HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my beautiful friends and readers that take the time to come by this place of mine.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you, and I do pray that God has a plan for this little corner of the web.  If you have any ideas of what you would like me to write about, please share!!  I would love your opinions and thoughts… truly. Until then, I will keep persevering with prayer and thoughtfulness of heart and hope and humor… Each person in our family shares three resolutions we decide on for the year, relating to these categories:

1.  Spiritual. 2. School/work 3. Personal

Cassidy’s are the following: 1.  Pray more to God. 2.  Get good grades. 3.  Choose healthier foods to eat.

Cade’s are the following: 1.  Pray more to God. 2.  Get good grades. 3.  Don’t fight with Cassidy as much.

Derek’s are the following: 1.  Get back into nightly Bible reading to the kids. 2.  Buy my own business. 3.  Love Chrissy more.  (AW!)

Mine are the following: 1.  Read the bible more. 2.  Write a book.   (Devotional?) 3.   Gosh, the list is endless really… make better meals, give more time to Derek, start to exercise regularly again, get more sleep… (Etc. etc. etc…)

Another important resolution, I decided to share with a few of my favorite friends and writers from our book The Mother of All Meltdowns!!  My dear friend, Jennifer Barbour produced the video with each of our resolutions related to motherhood, and oh is it GOOD!  I could honestly say YES to each and every one of the resolutions these ladies all shared.   It’s SO fun to see so many beautiful women, share a part of themselves in this video…  you have to see it for yourself!!  And when you are done, make sure you go BUY THE BOOK HERE!!!!!  It’s the perfect book  for any mom out there!  Trust me. Happy New Year sweet friends!  And now join me and some amazing woman, as we welcome the New Year in with our motherhood resolutions…

The Lieber Family

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    Love the video! I already bought the book but I will share to help promote. And you, my dear friend, are even lovelier on camera, a natural. You should totally do more vids! 🙂

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      Oh how sweet you are! I was SO nervous at first!! But then, with some issues with the camera loading etc- we had to do more takes, and at that point, I was more perturbed than anything!!! HA! So, I guess getting irritated is the way to banish the anxiety!! 😉

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    I loved reading all your resolutions here and I know I have said this before, but total fun hearing and seeing you in this video. We really need to do more of these. Happy New Year again Chris to you and your family!! 🙂

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      I LOVED seeing you in the video and I absolutely need to add your resolutions to mine!!! Here’s to a New Year filled with wonderful friendship! I wish you the very best, Janine!!

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      I absolutely LOVED your resolution to be AWESOME! I just adore that your hubs says that to the kids… what an incredible message to constantly have in your home and with each other!! I might have to steal it!!

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      Coming from you? That seriously means the ENTIRE WORLD to me. And um, did I FREAKING miss a post? “Speed”? What the wha? Oh dear… must go NOW!!!

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    Love the way y’all shared your family resolutions!!
    And, that video is so great (I watched it on Janine’s site!).
    Happy 2014 – I hope that it is a great year for you!!!

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    Awwwhhhh LOOKIT YOU 😀 😀 😀 (and Kristi and Dana and Janine and Lisa 😀 )

    Lovely to be able to put a real voice to your writing ‘voice’. Fabulous video 😀

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    Ack, the cuteness! “Don’t fight with Cassidy as much.” “Love Chrissy more!”
    I have to say that you are just so beautiful on the video – so composed and genuine and..pretty. Like I said, I felt shallow telling you all that.
    ‘Tis true.
    Happy New Year!

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      Gosh… you are SOOOOO SWEET!!!! Did you notice the lighting? Yeah that. 😉 Just wait til we FINALLY meet… you can see all the lines and wrinkles and all those things that I hate about myself when we do.

      But for now… your precious compliment lifted me UP so much. I sit a little higher here, at my laptop knowing you think I’m beautiful! MWUAH!

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    Your family sounds as lovely as you, Chris. And as Tamara said, you are so composed and gorgeous on the video, and I…well, I hold up fruit with a Sharpie smiley face.

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      Oh thank you SO much Hope!! That gives me ONE vote of confidence!! LOL Praying about it…

      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, my friend!

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      Thanks SO much Hope! I loved seeing so many faces that belong to their words… it’s so cool to do that, isn’t it? Makes it even more personal. 🙂

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    You are precious, and I loved LOVED the video! Genius idea. I have the book and tell people about it all the time. I’m very proud of all the bloggers in it! xoxo
    Happy New Year my friend! (I’m not even going to attack you in a grassy tumble. New year and all. Lol)

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      AW!!!! You are TOO kind!! SO much so, that I am getting my snow gear on now, and I am gonna go find you in the blizzard and take you DOWN!!! LOL It’s gonna be SOOOOOOO FUN!!!! XOXOXO (While lying on top of you in the snow, freezing our tookies off)

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    Awww Chris, your kids resolutions are so nice..you raised them so well. Loved seeing the women making their resolutions. It’s nice to get a face with a name and you are simply GORGEOUS!
    Happy New Year!

