Managing Anxiety

Well, wouldn’t ya know it?  I was already scheduled for some articles to come out on my favorite sites this week… and yet another was put on the calendar for today.  It’s so nice to have some articles already written and ready to go, while I am still recuperating and healing.  Timing pretty perfect, eh?  I love how that happens…

So when I still had the right state of mind to ahem… write– I shared my perspective and my advice on managing anxiety, which went live today over at Mothering From Scratch.

Managing Anxiety I call myself the “Anxious Expert”.  Oh yes.  I have lived with anxiety all my life.  And this post I wrote isn’t just for parents- it’s for anyone who struggles with worry and with angst.  I live it daily.  Yet, I find three things help me tremendously with managing this beast within.

If you suffer with this debilitating ailment, please come join me over at Mothering From Scratch.  If you have suggestions to share, I would love to hear from you.  Lord knows, we are all in this thing together.  And that, my friends is one of the best tools we have to survive our anxious days.

Reaching out to each other. 

I promise to respond to your comments as soon as I am feeling up to it.  And I am so sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with everyone.   My friends, I am in bad shape.  The pain is much worse, even on the prescription medicine- it’s become unbearable.   I can hardly finish this post.  Going to see the doctor tomorrow.  Missing you all so very much.  XO

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    Chris, I am so sorry you are in so much pain and just praying you get some relief from it very soon. My heart seriously is going out to you tonight. Please know you are in my continued thoughts and prayers.

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      Oh Janine, you are so so sweet to be “in this” with me. I am so grateful for your precious support and prayers. This is so much worse than I could have imagined. I wish my doctor didn’t have surgeries today so I could have seen her. Praying it gets better… or at least I can endure the night.

      You- your comments, your friendship- means the world to me Janine. So grateful. <3 Just took two more pills an hour early- can't handle it.

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    Feel terrible just reading your last comment and is there anyway you can have your doctor paged when she comes out of surgery to have her check in with you? Really so sorry you are in so much pain and hoping maybe the two extra pills will take some of the pressure off at the very least. Thinking of you still and extra prayers coming your way now.

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      Oh Janine- it got so bad last night. I was a mess. Derek wanted to take me to the ER. This is just an awful recovery. I went to the doc first thing this morning, and she said I am grinding on the surgical site. Pissing it off. What a defeating thing… ugh.

      I do have more meds- anti-inflammatory along with the strong pain meds- and icing now. It’s helping a bit more. Just praying this is over soon and healing comes fast.

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    Don’t be sorry. Take care of you. Prioritise yourself. Praying every healing thought possible in your direction. Hang on in there and keep fighting.

    Hope you get some completely FANTASTIC results at the doctor and come away with non-addictive heroin or something, to take the edge off.

    You owe us nothing. Nothing at all. Keep being awesome.

    And have a line (If I could give you one for every minute, I would)


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      “Non-addictive heroin” sounds kinda lovely right now! 😉

      And you seriously don’t know how much your words mean to me. I HATE not giving back. It’s killing me! And you- you saying these things, what a comfort they are to me. You are to me.

      I owe you lots. But for now, I’ll give you love. I can do that. XOXO

      And I picture your line every minute that I start to panic… it helps, Lizzi. It truly helps. Pain coming back- ugh. Gonna use a line now…

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        I wish I had some to send you, dear. Keep going with the lines (no…not THAT kind)

        Keep healing, keep resting.

        There will be all the time in the world to give back.

        In the meantime, I saw that you’re taking prayer requests – I should think if you’re praying for others in spite of this pain, you’ve probably got the hotline to God right now.

        You’re amazing.

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          I’m not amazing… YOU are. 😉

          I am trying to pace myself. As best I can. And you know I am praying for you too, sweet friend. I know your heart is heavy…

          Praying for others is the best medicine I could have. Keeps me outside of myself, and in line with more important purpose. Gonna go lay down soon, and do just that. XOXOXO

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            I’d be slightly inclined to presume that (perhaps like with fasting), prayers from a place of pain bear more weight. I could be wrong…but I reckon yours are pretty golden right now.

            Yesterday was like a reprieve from grief. I had fun. I didn’t dwell. I wasn’t desperate. Whether that’s just ‘how grief is’, or an answer to prayer, or a bit of both, I’ll take it! 🙂

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      Oh Lisa- you are so wonderful to me! Thank you so much for your kind words and support… it kills me that I can’t give back right now. I pray I can do a little every day. Will try to pace myself as best I can. Unfortunately, my pain has been the boss of me. Hate that! Sigh…

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    I’m sorry that you are in so much pain!!! I hope that the DR can give help you get some relief soon!!!
    Take care, don’t push yourself too hard!!! Just spend time taking care of yourself and being with your family!!

