Are You Feeling STRETCHED?

Are You Feeling Stretched Are you feeling stretched in every which way?  Do you wonder how on earth you will be able to sustain your life?  Yeah, me too.  Our fuel is limited, and we must make tough choices in where to use it.

I have been reading a few of my favorite books written by my absolute hero, Max Lucado.  If you haven’t read any of his books, you simply must.  I promise you will be inspired and entertained all at once. 

He has a brilliant way of sharing stories and teaching truths that resonate in my heart, as he ignites the fire of my faith through every word he places on the pages.  He’s just that good.  Pick up any one of his books, and you’ll see…

I just finished three of his books… yup.  *Feeding feels good*  I listen to his audio books when I am driving my kids around town, and waiting in pick up lines.  It’s the BEST use of my time EVER.  The three I finished are:  “Come Thirsty“, “In The Grip of Grace“, and “Just Like Jesus.  All worthy of my time and my heart.  Yours too.

In “Just Like Jesus” Max shares so many enlightening stories, and I want to share one of his with you.  It’s about the Lighthouse Keeper.  Oh friends, did this speak to me.  We only have so much fuel to keep our lighthouses lit.  We must discern who and where we give our energy.  Amen?

This blog?  I consider this blog my greatest passion and calling.  I want to write, in hopes to encourage and inspire as many hearts as I can.  This…

Is My Lighthouse.

Oh yes, I must dispense my fuel with wisdom and grace- as my family always comes first.  And yes, there are dear friends and ministries in my real life that need light too.  Those are a given.  But this blog?  It’s my true mission. I want my lighthouse to be seen for miles… guiding and leading those ships in the dark night.  So I will take this time to re-evaluate how I carefully distribute my fuel, so that I can be purposeful in my mission while balancing my home-front too.

This surely is no easy feat.


Yeah…I know.

Today I am over at sharing Max Lucado’s story and its message.  I believe every one of you friends will benefit from reading it.  Perhaps, you too can  reflect and realign your life to fulfill your Lighthouse’s mission as well.  We all have many purposes in our lives, and sometimes we tend to give out more fuel than we have, until there is nothing left and our tanks are empty.  It’s so hard to say no, isn’t it?  Ah…me too.

Come be inspired by my friend (he just doesn’t know it) Max, and share your thoughts okay?

See you THERE!!!

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      Thanks so much Emily. I really mean it too. I have such a passionate purpose…and I do hope I can reach hearts and encourage people through my words.

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      AW!! Thanks sweet friend!! Oh how that means so so much to me to read that!! And yes… as I listen to my daughter coughing on the couch, I am panicking about all I have to do… ugh. Need to back up the truck and pray for discernment over and over again…


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    {Melinda} Chris, it is such a tough balancing act — this passion I have for my family and the passion I feel for ministry to moms. I have to re-evaluate often — sometimes multiple times a day — to make sure I’m expending energy where God is directing. Hope you are getting recharged and refueled, my friend. <3

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      It has been a rough week of recovery with Cassidy’s asthma going and keeping me from sleeping or having any quiet moments..

      But I am slowly finding my peace again. Thanking God that tonight is quiet and the turn in health is now here.

      Monday, I will dive into Momtor and send it asap! 🙂

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      Oh girl, do I know you are have GOT to be feeling stretched!! YOU, my friend are a lighthouse to so many souls in need. I am honored to watch your light shine, my friend.

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      Thanks so much for your sweet support dear friend!! I didn’t KNOW you girls were back, because for some reason your new posts are not coming into my email inbox anymore!!! WHAT THE WHA???!!!! I wonder if I need to re-subscribe? It was APPALLING to find out I had missed so many of your posts!!! I am SO sorry!!

      Isn’t that weird? I don’t know what happened… I will gladly subscribe again, just wondered if you had any other people have this problem.

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      It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Ugh. There has GOT to be a better way to pace ourselves… and not spread out oil too thin so we dry up. I am going to try to be much more intentional about this very thing, thanks to Max!

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    Do I feel overwhelmed? Yes! Almost every day…’s a busy life for working moms, isn’t it? I haven’t heard of Max Lucado, thanks for the reco as I’m a big reader, too. Looking forward to some inspiration!

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      He really has a way with words and stories and I never get tired of his books. Btw- my sisters and I are going to visit my sister in Texas- all four of us sisters will be together to celebrate her five year celebration of surviving breast cancer. Three out of four of us had the BRCA1 mutation. Three out of four of us had double mastectomies and reconstruction and full hysterectomies. Amazing isn’t it? Thought that would intrigue you, Claudia!

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        Wow, that is amazing! I had the genetic testing and don’t have the BRCA gene, and no one else in my immediate family had breast cancer so it’s seems like such a crap shoot about who will get it. I am focused on a group that is trying to find a vaccine or cure — Dr. Susan Love’s foundation as well as a group called Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 — they’re both the ones I like because they really focus on finding a cure/vaccine similar to the HPV vaccine. Have a wonderful time in TX with your sisters, you must all be very close after going through so much together. xo

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      Well, I suppose I jump off of my lighthouse and swim to my lifeboat and paddle as fast as I can to save the people tossing and turning in the high seas. Then swim ashore and climb the stairs to look out and guide the ships once again. At least I would love to think that is my mission. My purpose. 🙂

      Do you need a lifeboat lovely? I’m standing out on the front deck looking for you tossing and turning in the waters…using my binoculars and squinting. Holler hard if you need me…

      I’m here.

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        Turned out I needed alcohol and a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG SLEEP. But this weekend could be a bit ‘drowny’, so keep watch. I think I should mostly be okay.

        Are you okay?

        I’m gonna give you a line, just to stop and catch your breath from all that rushing around madly to rescue people you’re doing


        (and another one, just so you REALLY rest properly, if only for a moment longer)

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      Gosh, I am so behind on my comments Alison! So sorry to respond so late. Thank you so much for coming by and reading it! It means SO much to me. And yes- oh yes- it IS so our default setting… and it SHOULDN’T be.

      And yet, here I am! Still in it… stretched. Sigh.

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    So, so stretched. Like a really, really thin pizza. But there are holes in the dough. It’s bad.

    As you know, I am not the most religious person ever, but I lately have been admiring people who have such strong faith.

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