To All The Fathers Who…

To all the fathers who…

  Stepped up, plugged in, held on, forged ahead, committed to, learned how, embraced all, encountered much, battled through, held tight, loved soft, never quit, backed off, let loose, braved courage, faced fears, prayed for, tightened up, loosened reigns, remembered when, helped often, inspired much, led forward, stayed true, taught morals, found strength, said yes, valued life, reasoned well, gave in, made time, had fun, helped out, played fair, took care, provided plenty, let go, stood up, swallowed pride, changed paths, took risks, dug deep, went easy, pushed forward, fought for, carried burdens, kept going, dreamed big, never quit, shed tears, forgave often, found patience, shined light, suffered pain, made dates, had faith, showed respect, wrote notes, held hands, stayed safe, laughed loud, lost sleep, slowed down, tackled chores, tried hard, let win, chose right, opened up, gave grace, got involved, gave your all…

I commend you.

*For the true integrity of a man is measured by such things*


I dedicate this post to my beloved husband, the father of my children. He inspired these words.

Father's Day


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      There are so many amazing men who show true integrity in this area!! Sadly, there are many who don’t as well. I am blessed that I have a husband who can truly “step up”. If fathers get it ‘right’- then they get the privilege of having a remarkably abundant life with their child/children.

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      Exactly Ilene! Actions will always speak louder than even the most elaborate words… and this is coming from us two- who find passion in words! 😉

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      Thank you Laurie. I kept coming up with more through out the day, as I just kept thinking of the last ten years and how much ‘integrity’ he truly shows in being such an amazing father. I know so many who fall short in many ways… as I kept adding to the list, I realized how truly blessed I am. If we women can really focus on the things our guys actually do, we see how remarkably they father our kids.

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      Thanks so much Tricia!! There are many men who truly live out this kind of integrity. Sadly, there are many more who don’t.

      I am blessed that I found that kind of man for my kiddos. 🙂

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      Oh that’s AWESOME Stephanie!!! SO glad you have a man of integrity too! That cracks me up and lifts me up at the very same time. Thanks so much, hun!!! 🙂

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    We men fall short of so many of these at one time or another. It helps to have a strong man we call dad to serve as our model, and to have the courage every night to tell ourselves, “tomorrow, I’ll try again.”

    Beautifully said, CC.

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      Where you fall short… you always end up standing tall. Although you guys may drop a ball here and there… you always know how to end the game with a win. 😉 And our children always know, no matter what- they can count on you to score the winning goal after all.

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          I get that. I really do. Did I mention that “humility” is one of the best indicators of integrity? Oh yes. Yes it is… And you got it, BC. 😉

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      Yeah… I kept adding as the day went on and I was thinking about all of the things our men do as fathers of our children. We are SO blessed. 🙂

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    I’m so late! This is such a wonderful tribute Chris. I don’t think you missed a thing. Hope your hubs had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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      Thanks so much Hope!!! I am really blessed to have such a wonderful father for my children. I think I could have added about a hundred more things…

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