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      Oh Kim- you are always such a comfort to me. Thank you so much for your precious words and support. I do hope the pain lessens in the days to come. The combination of meds seems to at least make the pain bearable. I guess that’s progress. Trying to be patient and pace myself.

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      Oh Laurie- how I am trying!! This thing really knocked me down. It’s been quite agonizing…

      But I’m hopeful now that I can actually breath a bit. Praying healing comes fast. Thanks so much for your support, dear friend. XO

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      Missing you so much lovey… I am going to try to do some comments while I have some energy. I can’t wait to catch up on your posts honey!! You have quite a month ahead of you girl!!! And dude- totally praying for YOU. XOXOXOXOXO (smooches) 🙂

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        TOTALLY miss you, but, dude, you have got to rest or you are not going to feel better… don’t make fly to you and kick you rearend because this scronny girl will totally whoop up on ya… LOL… I Love you, Chrissy!!! xoxoxoxo.

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          Oh how you crack me UP!!! I would just LOVE having you knock on my door and be all “DUDE! I AM HERE TO KICK YOUR BUTT BACK TO BED!” But then we would just stay up and giggle and I would be in worse shape. I am trying TRYING to pace my sore self. Promise!! 🙂 XOXOXOXO

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    I am so, so sorry that this recovery has been so hard. I am thinking of you and praying like crazy you heal and feel relief VERY soon, sweet friend.
    I can’t wait to read your piece about anxiety. Bobby has anxiety and it’s hard. Clicking over right now. –Lisa

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      You are such a love Lisa! Thank you so much for your sweetness… This thing has kicked my BLOGGING BUTT! So awful. I am up for air for a bit of time- feeling a little relief right now, thanks to this apparent concoction of meds. Not sure how long it will last- but trying to at least do comments while I have some strength. Praying I can start to feel less and less pain and more healing asap.

      I miss reading you girls and laughing… yours will be the first stop tomorrow if I am able to!!! 🙂 XOXOXO

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      Thanks so much for your sweet support Jen. I am going to try to get back into the game here little by little, as my pain is at least manageable tonight! I literally am just feeling a bit of relief now. Drugged up- but i guess I’ll take it. 🙂

      I have been praying for you and your book all day. I will continue to do so Jen. SO exciting!! XO

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    So sorry to hear that you’re still in so much pain, Chris. You’ve been in my thoughts over the last few weeks! Hope you get some relief soon! {hugs}

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      Thanks so much Sara. It’s been awful… but I am starting to feel the relief of my meds, so I hope I can stay upright and focus a bit longer than the last few days. ugh. Praying healing comes fast!

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    Hang in there, I am so sorry you are having issues with pain. That needs be managed, and hopefully your doctor will be able to help out with it. Just make sure to stay ahead of the pain…it’s always hard to catch up 🙁 Sending lots of prayers your way!

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      You are SO right Jen. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and encouragement! I have failed miserably at managing the medicine and staying ahead of my pain. I had no idea it would be this bad. I pray I can do that now that I have a good concoction of medicine to help. I am starting to feel a little relief… not that blurry eyed wanna scream maddening pain that has no end. Thank God…

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    I wish I had stayed to be there with you, Chrissy. I am so upset with worry about you. As Jen (above) said, even though you do not like pain pills, staying ahead of the pain is the thing so hard to do without help. . .you have a big owey to mend and heal. . .God, I wish I could help my baby!!!! I know now that you are a mother, you understand how I must feel.

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      I am realizing that I am totally failing at managing my pain- so I am trying harder to get ‘ahead’ of it… so I don’t get to that breaking point of torture that I have been at too many times to count. Right now, I am feeling some relief. I have all meds in ACTION to sustain me now…

      I love you mom. Don’t you worry. I’ll be okay. Promise! XOXO

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    I’m so sorry you are in so much pain. I hope that you will be feeling so much better soon – and your doctor will be able help. Lots of hugs, prayers and good wishes sent your way!

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      Thanks so much for your sweet encouraging words Leah. I am finally at a ‘bearable’ level of pain… I can’t wait to catch up with your blog, my friend. SOON. XO

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    Ohhh Chris!! My prayers are with you hon!! You are a trooper girl! In the midst of all your pain, you still find the strength to reach out! You sure are one sweet sister! 🙂 PLEASE get yourself some rest Chris! We understand and we’re definitely not going anywhere! A BIG OLE’ Carolina (((HUG))) AND KISS {) coming your way! Love you my friend! <3

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      Thanks soooo much for your awesome hug, Michell! I am feeling it! XOXO

      This has been rough- ugh. Waiting for the pain meds to kick in now. But hey, am I blessed or WHAT? This will WILL be a memory soon.

      That’s pretty awesome. 🙂

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