The Worst Vlog Ever and Some Sound Parenting Advice

What's In My Car I promised Rabia at The Liebers and Lisa at The Golden Spoons that I would share a vlog about the things that you would find in my car, and I am going to come through on that promise, no matter how messy my madness seems to be in this vlog!  You see, I decided to vlog it because my blogger’s butt has been stuck here in front of the computer all week trying to do this AMAZING social media bootcamp from the world famous Julie DeNeen over at Fabulous Blogging.  Although I find myself staring paralyzed at the screen for hours at a time, I am attempting to expand my reach through all these networks such as Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus… God help me.


So after school, I had my dear daughter’s friend Emily have the honor of filming me going through my car.  It’s TEN MINUTES long ya’ll.  Ten minutes of total mayhem and I ain’t kiddin’ ya.  If you don’t have ten minutes of delicious free time in your day to watch this, surely I understand.  It was about as messy and chaotic as my car…  just warning you.  Here’s a quick summary of what you would find:

1.  Antibacterial wipes/gel.

2.  Carmex.

3.  Stuff.


*A few notes:  I am quite aware of going above and beyond my TEN things in my car, and my purse…  Apparently I don’t play by the rules.  Lord knows, I rarely play by the rules!  And yes, you may have seen MORE antibacterial wipe containers in the very back of my car underneath the sweatshirts, that I seemed to miss.  And more importantly, I did NOT shower or obviously make my appearance a priority for this vlog.  This?  This is how I look every day.   So there ya have it!

Now, if you’re not into THAT… there’s more.

I wrote an article over at Mothering From Scratch about helping our children through their hardships.  Parenting our children through their difficult circumstances, is no easy feat.   I have found that I will most often guide my kids through a simple equation that may prove helpful to you in your motherhood journey.  If you are interested in learning about leading your child through the process, prayer and purpose of whatever their struggle… I encourage you to go here.

How’s that for a two-parter?

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    *grinning* Oh my life! Your car is awesome. And CLEAN! I think the only way I could show my car is if I took everyone on a tour of all the dirt (which I won’t). And yeah this was long but cool.


    1) You should get sponsored by carmex
    2) Your car is the same colour as mine
    3) Yours is bigger though
    4) Still laughing that you showed off your nuts…

    • says

      I had taken it to the car wash about a month ago… I was thinking the SAME THING!!! The floors look fairly clean- that’s why!! You are such a LOVE to watch that darn thing… good LORD what madness!!!

      Good morning sunshine!!!! 😀

      • says

        My car is the auto equivalent of the Peanuts character ‘Pigpen’…it’s seriously SO grubby! I have to make sure I clean it soon, ready for visitors. Can’t BEAR that they might see my car looking so awful!

        Good MORNING 😀 (Or, rather, good NIGHT precious one…don’t wreck yourself by being up too late)

          • says

            June. Top secret, hush-hush not telling *zips lips*

            And maybe someflyingothervisit in Summer. But not at my house that time.

            How soon does Cass graduate? 😉

            Wrecked is worth it? I came home and fell into bed for an hour and a half. Finished my book (it killed me – The Fault in Our Stars – don’t read it. You’re a crier – it’ll do you in) and it was amazing. And then slept…was meant to be for a half hour and then kept setting the alarm forward and too hungry/tired to do anything else. Blech!

            Now I feel like a wreck, too. It’s not worth it.

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    Loved your vlog! 😀 Excellent way to do this Tuesday Ten … especially when short on time (like so many of us are this month). I’m also part of Julie DeNeen’s excellent boot camp. It’s been amazing so far, hasn’t it? Learning SO much! It’s definitely a boot camp, but totally worth it! Doesn’t leave a lot of time for actual blogging (so I think you and I both deserve extra credit in the course for actually getting a post out this week). Don’t you? Great job, Chris! 😀

    • says

      We TOTALLY need a prize or something Marcia!!! But wait- I am absolutely losing major medals in the bootcamp. I haven’t even gotten through the first five assignments! Good Lord… off I go now!

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    I love you! This was awesome! You are a great & very prepared mom. (Unlike me whose entire family spent half the day Saturday freezing because I forgot our jackets and didn’t have a backup!) I love the way your personality comes through in the vlogs you do. 🙂 So glad you linked up!

