The Mother of all Meltdowns for 99 cents Today!

Friends, remember the brilliant anthology “The Mother of all Meltdowns” that was published a year ago?  The one where 29 mothers shared their true and real and sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart breaking meltdowns?  Remember?  It’s on SALE TODAY!!!  We are celebrating our birthday by offering you the ebook for a mere 99 CENTS!!  With winter on it’s way, start stockpiling those books now!  This one will not disappoint.  Promise. 


The Mother of All Meltdowns is turning 1 Head on over and buy it HERE!!!




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      Happy Birthday!!! I can’t believe how fast the year went… it’s so wonderful to reflect on this book and our experience with it!! SO grateful for YOU for leading me in. <3

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      Oh love- it’s a book that I am in, alongside many beautiful bloggers! A book that was published last year and we are celebrating the anniversary of it’s publication with this sale. It’s full of amazing stories- both for laughs and for tears. 🙂

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