My Favorite Christmas Gifts To Give

Today I want to share my favorite Christmas gifts to give!  Do you remember when I wrote about our Family’s Blessings Jar?  If you didn’t see it, go here to learn about one of the best projects I ever started in my home.  I base the Blessings Jar off of Phil 4:8, which if you have been reading me for a while, you know it’s one of  my most used and most favorite verses EVER.  Gratitude has power.  And it is a gift that many tend to take for granted. 

Philippians 4:8  New International Version (NIV)

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

I decided my kids and I would make these jars for every family member and loved one- in hopes to spread the joy of Thanksgiving in the every day.  It was a laborious and beautiful task, that I hope blesses those that receive it.  May each jar be full, each year, as they too- practice the art of counting their blessings.  Please go see the details and pictures of our gift jars HERE!!!  I shared all about it over at 1Corinthians13 Parenting. 

These words are wrapped around each jar…

Best Christmas Gift to Give 2 The Blessings Jar

You have a bounty of blessings to behold…
In the every day, every hour, every moment.
Gratitude is the greatest gift we hold,
Yet, only if we open it.

Our family has a Blessings Jar.
To practice this fine art.
Taking time to seek and find
Setting time apart…

To note each thing that is praiseworthy,
Noticing God’s Hand
The task itself, brings forth the gift
Unwrap it when you can…

The children began the work for you
Claiming pieces of your life
‘Blessings’ if you will,
To start your jar tonight.

Add or take, as you need
Blessings to and fro.
Look with wonder at your life
And search high and low…

Even on those difficult days
There’s still a light you’ll see
Find blessings in your darkest times
When God will be with thee.

Collect these gifts in the jar
To read when you desire.
Find joy and hope, light and love
Gratitude has power.

My dear friend Lisa over at The Golden Spoons has a mission to do “One Thing Good” this Holiday Season.  I will join her  with these jars X15!!

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      Thank you SO much Gina!!! YES! Definitely start your own!! I know you could use more blessings in your life, but at least you can start by counting some you DO have. Right? XOXO 🙂

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    This is beautiful in every way. And yes, gratitude is a practice. And one that if we can ingrain in our kids, they will be healthier, happier, and more giving. Love this Chris!

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      AMEN to THAT Ilene!! Just like anything else, it’s a habit we need to practice over and over again to get it ingrained in our kids. It’s SO important to do that with many character issues- gratitude being one of them for sure!

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      I bet you have Jen!!! And I KNOW every single one who receives something from you, will be SO grateful!!! You are so talented!!

      You need to have a giveaway for one of your scarves!! Just sayin’. 😉

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      I LOVE it Lisa!!! Maybe share it with your bible study friends as well!! You can make up any rules to go with it, it’s just a lovely way to focus on all of our blessings- whether weekly, daily, or even monthly. I started mine with just a random, “Hey that’s worth writing down!” And realized we really needed a set time each week to focus on it, or it wouldn’t get done.

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      I gotta say, I actually am so proud of those words! I think they are my favorite part of this gift! 🙂

      It’s just like you to notice that… and once again bless me in doing so. Gosh, how I love that about you!! XOXO

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      YES! I think we ALL could use them… who doesn’t need more gratitude in their life? AMIRIGHT? 🙂 I am constantly reminding myself to acknowledge the goodness in everything. I love the idea of giving others the ‘nudge’ to do the same.

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    I. Love. This. My husband and I were discussing several ways we could teach the boys more gratitude. I think hands-on activities do this better than anything. I’m totally doing this with them! I know they’ll really get into it. Thank you, Chris! Xoxo

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      I wish I could figure out/remember where I saw it first!! Isn’t it the BEST idea ever??? And these gifts- I think the kids learned SO much and practiced the fine art of gratitude a lot, while doing them! Best win-win ever!! 🙂

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      Thanks so much Manal!!! They are AWESOME!!! I just love how our jar is full! I am also getting excited to open it and read all the blessings of the year on New Year’s Eve!!! 🙂

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      I could TOTALLY seeing you doing it with your girls!!!! It’s SO easy! The crafty part, anyway! But I bet your girls will NAIL the blessings part too…. 🙂

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      I wrote it!! You are so sweet to acknowledge it. I felt that sense of “YES” after I wrote it- you know that feeling. I copied that on pretty Christmas paper as well… 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by to take it all in!! XO

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