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      AW! You are SO sweet Manal!! Thank you dear friend. And so far, I do think my kids are pretty great. I only measure that by their hearts- and I pray the years to come reveal the same beautiful things I see now. We have a long way to go… many years… praying HARD!! XOXO

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    Such great resolutions! I love that you narrow them to those 3 categories. We make resolutions here too but not quite so organized. We do write them out on construction paper though and decorate them and then hang them up. Which is really fun 🙂

    Happy new year to you, friend! I can’t wait to se what 2014 holds for us all!

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      That is a BRILLIANT idea Tricia!!! I am going to do that with my family ASAP!! I am so glad you shared this awesome idea! Happy New Year, my friend!! CHEERS to 2014… and I too, can’t wait to see where we go!!

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    I love those family resolutions! I also love the video. It was so much fun to see and hear everyone – and you looked beautiful I loved your resolution. I have heard of that book & I need to check it out. Wonder if it would work for all my girls – 11, 9, & 6??

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you! So glad I go to know you in 2013!

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      I loved seeing YOU and really every single one of those resolutions TOTALLY fits the bill for me!! I will definitely let you know about the book! I am guessing maybe good for your older girls… BUT perhaps it can be tweaked to fit any age. Will see!!!!

      And uh, your resolution? MOST important of all. Lets try to help each other stick to it!! XOXO

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    Happy New Year sweet friend. I don’t usually do resolutions but I have a whole gaggle of blogging goals. I guess that counts. Looking forward to more from you in 2014

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      It most definitely counts! Here’s to another year of our friendship and support of one another as we move forward with our blogging goals in 2014!

      I wish nothing but the best for you, dear friend!! I am so glad we connected. XO

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      You are SOOOO SWEET!!!! I just LOVE you for thinking of ME Beth!! What an honor… cause I think you are the cat’s MEOW!! (Why do people use that phrase? really.) You are just AWESOME my friend! And I am SO glad we have connected!!!

      Here’s to 2014!!! More more more…. of us! XO (And Lizzi can come play too…;) )

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    Okay, you are so beautiful! It was SO fun to hear your voice! I wish we lived closer and our girls could do the book together. My teen (13) just did it with a small group and I am interested in hearing what you think. Some of the topics were a little ahead of where she is, but as long as you are reading together, you can share in the journey. You inspire and I adore you. XOXO

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      Oh Angie!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me to read your comment!!! Thank you SO much for coming by and sharing such sweet sentiments! I feel the SAME way about you!

      I am so glad to hear about your daughter doing it! I had the hardest time finding a good book for Cass and I!! Not a lot out there for that ‘in between age’ is there?

      Thanks for the heads up about it- I will be sure to let you know how it goes with Cass, and I will be reading it ahead of her, so we’ll see how it goes. I would have loved to do it together with you… wouldn’t that be awesome if we lived close? *sigh*

      Here’s to 2014 and US connecting more… I would absolutely LOVE that. OK? 🙂

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    What a great video! I loved hearing everyone’s resolutions. Even though I bought The Mother of all Meltdowns last month I finally got around to finishing it last night. Soooo good! So nice to be able to put faces with all of the writers too. Happy New Year!

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      Weren’t they just the BEST resolutions? I think it was a PERFECT compilation of all things- motherhood! I could seriously add them ALL to my list!

      I am so glad you liked the book Sara!! Happy New Year my friend!! And CHEERS to another year of blogging together!! XOXO

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    I love that your family does this!! What wonderful goals everyone has! I think I am going to do one of those one word resolutions, except that I have 3 and I don’t feel like I want to get rid of any of the words. So, I guess I will be breaking the rules! Happy New Year Chris!

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    Oh I just loved this! The post, the video! What a great way to put a face and voice to so many of my favorite bloggers. I want to know what you think of that book, too. I need to work harder on my children’s spirituality and understanding of it and setting my own example. A book to share with each would be a great way to do that or at least start! Happy New Year!

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      Thanks SO much Stephanie!! I will definitely let you know how the book is!! It’s really so hard to put aside the busy schedule to really focus on growing our kids’ faith… but I keep reminding myself “What could be more important than that??”

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    I love that you break your resolutions down into these categories, and that you do it as a family. Now THAT is smart, intentional parenting, Chris! xo

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