that one-of-a-kind mommy pride for your daughter.

    Cassidy: I love your list – I especially like that you’re thankful for the cross… with the cross anything is possible, so keep on being thankful for it.

    Wishing you a lovely and blessed day.

  15. says

    I’ve missed so much since I’ve been gone Chris!! Soo glad to be back…I’ve MISSED you girl!!

    WOW! Your Cassidy sure is something else!! But why am I surprised…she’s cut from the same cloth as her mama! Sweet as syrup covered sugar! 🙂

    Cassidy, you’re an amazing young lady and I’m so proud of you! You’ve got the mark of a true leader! Yeah, your “so-called” friends might have shunned you, but you keep your head up sweetie! You’ll look back on this day and laugh because you’ll realize just what a ‘small” part of your BIG life this was!

    You should be so proud of that “wise” daughter of yours Chris! I LOVE you lady and I’m glad to be back on the grind! 🙂

  16. says

    That was a great job! Keep your head up Cassidy. One day you will look back and those “so-called friends” won’t mean a thing to you. Trust in this, kiddo! You’re a special kid! Their loss.

  17. says

    Special girl! It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was a kid dealing with that crap. It will make her stronger and give her empathy for others so she won’t treat them that way. It still stinks that she has to feel a minute of sadness about it.

  18. says

    I absolutely LOVE this list, Cassidy. Isn’t it amazing how when we take the time to look at all we have to be thankful for, all the unthankful stuff starts to seem small?
    When it comes to friends, quality is always better than quantity. Trust me.

  19. says

    I am officially applying for a slot in between the other grandparents ’cause I think you are special and I have big hugs and kisses just waiting for you. You did a wonderful job in the video of “Thankfuls”! I will keep playing it often just to see my darling granddaughter over and over again. . .mixed in with your Mom and her purse!
    Grammy Sue

    • says

      Hi Grammy Sue! I feel kind of bad that you weren’t in it. I promise you will be in my next ten things of thankful! I love you.

      Love Cassidy

  20. says

    Oh my Goodness, that intro, your report on the talent show–that gutted me too! Little girls are so MEAN! I dread those future days and the inevitable hurt (because who hasn’t lived through that?). Thank you, thank you for raising such a lovely girl whose sweet heart shines through that vlog!

  21. Candice says

    Hi Cassidy! This is Kelsey. I miss you so much! I am so sorry you have been having some friend problems. If I went to your school I would be your best buddy! 🙂 But I’m glad you have friends like Sophie. I love you loads! 8)


    • says

      OH I love you Kelsey! Thanks for commenting. It means a lot. I wish you went to my school so bad! I miss you SOOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!



  22. Candice says

    Your Aunt Candy and your Uncle Ryan and your coolio boy cousins all send love your way too!!! You are going to ROCK middle school and some day you will look back at those silly 5th grade girls and say ‘Wow, God really used that crummy experience to grow me even stronger in Him…and you will smile inside knowing how many wonderful people will be always loving you and supporting you your whole life through. When kids are shallow and mean…..I always teach my kids that those moments are teaching them over and over what kind of friend they will always be to others and how selective they can and should be on choosing their friends and who to trust their hearts with….Your spirit continues to grow in such strength and I’m soooo proud of you! Don’t lose heart, you have so many awesome friendships to be found ahead of you, God will ROCK your world bringing people into your life that you never even imagined could be so awesome. Keep trusting in Him and those blessings you so sincerely shared to the world…you are in good hands!!! We love you!!!!!

    • says

      That was really really really really really really encouraging! I love you and I really really really really really really really really miss you!!!!!

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