It Takes A Good Woman To Know One: TToT Women’s Edition

Ten Things of Thankful: Women’s Edition

I have had the privilege of knowing countless women throughout my life. Not just in passing while superficially connecting through a fleeting event or circumstance, but truly experiencing who they are through deep conversations that revel in truth and trust. I am constantly amazed with the blessings from each relationship that has developed along my journey, as every single woman has had a lasting impact on my life, my heart, my perspective. I marvel at their strength and tenacity, their insight and their wisdom, their gifts and uniqueness.

All women are a celebration of inspiration.

There is a profound unity that encapsulates who we are, as women. We can be defined in ways that may separate us- as we all have various roles within our lives, and we all come from different backgrounds and cultures that direct our different paths. Our differences can stretch far and wide and beyond and beneath our commonality.

And yet? Our true identity of being a woman is the core with which we have common ground. There are traits all women possess that bind us all together in a sisterhood that we can rejoice and honor within each other. Lets embrace it together, shall we?

1. We are strong survivors. I have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t endured one or more hardships in her life. And I continue to be astounded by witnessing women rise through the wreckage. Women have the ability to ignite a fierce raw guttural courage from within them to survive, despite the broken and bruised debris and carnage scattered all around.

2. We are unique. Every woman has gifts they are graced with that create a colorful masterpiece of who they are. Each woman shines with a different light. Every woman creates her significance with her extraordinary perspective, talents, skills and beliefs.

3. We are passionate people. Women have a vast and voracious mysterious swirl of emotion that burns for something, someone, some cause or some mission. This fire inspires and propels us forward with a fierceness that is unbridled and birthed from this place.

4. We each have a story. This profound truth is what can ignite a fire of compassion and respect among one another. Every woman has her own life experience, and from it she can share with hopes to heal and offer sustenance to others who perhaps have similar stories. We must claim it and honor it as we become empowered through its voice.

5. We have each other. When we embrace our differences and honor our separate paths, there is this intersection that binds us together and recognizes that we are a powerful union. There is nothing more potent than women who nurture and nourish each other. There is comfort in solidarity.

6. We are dreamers. With our passion, our stories, our gifts and our strength… we paint the landscape of our future with an unrestrained fervor. We know how to dream big.  And we will commit to our vision and pursue it with an unfaltering zeal.

7. We are compassionate creatures. Where there are wounded and weak, we respond. We reach. It’s our innate impulse to help those in need, to save those who are lost and to embrace those who hurt. Our hearts swell for the broken.

8. We have integrity. Every single woman has some form of authentic self-respect. Within the framework of who we are, there lies a spirit of veracity and nobility for good. And when battles erupt that threaten our safety, our passion, or our dignity… the warrior in us will rise to the call to fight for our truth.

9. We are relational beings. Women thrive on camaraderie and connecting with others. We find fulfillment in nourishing exchanges that validate our emotions, and our identity. We seek such attachments because they fill us with encouragement, inspiration, and belonging.

10. We are beautiful. Every woman has a mark of beauty, a trace of elegance, and a light that illuminates our very existence. We are captivating, exalting, rich with treasures adorned with a radiance all our own.

Let us remember these things, for we are crafted alike and we should relish each other with the admiration we so deserve. One light is bright, but our collective colors together is simply stunning…


It Takes A Good Woman To Know One



Ten Things of Thankful


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  1. says

    I love this TToT and truly reminds me of my grandmother, who would always say, “Let one man have a baby and the human race, would die out!” She was totally the ultimate feminist even before that time and for that and so many reasons, I do agree woman are amazing, especially you!!! 🙂

  2. says

    I LOVE this post Chris! It had me smiling the whole time and I just wanted to pump my fist and say “heck yeah!” More women need to be reminded of this!

  3. says

    What an inspirational, uplifting post. I cherish the many women in my life who have helped me grow, supported and shared with me. I want every one of them to read this. It is beautiful. I liked, tweeted, g+’d and I’m going to share it on Facebook.


  4. says

    This is so beautiful and so true. We all have such stories and I don’t know a woman who hasn’t endured a hardship ore hardships.

  5. says

    This is beautiful – makes me proud to be a woman. I have many wonderful wonderful women in my life to be thankful for too.

  6. says

    Every now and then I need a reminder of why women are different, special…and why we can bond even without meeting face to face.
    This was one of those times and this was the post that did just that.

  7. Laurie says

    What a great post. You are so right, we each have s story. I marvel at the grace and wisdom that arises in most women who encounter situations they neither wanted or asked for. I am honored to know them and count them as friends.

  8. says

    ***the warrior in us will rise to the call to fight for our truth.***

    I love that sentence.

    I believe that GOD placed Strong Women in my life to be encouraged, inspired, hopeful.

    To know I’m not ALONE.

    You. Inspire. Me. Chris.

    Kick Ass Powerful Message. XXXXXXXXX LOVE from MN.

  9. says

    I absolutely LOVE this…I feel like so often the media and other women tear each other down by focusing so much on our differences, but this list perfectly captures the good in women. So well said my friend. :)-Ashley

  10. says

    First of all, thank you SO much for tagging me with this post – I am truly honored and very touched that you thought of me while writing this. As for that list, you were spot on with every single one of those. I do know without a doubt, that I could not have made it through this past year without the women in my life — both in person as well as online (and yes that includes you my dear!) because of their support, compassion, and everything else you listed here…thank you again – beautiful post!! xo

  11. says

    What a lovely post! I too am tired of the media portraying women as being unable to work together. I think that is what a lot of people want us to believe because when we all come together we can move mountains, and that kind of power can be scary!

  12. says

    I adore you and thank you so much. I agree that women give one another power and words and support and the all of it. Huge big time. I send you so much love and support and thankfulness. <3

  13. Angie says

    I love everything you write. You truly have a gift. One of the first things I loved about you, aside from the fact that your as much of a goofball as I am, is how you are constantly saying things to “build up” other women, even strangers. I would see how much your words would affect them, in a positive way of course, and have been following your example.
    Miss you & your sweet kidlets!!!!

  14. says

    Chris, this is beautiful and true. Especially the part about women being survivors resonates deeply. I’ve found that so often the deepest connections are with those who have grown through their struggles. Thank you for sharing.

  15. says

    Such truths you have written, and I am honored to be included in your community of women. It’s amazing what a woman can do, and even more amazing what they can do together. Love you Chris!

  16. Tammy says

    Beautifully written
    Perfectly true
    Absolutely poignant

    The whole time I read this my thoughts were with the many women who don’t know these beautiful truths about themselves. My reading and nodding turned to praying and crying for these women.

    I am so blessed to have so many loving, involved women as my circle of friends. You have held me when I’m fallen and championed me when I’m soaring. You all know who you are (cough, cough…ladies group girlies)

    Thank you, Chris, for putting the words to who we are and what we have – even when we don’t realize it.


  17. says

    oh my gosh… I love this so much. I suddenly want to hug not just myself, but every woman I meet!! I need this on a fridge magnet, bookmark or maybe even inscribed on my walls so I have the daily reminder of how wonderful…..and wonderfully made we are! <3

  18. says

    I know we barely know each other but in a way we do. You are an amazing woman, and by writing this extraordinary post that is even more evident.

    Thank you for tagging me in your post. That means more to me than you know.

    Women must unite and show each other the way, lifting and supporting each other however we can. You are doing that, and I am proud to know you!

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