My Window, My View

How do you view the world?  How do you see others?  I believe we all have our own unique windows…  and the frame is formed through each experience and encounter we have with one another.  Some are battered and broken, some sealed with strength and might, other’s have transformed through time and wisdom and healing, while more are still being taken apart and mended back together once again to change their view. 

My window?

It hasn’t changed. 

Yes, it has been broken and battered, shaken and cracked, tainted and shadowed through life’s unending punches and healing light.  But the frame that holds this precious glass from which I see, has remained in tact.  For that I am grateful.  For that I am whole. 

Come take a look into my window…

I share my view over at my friend Jennifer’s Place, “Dancing In The Rain” where she hosts a series inviting writer’s to share their perspective- their voice.  I did just that.  I would love your thoughts on YOUR view…  come meet me there!

My Window, My View


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      It does! And yet? The core of who we are, simply grows… transforms into something bigger. With age comes wisdom and a bigger ‘view’ I suppose. 🙂

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