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Classic Quotes of Motherhood When I saw this week’s Tuesday Ten topic over at Lisa and Rabia’s link up, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share this week’s highlights of motherhood in Classic Quote fashion. Motherhood throws some good laughs and punches (literally) our way, and I believe every mom will say or hear these things at some point in her life as a mom.

This past week after returning from our trip to Prague, we have had some eventful highs and lows… much like every week as a mother to two busy and crazy kids. And as I reflected on all of our ‘moments’, I realized much of what was said and done is a perfect account of motherhood at it’s finest. Although you may not know the circumstances leading up to these statements, I’m betting you can relate to most if not all of them with just a quick switch of names!

Classic quotes that inspire me? Make me laugh? Lord knows every mom can find them in their daily lives.

Here are mine…

“It’s spread everywhere, and it’s really bad in her butt.”

“Did you or did you NOT punch your sister in the face?”

“Hug your brother NOW! That is NOT a hug! Now you must embrace your brother for one FULL minute every single day.”

“I am going to LOSE IT, if I don’t get sleep.”

“My bad, babe. My bad.”

“Oh honey, you would make the best Santa’s helper EVER!”

“You are really, REALLY driving me crazy today. Be warned.”

“I need to be at three places at once, which one do you want to take?”

“In order to live in this house, you will follow through on everything that is expected of you!  And your allowance is a bonus. So, lets start with you getting a home and food and family first, shall we?”

“I am so proud of the person you are becoming. Do you know that?”

Here are my kids’ quotes, connected to mine…

“Mom! I can’t stand this rash anymore! It’s all over me, it’s oozing and scabbing and itches SO bad! (Crying hysterically each night for the last four nights)”

“I didn’t MEAN TO! Okay, yes I did punch her in the face.”

“AW man! I don’t want to!”

“I can’t SLEEP mommy!”

“I’m sorry mom. My bad.”

“Mommy, when I die I want to be Santa’s helper.”

“HAHAHAHAHA!!! We are driving mom crazy today!!”

“Mom I have Good Eats club after school and you need to pick me up late. And don’t I have swim team too? And if Cade has a soccer game far away, how are you going to get me to swim team and pick me up, if you’re taking him to the game? Is Daddy going to the game?”

“Mom, how can I get my allowance back?”

“Thanks mom.”


Now it’s your turn!  Tell me your latest classic quote of motherhood!!

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    Hopefully I won’t have to worry about the punching siblings in the future. Not planning on any more … but things could always change. My favorite mom quotes lately have been, you are driving me crazy. I think that children are designed cute so that we don’t strangle them. (Stopping by from Tuesday Ten Link Up)

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      THAT is my favorite line TOO!!!! I tell them they are driving me CRAZY almost every single day… oy. Whether there is ONE or TWO or SEVEN… they can drive us CRAZY. But you’re so right- the other line I say ALL the time is “You are SO lucky I love you- or I would totally hurt you.” 😉

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    Kids certainly have a way of pulling quotes out of us, don’t they? 🙂 Loved these super famous quotes! I don’t know who originally said them, but I know my mom used most of them, I have as well, and I’m pretty sure they’ll continue into many generations to come. LOL Thanks for sharing and making me bust up with laughter today. 😀

    • says

      I’m glad you could relate to them Marcia!! I figured any mom could! My kids or I said them all… the first list was me and the second list was what the kids said before I responded with mine… 🙂

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    Last night Henry was trying to do his homework at the table when I heard Benjamin crying. I stepped in to see what was going on. Benjamin said, “Bubby hit me!!!” but he couldn’t pinpoint a reason why that might have happened, so I asked Henry, “Did you punch your brother?”
    “Yes,” he said. “Because he punched me first!”

    And, still, Benjamin looks baffled as to the reason he got hit!!

    • says

      Right??!! First and foremost, they need to be a part of our family in keeping up with their responsibilities to helping run our home. PERIOD.

