What Is God’s Dream For You?


What is God's Dream for You

When God weaved together your deliberate design, what did He dream for you?  When He created every particle and piece of who you are in your mother’s womb, what was His Vision for your life?  He had a dream…  Oh my friends, He had a dream.

I am thinking about that a lot these days.  When I am in my quiet moments of prayer, I ask.

“Lord, what is your dream for me?”

I picture His Perfect Power and detailed miraculous work in forming each one of us, carefully adding this trait and that- this gift for you, and that gift for me.  I wonder how He chose so meticulously, threading each tiny fiber of our being to birth a new creation in His image.  I wonder if the Heavenly Hosts sang while He did His work.  I long to know the mysteries of His Divinity- His Perfectly painted picture of where each one of us fits in His Masterpiece.  I constantly question just how He decided each conception and the magnificent purpose behind His Delivery.

Beyond our world, there is a battle raging on for us.  As we plunge into this war from the moment of birth…  I believe God’s dream gets hit hard with the attacks from the enemy’s fire.









To name a few.

And I wonder how many times He cried out in rage for all the wounds inflicted on us, and all the war torn landscape He’s watched us navigate and attempt to survive.  I wonder if His Dream for us faded at each fight, and His Divine Power retreated in our plight.  Do you think He would give up His dream?

I don’t.

I want to discover His original dreams for my life.  I want Him to reveal His Heavenly Hope for all he dreamed me to be.  And although the war rages on, I will march forward armed with His Plan and His Power- into the gunfire that ensues against His Will.

In time, perhaps His dream for me will rise up from this rubble of life and straight into His Divine Purpose.

His dream for you too…

Could we dare to dream His Dream?

If He Dreamed it, then surely our Creator believes that we are worthy and able and perfectly designed to live it.  If He already set our paths before us, then His Dreams for us are still in place.

God is waiting anxiously for us to live out His Dream.  It’s personal, people.  He knows our potential, and His formation of you is entirely unique to the dream He dreamed for you.  Isn’t that the most profound and incredible revelation?

It’s personal.

I envision in my little limited mind…


The heavens weeping when we fall, shifting the universe just so, in order for us to survive.

Angels rejoicing when we pull ourselves back up, rendering a revelation that propels us toward God’s Dream.

God’s spirit moving people in perfect place and time- lifting us up, carrying us on, and propelling us forward toward His Purpose. 


We are such intricate creations, designed specifically to go forth and live out His Dream.

Nothing in this world is more important to Him. Nothing can thwart His plan.



No pain is too great.

No failure is too big.

No hopelessness too weak.


His Dream lives on through it all.


So I continue to pray with a profound realization that my Lord has a dream.

For me.

For you.

The best prayer each one of us can offer is:

“Lord, what is Your Dream for me?”

Oh sweet friends, can you even imagine God’s Dream for you?

I wonder if you can.


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      Yeah- it’s really profound! But worth some looking into, eh? I don’t know, but if I were to guess- I would think you are right on TRACK with God’s Dream for you, Jen. I believe it’s even bigger and better- so I am excited to watch you take off!!!

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    I think God has a dream for each of us, beyond our imagination. But it’s our job to listen and to trust, which is harder than anything else sometimes, because we humans often choose to play it small and play it safe. I don’t think God intended for any of us to play it small and play it safe. Don’t you agree?

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      YES!!! YES!!! I don’t think we even realize how BIG and MAGNIFICENT His Dreams are for us… and we surely bind ourselves in a limited safe/comfortable world. And in our stagnant place, His Dream is never realized.

      SO perfectly put, my friend. SO very true.

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    Chris, you always give me such hope and promise when I read your posts and this one definitely did that and then some. Thank you my friend and sending big hugs this Sunday morning to you now!! 🙂

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    SSSF!!! My dear sweet friend, I sit here in tears, wondering the best way to respond. I know who & what exactly you are talking about, I hear you. I agree that it’s probably time… I am SOBBING.

    This was so hard & a post I needed to read. THank you my soul sister! XO. ~A~

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    I have been thinking a lot lately too and though I couldn’t put it into words like you have, this is much of what I have been thinking about. Thank you for this post. I loved it and it got me thinking even more!

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      I love that God has put this very idea on your heart, and then you came by here to read THIS! Oh, He is such a personal and loving God! I am so glad you stopped by!!

      Praying God continues to minister to your heart as you realize His Dream for YOU. XOXO

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    Jesus told us his dream…heaven here on earth. I feel like God’s dream is for us to be reunited with him and that is so incredible we have no idea. Until that time it’s up to us to realize our own potential, to live the life Christ modeled for us. We are all given our own unique gifts and it’s our job to use those gifts. Some people may be incredible speakers, some incredible writers, incredible mothers, incredible listeners. Heck, even incredible burger flippers. As long as we use our gifts with love and a vision for a better world.
    Whew, that was deep. I’m tired.

    • says

      God’s ULTIMATE Dream is His Kingdom… and as He gifts us with His Power, we go forward on our path using all He has bestowed on us for His Purpose.

      Even flipping burgers has a place in His Plan! 🙂

      Deep, oh yeah baby- it’s DEEP!! lol

  6. says

    *****And although the war rages on, I will march forward armed with His Plan and His Power- into the gunfire that ensues against His Will. I may be battered and bruised and limping and wounded… but perhaps, maybe-

    His dream for me rises up from this rubble and straight into His Divine Purpose.******

    I am broken. I am limping. I am battered. But I am not destroyed!!!!

