Leave A Trail Behind You…

Leave A Trail Behind You…

I want to always leave a trail behind me, full of grace and giving. This is my life goal. If I can do that, then surely I will have lived a life of intention for good.

I am a work in progress… always stretching and striving to live beyond what I believe I can do. Trying with all my might to prevail in this never-ending challenge.

It’s hard, people.

Have you ever thought about the trail you leave behind?

Think about it.

I do all the time.

Reflect on your days, and trace back your path…

I’ve been left in the dust, and the mudslinging wrath. I have been showered in grace and lit up with love.

I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of both.

I bet you do too…

There are tough conversations to be had with emotions flying. There are hard lessons learned in self-control versus lashing out reprimands. There are rights to the wrongs, vengeance to the vicious, and defense to the disrespect to be had.

I know.

I have left my trails of dust and mud. I have left my trails of grace and giving.

I can only hope that I leave more grace and giving on my trail behind me.

Dust and mud is, well-


And as far as I can remember in my 47 years of living, the dust and mud never really disappear. It never really cleans up nicely, no matter how hard we try.

And yet?

When I look behind my wake to find love and grace and giving, I also find peace in knowing I did the right thing.

Light lingers too…

So I reclaim my intention on my long trail ahead, with my aim to leave in my wake-more grace and giving.

Even when I want to sling mud and throw dirt.

I will grow in self-control, and gentleness, and goodness…

I will assert with respect and I will continually cover my conversations with prayer.

Because each time I am presented an opportunity to leave a trail, I am convinced that the power of my words and the very breath from which I speak have a remarkable impact.

Yours do too.

When someone lives deeply and loves greatly, there’s bound to be a trail left behind.

Lets leave more light to linger, shall we?

Leave A Trail Behind You



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    hmmm. very thought provoking post, Chris. I hope I’ve left some nice trails along the way, but I could always do better. I often think of this, but probably in a more narcissistic way, like – I want part of me to remain after I’m gone. Like my art, or writing, or something I said is a positive impact and I’m remember for it. I know, selfish, but don’t we all want to live on in spirit and feel as if our life meant something? *shrugs*

  2. says

    You keep us on the right path, my friend. “Measure twice, cut once,” is a saying I love, and even though it’s totally out of context, I TRY to use that concept when it comes to what thoughts I actually let fall out of my mouth, because once it’s out there, it’s done. Thank God we’re not equipped with those cartoon thought bubbles, or I’d be in serious trouble.

    • says

      I would love to think that Roshni!! I think many are careless actually- and many more don’t realize the impact of their words and actions. I know I haven’t always been so acutely aware… but I am now!!

  3. says

    Danggg I ruined this for myself. Left a trail of silly behind, and then couldn’t help but remember it and slightly giggled throughout 😉

    I like your thoughts. I’m not sure what I want to leave behind. I think, if possible, I’d feel comfier treading lightly upon this world. But I think that’s tied up with worth.

    • says

      OH Lizzi- YOU tread LIGHTLY? Neh. You cannot tread lightly with the heart you have. Your trail BEAMS and RADIATES more glow than you know, precious friend. People feel it all around the world.

      Yeah, you. You leave a powerful wake behind you. through your words, your actions, your intentions and your many many messages that cause us all to take in life more deeply, intently, and with truth. Don’t sell yourself short lovely love. You are much more impactful than you know… <3

    • says

      I know I told you this before, but seriously Jen- I was TOTALLY thinking about YOU when I wrote this piece. You are the epitome of THIS. You have been stretched and tested and pushed… and you STILL choose to leave a beautiful trial of love, and giving and grace. Amazing. Your strength and beauty glow for ALL to see.

      Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, and the countless others you have touched with your intention, your choices, and your heart. <3

      I love you so dearly. Know that, my friend.

  4. says

    Definitely made me think. It’s hard to remember in the moment that my actions will have consequences and that my intentions aren’t all that matter.

    • says

      It IS so hard to remember these things Shell!! Gosh, it’s just such a challenge at times to really think through the consequences of our words, and our actions. They play a role in someone’s life… a powerful one at that.

      The more we are aware of this, the better we will be. That is my goal anyway… to really try harder at this. 🙂

  5. says

    I believe firmly that every moment of our lives is for purpose, whether we understand it or not, whether we recognize it now or later – or even not at all. No matter what we do, it makes an impact in some way – perhaps positive, perhaps not – and so it’s important to make the effort to think about what we want to leave behind and why. This is something that I think most people struggle with. But like Ben Franklin and Emerson and Thoreau and so many others throughout all of time – self-examination and self-improvement are valiant efforts, no matter how much progress we make. Progress is progress.
    I might sound rambling a bit – have a bad cold and I need to go to bed. But I think you “get” me, so I hope this makes sense. 😀

    • says

      Lisa- it makes PERFECT SENSE!!! I totally get you!! And you totally get me!! And yes yes yes to all you said!!! I hope your cold is better by now honey! Did you give it to me?