    • says

      I love you RIGHT back Lisa!!!! Thanks for the ‘inspiration’ to do a vlog yet again!!! It’s so much fun to ‘test these waters’ over here… even though they are a messy madness!!

      Go now- and throw some old sweatshirts in the back of your car. NOW. 😉

    • says

      Oh you are SOOOOOOOOO SWEET Janine!! You are a DEAR to watch it!! I kept looking at my bun falling out and thought, ‘Really? I couldn’t even do my hair better?’ LOL

      ps: I have lots of stuff to share, if we ever would dream of a road trip together!! 😉

  4. says

    Ha! I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who uses their car for storage and junk and could live out of it. My car is such a pit! My husband wonders how I can even stand it.

    • says

      I am lucky, because I took it to those interior/exterior car washed about a month ago (Local coupon!), so it actually looks SO much better than it did! Now, it’s just our ‘usual’ stuff. The kids used to have their own bin in the back seat! Yes- more snacks and drinks and probably more antibacterial wipes too! LOL

    • says

      I honestly have scaled down- YES! I know… a bit sick/neurotic/laughable. 🙂 You’re a LOVE for watching that mess!!!

      I will message you with my address!!! 🙂

    • says

      Believe it or not, I used to have many more snacks available in the back. I had a similar bin for the kids as well as mine!! LOL #OCDMOM

  5. says

    You are hilarious, Chris. Vlogging is all about being yourself and letting your readers see a glimpse of the real you. Love it! Next time, flip the camera horizontally so we can see more!

    • says

      You are SO sweet to encourage me after that mess!! HA! It was definitely the REAL me, THAT’S for sure Jen!!! I don’t know why Emily held the phone that way… once it was downloaded (per Derek of course) I saw that it was that way. BUMMER. 🙁

      A work in progress…. always always always! lol

  6. says

    The second Carter vlog in a week – how awesome! I agree that you could live out of your car if you had to – you’re such a mom:)

    My favorite parts? When you made Emily giggle. A kid laughing is the best sound ever.

    • says

      I loved that too Dana!!! I am all about vlogging apparently! Actually there are two reasons… 1. I have a new phone and I am having so much fun with it! And 2. I seriously don’t have the time to get into my ‘writing mode’. 🙂

      You are a DOLL for watching that marathon vlog! Thanks so much, friend!!

  7. says

    First off, you are just the cutest and this made me love you all the more.

    Secondly, I would love to drive around in your car: nuts, pop, water, and jellybeans! You are one well stocked lady!

    What’s with all the Carmex? I am totally not equipped like you. My car has no essentials and if we were stranded we would be scavenging for berries.

    Loved this.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    • says

      I’ve got a serious Carmex addiction… it’s bad. Really bad. LOL

      I have always had a stocked car- I’m sure it may be somehow traced back to my tumultuous past… but hey- I know I will have what I love anytime I need! I often grab a handful of jelly beans and shove them in my pocket on the way into a store… perfect sugar sweetness while I shop! 😉

      I’ll scavenge for berries with you any day! (Hoping you know the poisonous ones from the others.) 🙂

  8. says

    You are sunshine wrapped in awesomeness. I nodded along at several moments, smiling at your “neuroses” line and appreciating that you also call carbonated beverages “pop.” That’s true class.

    My van is nowhere near as well-stocked, but I am sure that there is (at least) one dried-out, rogue French fry under the driver’s seat that had been dropped and long forgotten.

  9. says

    You Vlogs make me laugh!!!
    If I ever get stranded I’m going to just have to run to the next town because I don’t carry any thing in my car – I’m the opposite of prepared. I like my car to be clean and empty most of the time!

    • says

      HA! I will make sure I pack all my stuff and bring it with me, if ever I catch a ‘ride’ from ya Kim!! You would seriously cringe if you had to get into my car!!

      You’re a LOVE to watch all this nonsense! 🙂 XOXOXO

  10. says

    Pop! My mom calls it pop. In NJ, we called it soda but she used to always correct us.
    I think Scarlet would most love us to keep jellybeans in the car. We don’t! (should we?)
    Love the Beverly Clearly! Need more of your husband! The man married to you must be quite a gem!
    Can you send us that 11-year-old diaper rash cream?

