My Mother’s Day Gift To Myself

I decided I deserved something special this Mother’s Day…so I made my kids write a list of ten reasons why they are thankful I am their mom.  I did.  Yeah, it may have been forced upon them.  Yes, it was late last night when we got home from the 439th soccer game.  Yep, I was desperate.

You see, I anticipated this Mother’s Day to be a wonderfully (way too) busy day with lots of things goin’ on…  I knew I would probably get a home-made card and gift.  All lovely in their own right, this I know.  But I needed a bit more.  Just this morning, after I opened Cade’s ceramic mug (bowl?  Cup?  Pencil holder? I dunno) he immediately requested I return it to him when I got  ‘tired of it’ cause he really would rather keep it for himself.   That sums up Motherhood right there, doesn’t it?

This list is far better than the last list I made my kids do just a year ago, when I was “Mom of the year” over at my dear friend Meredith’s place.  Ya gotta go read that post, my friends.  It captures motherhood in one fail swoop.  You’ll see.  Really.  It does.  Go now and feel better about yourself.

I think because I ‘mentioned’ that it was Mother’s Day the next day and that I wanted it for my gift, this plea inspired them to think for a full four minutes about their list.  I’m so proud!  You can watch, or not.  I understand if you aren’t up to it.  Really.  I do.  If you don’t, I will sum up the lists here:

Cassidy’s List:

She loves me so so much.

She cares about me.

She is a good role model (most of the time).

She protects me.

She LOVES watching me play sports.

She makes me breakfast, lunch and dinner.

She wants to always know how I’m doing.

She listens to me when I need to talk.

She roots for me when I do sports and doesn’t talk on the phone ever.

*Bonus*  She helps people all the time.


Cade’s List:


Cares for me.

Makes me food.

Washes and dries my clothes.

Helps people.

She loves watching me play sports.

She takes me to school.

She is nice.

She married a good husband.

She helped make me.


I’ll take it!

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  1. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just LOVE THEM BOTH 😀

    They are so dang cute. I could eat them up.

    I love your post from last year, too – this one is a definite improvement in the listular front.

    Buuuuut only a good role model SOME of the time? Tsk tsk! I cannot (poop jokes) for one SECOND (poop jokes) imagine what they’re (poop jokes) talking about.

    a-DOR-able, Kitty. Ya did good 😀

    • says

      HAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah that. And lots more to boot!! Ya know… that. BUT- hey, I like to teach them all about GRACE- so eh, those bits and bigs of failings are all in the lessons I suppose!

      Last year’s was UNBELIEVABLE. I mean really? Made for good blog fodder though. LOL

      • says

        It was pretty hilarious! Bless their hearts! I love how their lists are almost identical, as well (apart from Cade thinking you’re awesome cos you “helped” make him *rolls eyes*)

    • says

      No- I don’t believe I have groupies… oh how I wish! LOL 😉

      It just makes you a dear invested friend. The kind I truly appreciate!!!

    • says

      Oh Zoe!! You are TOO CUTE! (I hate when that happens). You’re all good girl!! I got the other one, and only this one to boot! 🙂

    • says

      You are such a dear Janine!!! Considering I am only sometimes a role model, I suppose I could do better… lol There’s a lot of GRACE in this PLACE!!

    • says

      Yeah- well earlier Cade told me that “Daddy did most of the work when you guys made me…” Really now? And how do you suppose? Don’t worry, I set him straight! 😉

    • says

      HA! That is SO funny Dyanne!! I think when my kids get that old, I would be very afraid too. 😉 Thank you SO much for coming by to share in these moments that I’m sure will pass TOO fast.

  2. says

    Aww! My heart. They are so sweet, but not only that, it runs deeper than that. Like your son noting that you married a good man. That is HUGE! That is the making of a good man. And Cassidy has you nailed.

    • says

      They are really such beautiful souls!!!! They really have grown into these people with deep hearts and a wealth of wisdom and insight into this world and others and what they truly have. And although they drive me CRAZY leaving stinky socks on the floor, or forgetting this and that- I couldn’t be more proud of WHO they are growing up to be.

