Wounds Make Warriors…

Dear readers, I am honored to share that I will be a regular Momtor at the wonderful site Mothering From Scratch.  My first post is out today!!  Please click on the link below and read.  Please support my work and this excellent site by commenting there!

This is really exciting!  Woot.  😉


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  1. Carol Denney says

    Chris – I loved your post. I dont have a facebook account…technical dork… so I was stopped in my tracks. I like and am inspired by the way you’ve handled adversity with Cass and her medical troubles. I especially liked what you said about surrendering. In our darkest moments, perhaps that is the only way to find serenity…through giving it up to God and praying for His help, guidance, and love.

    • says

      OH sis, so kind of you to respond and I love your support more than words can say!! It’s tricky navigating around here…I stumble trying to figure it all out too. We do NOT have the “technical gene”!!! 🙂

    • says

      Thanks Laurie!! I appreciate you coming over to check my blog out, and share some comment love as well… 🙂 Will hop over to the site to see if you shared there too!!

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