    • says

      POP!!!! YES! LOL

      And my husband drives up, gets out of this car and starts sweeping the broken glass that the trash people left behind all over the street and our driveway… WHILE I’m taping… and then has the kids drag all the trash bins back to the garage WHILE I’m taping… nice.

      I will send you the diaper rash, the changing pad, AND the baby washcloth… but I’m keeping the diaper bag.

      I will also throw in some jelly beans for that precious Scarlet!!! 😀

  11. says

    My sweet Chris! It’s so nice to finally see you “in the flesh” and hear that beautiful northern accent! You are just adorable, and kindness and goodness just flows from you- even when you’re giving the world a tour of your Carmexy and GermExy car! This was so so so fun and I’m so tickled that I finally got to kind of/sort of meet you!!! MWUAHHHH!!!! Loved it!

    • says

      It was MADNESS! Talk about improvisation! Oh my… whew! I thought you would love to see so much antibacterial wipes/gel all over my car, Susannah!! I know how much you love that! lol

      Thanks sweet friend- you are so good to me. I seriously considered NOT publishing this mess, but precious Emily was so excited, I didn’t want to disappoint her- or Rabia and Lisa. Good LORD, I hope I can get the next one right! 😉 (If there IS a next one!)

    • says

      Yeah- I am ashamed and quite embarrassed to have exposed my ‘neuroses’- but hey. I am what I am- Feels good to just ‘show it all’!!! In the end- I am never going to die in my car…

      From starvation, dehydration, germ born illnesses, lack of music and carmex and reading materials. Heck I could even cook a meal of figs and take good care of my skin too.

  12. says

    Oh, I love your vlogs! I have a confession, however…my kids are on Netflix right now and we don’t have enough bandwidth for me to watch your car vlog right now. I’ll be back! 😉

    • says

      Yeah- I’m sure THIS vlog take a HUGE surge of bandwidth!! ACK! You’re so sweet to even THINK about coming back for it. Good luck with that. LOL

      • says

        I’m baaaack, and I finally watched your vlog! My husband has a 1999 CRV, so the inside of your car looked very familiar! He mostly has tools and machine parts in his car though. Emily was an awesome camera woman! 🙂

  13. says

    You look beautiful even when you haven’t showered. Jealous. That’s a GIANT container of peanuts. Flipping the Health magazine made me laugh out loud. Did you ever say why you have a pot in your car? Did I miss that? Wow, you are the most prepared person EVER! Fun!

    • says

      In the beginning, I shared that the pot and skin care stuff were my friends. I was ‘supposed’ to give them to her at church on Sunday… and there they sit. LOL
      You’re a LOVE to watch this whole stinkin’ mess!!! Good grief I’ve got ISSUES!!! 😉

  14. says

    My Goodness Gracious, you are Prepared! Like a Boy Scout! I cannot boast similar treasures though I do follow the policy of putting things I need to deliver in my car. It’s part of the way there! The line about giving your friend some old face cream you found in your flooded basement is hilarious.

    • says

      I’m telling ya- it’s my neuroses! You should see what’s in my pantry, or my closet or well everywhere!! I am a bit of a hoarder/over achieving wealth of stockpile! 😉

      I texted my friend about that face wash, and she was all “YEAH! I’ll take it!” LOL

  15. says

    Oh God, how I miss you, Chrissy! This is so adorable!!!! But ‘they’ should see you drive it, never missing a class, a game, a swim, etc. I just care that you are SAFE, not clean. . .so God BLESS this vehicle, the driver and dare-devil-riders!

    • says

      OH MOM!!!! You really liked it?? AW…. you are so sweet!! I promise I will drive safely!!! (Unless I’m in a hurry, or in a ‘mood’)

      I miss you- I will call you SOOOOOOOOON.

  16. says

    Love it! I don’t feel so bad now….I have so much stuff in my car, too. It’s a must when you spend so much time in it, right? It’s so much fun watching your vlogs 🙂

    • says

      I swear I should send a trophy or an award of some kind to all who actually watched this vlog!!! LOL

      I consider my car my second home… and perhaps, I could live out of it for some time!!

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