    This is my prayer today. Thank you for your powerful words, which I believe are orchestrated by God.


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      Oh my heart… Yes, my friend. You are NOT destroyed!!! And His Divine Purpose has taken flight from the rubble and victory is YOURS.

      I am SO blessed by you- quoting my words… having them penetrate your heart. God speaks to you- and pours His Grace and Love on you because you are precious in His Eyes.

    • says

      You see, as we change and grow- I believe we realize more of His Dream. I honestly believe that God has already written your book… and as you turn the pages to the next chapter- you are awakened to more of your novel. It’s quite exciting, isn’t it? 🙂

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    I wish I knew the answer to this question! I admit that I get so caught up in the minutia that I often find myself wondering “what is my purpose. Surely, it’s not just laundry and lunch boxes and this day-today repetition.” Deep down, I know there is a plan for me, but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder my sweet friend! You are a blessing~

    • says

      It’s so so hard to stretch beyond our mothering duties as we can be so consumed by them! And yet, perhaps there are seasons in which He Planned for us with His Perfect intention, that maybe- you are living His Dream for you right now. Amidst the laundry and lunchboxes, your calling is just that. In this moment, each step and building block brings us to greater awareness of His Plan.

      I know for years I drowned in parenthood, and now that brings on His Purpose today- in my new season… as His Dream continues to unfold for me. It will do the same for you, my friend!

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    I wonder too! It’s so funny my life these days. I rarely get to blog or read yet every time I hop to your site your latest post always speaks to me and is something I need to read. Sometimes days go by and I realized I’ve been inside for days cleaning and feeding and nothing else and I wonder what is my life to be or as you say what is His dream for me. I think this is it…parenthood. I’m good at it, I love it, it’s what makes me happy and proud. Through all the rough roads the singer linking is knowing to trust Him. He knows what he’s doing. Thanks Chris!

    • says

      Trust is key, and He surely knows what He is doing!! Your calling is GREAT and MIGHTY and your work is PLENTY. I couldn’t think of more honorable dream than being a mom. You are in the trenches of it now, and all you do to care for your children- is honorable and beautiful. God gave them to you for a reason… You were chosen for them. 🙂

      I love that God uses my posts to minister to your heart, Kerry!! He’s good like that… 😉

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    Isn’t it humbling to think that God has a dream for us? And so often we limit that dream by our finite, selfish, narrow interests. God, broaden our hearts and our minds to encompass the greatness You want to pour into our lives, and give us the courage and the faith and determination to live out that dream!

  10. says

    God is waiting anxiously for us to live out His Dream. It’s personal, people.

    True and very true! Beautiful, my dear friend! Spread the Word, through your words ……

  11. says

    Sometimes I feel completely content and at peace and think I must be living out God’s dream for me. And then other days I feel like I haven’t even begun to tap into that dream that I know He has for me. Not sure if it is just my inner critic that causes me to question or if maybe I really haven’t found the right path yet.

    • says

      Oh gosh Kim… I know exactly how you feel. I can question as I go, too. BUT- I do believe that if you truly offer God the ‘lead’- He will make sure your course is perfect. And I have found that even when I wind around and feel like I may make some wrong turns- He will steer me back, or even transform the path I find myself on, to work according to His Plan and purpose and dream for me anyhow. I love how He does that! And I find peace in knowing He CAN do exactly that. I hope you do too, my sweet friend. 🙂

  12. Tammy says

    I don’t know his every dream for me but I know He made me to dream big. It’s the Lord’s desire for us to dream big. So I’m dreaming!

  13. says

    Is it considered cheating in comments if I copy/paste everything Ilene said? Every. Word. Exactly what I was thinking when I finished your post. I *believe* we all have a purpose, and also that our souls are here to learn lessons.

    GORGEOUS post, as always, sweet friend. xoxo

    • says

      Well I am sure Ilene wouldn’t mind at all!!! 😉 She’s cool like that, Beth. It was a pretty brilliant response!

      Thanks for the love, and encouragement, dear! SO grateful.n MWUAH!

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    I, too, wonder what my purpose is, and whether I am listening hard enough. I do believe that part of mine is to educate people on children like my son, and to be the best mom to him that I’m able to. But I also believe there’s more, and I’m not always sure what it is.
    Your words, and spirit, as always, are beautiful and inspiring, Chris.

    • says

      It’s hard to define it, isn’t it? I know you are God’s perfect choice for your baby… and I also know God’s Dream for you will unfold as it should. XO

  15. says

    I always get so much out of your posts. So many things have gone wrong lately that I wonder if I have taken a misstep somewhere or if it’s just luck of the draw. But I do believe God has a plan…at some point it will reveal itself.

    • says

      Oh Michelle! I have SO been there, my friend. I like to think that even if we did take a ‘misstep’ somewhere along the way, God has the ability to use it toward His Plan anyway. If He is before us, behind us and with us- then the magnitude of Who He is, is beyond anything we can actually fathom, ya know?

      He’s got this, Michelle. Oh sweet friend- He does. Just keep fueling and nourishing your heart for the road, and He will keep your path straight in His Will. I believe that’s His Promise!!! XOXOXO

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