      Use it girl!! 🙂

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    Oh Chris, I so needed this today and I really should write down some of he things my girls say, as well as my responses more, because we definitely have some doozies here! But thank you for making me smile and giggle here today and feel right at home, too 😉

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    my daughter just said that she was sick. then I heard her in the cabinet and a few minutes later she said “don’t worry, I don’t have a fever so I don’t have ebola”.

    • says

      Remind me to tell you about that talk we had in the car… our girl is just so precious!!! God love her spirit. Her innocent beautiful spirit. <3 We have a good one hun. Aren't we blessed!

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    Ha! Too funny. The quotes we gather from ourselves and our children… priceless!

    My favourite… mushy one, because I’m like that is your last one:

    “I am so proud of the person you are becoming. Do you know that?”

    Every child needs to hear those words Chris.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

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    These were great and I love how you connected your kids’ quotes back to yours…I’d add some of my own here, but with two teenage boys in my house, most of mine are (unfortunately) R-rated. 🙂

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    Ha! I love your spin on this!!! Craziest motherhood quote from my weekend – “Stop sticking your hand down your pants! That is rude!!” Daughter: “But mom! There’s corn in my butt!”

    (FYI – we went to a corn maize where they have silos full of corn the kids can play and roll around in.)

  9. says

    I don’t even know what to say, I am still crying laughing. This is to great for words!!!!!
    Kids say the most amazing things, and test us to the moon and back!!!!!

    Having a sense of humor and a glass of Merlot once in a while is great for the motherhood soul!!!!!

    Thanks for making me laugh tonight!!!!

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    My most often used quote, to the dismay of my daughter: “I am the mother and you are the child. We are NOT equal.”

    Yours are funnier, though!

  11. says

    “can you please stop wearing the cat!!”
    yes that was uttered by me, more than once, this past week.

    also, “no, we don’t show our butts in school pictures.”

    I’m so sorry.. it’s just a goat show here some days. 🙂

  12. says

    I was liking matching some of those quotes up.. like the rash ones. Poor kid!
    Today I said, “Sorry I was so grumpy.. I was an a-… Oops. I mean. I was grumpy.”

    Scarlet: “Were you going to say the “a” word?

  13. says

    Love it, Chris! My absolute favorite: “Okay, yes I did punch her in the face.” Oh those true confessions… Kids are hilarious. I can’t imagine my life without mine. And believe me, some of the things that come out of their mouths- wow!

    • says

      It was especially funny and crazy because my son has NEVER punched Cass in the face! It was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” And we have been working with him to take responsibility more and not whine with excuses, so he really stepped up that time! I actually praised him for being honest and forthright… like he should. And then I was all “So… about this punching in the face> UH… NO!!!”

  14. says

    Hi Chris! I love true-life quotes from family life. We can all relate so well to them! Poor kid with the rash though, I feel bad!

    I grew up with seven siblings so there were many memorable quotes from my mom especially. “I guess it’s just not your day”, “Those socks aren’t going to walk to the hamper”…poor woman. We sure kept her going!
    Such a fun post!

  15. says

    Christine _ I love those. Especially give that yesterday I uttered the following: “If you don’t come here right now I’m going to have an aneurism and drop dead. This second!” I hit some high octaves, too!

  16. says

    Mine are “I’m not giving you a shoulder ride until you put pants on. I don’t want your penis on my neck” and “I’m the boss.” I love yours Chris and what a great idea for the Tuesday Ten linkup!!

  17. says

    I don’t have kids in the house, and yet, so much of the conversation was familiar – oh yeah, I get kids and parents in my office! Some universal stuff here -including the smiles!

    • says

      Oh no they don’t Jhanis!! I think each day, it’s like a fun and crazy game of new moments to laugh or cry about. Never-ending mystery of what will be said next! 😉

  18. says

    I swear I just had to tell my two year old, “You’re not in charge of anybody in this house! You’re two!” as he was telling his 5yo brother that he WAS in charge of him over and over.

    • says

      I’m totally picturing this little two year old with barely a clear word telling his older bro- he’s in CHARGE!!! Or maybe it’s CHAWGE! Or maybe it’s CHAWRGE!!

      That is hilarious!

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