  3. says

    If that’s not the most precious video ever, I don’t know what is, Christine!! I love it!! Happy happy Mother’s Day my friend!! I root for you all the time and love that root for your kids too – and you do help other people. Love.
    “She makes me food!” AWWW!!!
    They both said you help people on your blog. <3

    • says

      Yeah… and I really think Cass meant in real life – because she has been my ‘partner in crime’ countless times serving others we know and love!! It’s one of my favorite things about our mom-daughter relationship. She’s a sensitive and giving soul… and I embrace that with her- and we love others together all the time. She makes me so proud!!

      I hope hubs came through in ADDITION to writing you the most precious piece EVER!

    • says

      DO IT! I should do some kind of Mother’s Day Link up with everyone having their kids vlog all the things they are grateful for in their mom. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yeah… hope I remember that one. It’s the best way to get the attention and praise we DESERVE!!!

    • says

      Heck YES I will remind them once in a while… like once every hour. 😉 I just wanted something in writing and on video. Hard evidence is always a treat. LOL

  4. says

    How precious! You are going to LOVE having this in the future! Your heart is so evident in both of them. I can tell the investment you have made in raising them up in a caring, loving environment. Yeah, you!!!

  5. Tammy says

    Soooo precious! Oh how I love those two little Chris-incarnates!!! Each of them has special parts of you in them and I love that! The next best thing to spending my vacation with you is spending it with min-you! Can’t wait!

    • says

      Mini me cannot WAIT to spend it WITH YOU!!! Dang how I wish I could go… We will have to make up some serious TIME when you get back.

  6. says

    I love last years post as well as this years! I love the forced lists. Been there! Something happened to me this year on Mother’s Day. I didn’t care. Not that I didn’t care about my kids, I do. A LOT! But I did my thing, you know? I raised my kids for better, for worse and there were way more worse times than I would have liked. There are those special times every now and then when something happens unexpectedly, especially now that they are older and we don’t talk or share much….those times are my mother’s day. Those are the times, the unplanned, gentle peck on the cheek or the thanks out of nowhere that get me these days. I will cherish the handmade cards and ceramic whatevers always but those moments that come unannounced are true treasures.

  7. says

    This was so sweet and your kiddos are absolutely adorable! What a great idea. I was laughing out loud at the “good role model….sometimes” and “she married a good husband.” Never truly just Mother’s Day is it? They have to throw Dad in there too. LOL 😉

    • says

      I KNOW RIGHT??!!! You would have LOVED it when Cade told me earlier that day that “Daddy did most the work” in making him. I’m sorry… WHAT??!!!!!!!!

      Don’t worry, I set the kid straight. 😉

  8. says

    So freaking cute! Is it too late to get my kids to do this for me? I might try tomorrow. 🙂 I love how giggly they are. And I agree that you are always helping people!

    • says

      It’s NEVER too late to make your kids grateful for you!!!! LOL They were pretty cute with this… and you will GET THIS. One of the greatest things I know I am doing right as a parent, is taking them on ‘helping people missions’ and allowing them to be a part of giving, attending to, caring for others…

      They have been doing this their entire lives… surprising people with food or flowers, visits or favors, or simply writing notes for people. They now take on their own ‘helping people mission’ and ohmyheart, how proud I am when I see them do this on their own!!

  9. says

    oh, they are just too cute and precious!!
    what a great idea – love that you got video.

    my hubby surprised me with pretty much the same thing — a video message from all 3 kids; and the oldest 2 did a second one of just private things they wanted to say. (I can’t blog it – they asked me not to.) Just hearing their sweet, loving voices did me in — I don’t even know that I focused on what they were saying!

  10. says

    Oh my gosh, I love their lists. I love that you don’t talk on the phone (or don’t let her see you doing it…if you do happen to talk on the phone) at her sporting events.
    I think my most favorite is “she makes me food”. Ha! This kid knows which side his bread is buttered on. Bless him, that is the cutest thing ever.

    • says

      IKNOWRIGHT?? Ha! He likes to go with the basic survival needs, much like a boy eh?

      I had no idea that Cass would have that one on her list… I never talk on the phone at her events (believe it or not!) and I had never even realized that would mean something to her. Love that. 🙂

  11. says

    Oh my goodness! Chris, you are such an incredibly cool mom and it’s so obvious your kids love you so much! I will never forget your lists from last year–you will treasure these always 🙂

    • says

      I still totally crack up when I think of that list for your awesome Mom of the Year invite!! It is still one of my favorite posts- simply because it is SO MOTHERHOOD!!!

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