      😉 We better stop hugging so much.

      • says

        Well, I think the cold is gone, but the allergy and sinus nonsense just keeps hanging on. It’s August, you know, so the corn is doing its thing…and I’m allergic to (are you ready?) corn smut. Yup. Corn smut. How hysterical is that? And since we live across the street from a corn field…yeah.
        I hope you’re feeling better, too!

        • says

          CORN SMUT???!!!!! Oh my GOSH THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!! You poor thing!!! Bless your corn smut heart!!! (lololol)

          I wonder if I have allergies to Corn SMUT. Every year around this time, I’m a hot mess! Hmm…

          Corn smut. Corn smut. CORN SMUT!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

          Sounds dirty. In a funny corn smut way.

          Okay- promise no more. Well one more…

          CORN SMUT! 😀

    • says

      I’m so glad this had an impact on you Leah!! It does to me too… daily. I am trying to be much more intentional with every word that comes out of my mouth. Every choice I make and action I take. It’s really amazing how we don’t even realize the influence we have on others. I think self control is the most difficult challenge of all…

  6. says

    This is quite thought provoking, Chris. We should all be striving for this. As I get older, I find myself reflecting on it more and more. It needs to be a daily thought process though…thank you for the reminder. You truly are an inspiration!

    • says

      I totally agree Michelle!!! I am working on it daily, if not hourly at times!! Even the smallest of ways, we can have an important impact on another person’s life. I am working hard on truly being intentional on every word that comes out of my mouth, and every choice I make. It’s so important. In all our lives!

  7. says

    Oh this is so lovely. And yes, you do leave more grace than dust, absolutely. Here you put so perfectly into words something I’ve been trying so hard to sort through on my own.

    • says

      AW! I’m so glad we are in this together Tricia!! Being truly intentional with our thoughts, words and actions is really a tough challenge but so important to do. I think the more we mature in life, the more we are aware of our influence on others and how we can truly make a lasting impact. And not just on our kiddos, but EVERYWHERE we go!

  8. says

    Thank you so much for this reminder. When I think about my trail I tend to focus on the trash I’ve littered along the way and am ashamed. I know there is goodness there too but sometimes it’s easy to beat myself up.
    Will be thinking about light and grace today.

    • says

      Oh Stephanie! I can get caught up in the trash I left behind too my friend. And the SHAME of it all…

      But there’s more light than dirt. We can remember that too… and from this day forward, we can leave more of it. Grace be with YOU too, sweet friend. XO

  9. says

    Hi Chris! I like the idea of leaving a wake, I really never thought about it before like that. Certainly as we move in our days and years, the effects of what we do (and don’t do) trail behind.

    I join you in your prayer to leave good and grace behind me, washing away the dirt and mud I may have dropped too.
    Great thoughts!

    • says

      Oh Ceil, I love how you put that!!! Yes, we can truly be intentional with our grace and giving, and pray that the dirt somehow is cleansed by the One who cleanses all…


    • says

      Thank you love…

      It is thought provoking, and I will continue on my quest to be more intentional with every word and deed. Grace and giving my friend!!!

  10. says

    “rorybore” is a take on Aurora Borealis, which of course are beautiful dancing lights from the north.
    and I chose that name as a reminder, that I also should be. 🙂

    • says

      OH. MY. HEART. That is just SO beautiful Leslie!!

      And ya know what? I have basked in the glow of your light ever since I found you. 🙂 Keep shining my friend. You illuminate beautifully. XO

  11. Tammy says

    Light and grace. That’s what you are leaving. And a piece of yourself…you give a piece of yourself to everyone you come into contact with. It’s a beautiful thing. And one of the many reasons I love you so.

  12. says

    You leave so much light on your trail, Chris – that’s how I found you! Lovely reminder to think about what kind of mark we want to leave on the world.

    • says

      Oh Dana!! You are SO good to me!!! Thank you friend- I’m so glad we have connected. You’re such a blessing to me, my friend. And yes- it’s really amazing the impact we can have on another life. I don’t think any of us really know how deeply we can affect someone’s heart. Every word, or deed- says something to someone. I am becoming so much more aware of being intentional with both.

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