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When JenJenhouse contacted me to write a sponsored post about their site, I clicked on their link and thought, “Oh yes!  It’s time to dream again!”  A while back I talked about and how I absolutely loved everything about their site.  JenJenHouse seems to be another site that holds the bar just as high, when it comes to quality dresses and formal wear.  Are you ready to dream?  Lets do this together, shall we?  And who knows…  there are many formal events we must be “prepared for” in our lives, so this may be the time to purchase that perfect dress!  This site has gorgeous wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even sweet 16 dresses!  Of course you can’t just buy a dress without the shoes and accessories and perhaps some lingerie to really complete the look!  If you know of anyone planning a wedding, this site has even more to offer with various wedding favors and additional items needed to go along with the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, and family formal wear too.  I am impressed with so many options!  The site is easy to navigate, which is also a HUGE plus for me.

Okay- now for my favorite part…Time to window shop… tell me what YOU think:

When I shop, I immediately go to the sales rack first.  So that’s where I started over at JenJenHouse!  A little side note:  Do you know I bought my wedding dress on clearance for 99 bucks?  I went straight to the clearance rack of this lovely boutique and it was the first one I tried on.  I DID make myself try on many other gowns, but I was all about the traditional look and unbelievable price that sealed the deal for the first (cheap) dress I found.  I also spent 150 bucks to store it.  Go figure.


Are you in need of a cute but sexy little black dress?  Apparently we all need to have one of these in our closets for the unexpected event that we go on a nice date with our hubs, or an actual cocktail party!  Dream purchase #1:  (97.49!)

Isn’t it just perfect?  Simple yet classy.  Love that.

Now I just had to share this one, only because I want my daughter to wear it, when she’s older!!  Could you picture your girl wearing it to the next school dance?  Oh it’s just precious and gorgeous all at once! (124.49)

I immediately fell in love with this one-Especially during this season of romance and love… I dream that someday my beloved husband and I will say our vows on the beach, like he had wanted originally…  maybe our 20th?  When it does happen, I want so badly to wear this: (134.49!!)

Look at the BACK OF THIS BABY!!  (It’s all I can do to not buy it this minute!)

And by then… my feet will be working again and I will wear these adorable shoes with it!!  ( 38.99!)

Oh wait!  I will be on the BEACH!!  Scratch that… I will wear THESE SHOES!! (15.99!!!)

I am so incredibly impressed with the SALE dresses,  I don’t see a need to peruse the regular priced ones!  But just for kicks… lets REALLY dream, seeing as what I have shared so far is COMPLETELY affordable.  (love that)

Well, the first thing I saw that I immediately loved was this simple yet BEAUTIFUL dress.  (What?  STILL a STEAL! 89.99)

I just like simple dresses and the simple yet elegant look so very much!  Lets go long with this one:  (148.99)

Simple and classic style.  I love that.  And you can choose any color for these dresses!  One thing I absolutely love about this site is that they will personally custom tailor your dress for the exact fit!  I feel comfortable knowing that the dress I do end up buying can fit me perfectly.

I might as well go out with a BANG with this one!  Perhaps my dream wedding dress after all! (246.99)

Breathtaking. has such an incredible variety of dresses to choose from and several beautiful accessories and shoes as well.  I have to share just ONE more picture!  (I swear I could shop for hours on this site!)  Look at this necklace… wouldn’t it look lovely with my gorgeous dream wedding dress?  (14.99!)

Okay- I will stop.  If you want to dream or shop for affordable dresses,  is truly one to try.

HAD TO!!  Hey, there was no way I could leave that dream dress and necklace waiting for shoes!  Look at these pups!! (79.99!) Surely dream worthy!  Ah… now my fantasy wedding is complete.  I can wear these on the beach, right?  (In MY dream, I can!)

Take some time to escape the long brutal winter and pick out more beautiful dresses over at  My mini vacation was absolutely wonderful!  Thanks JenJenHouse!

*Off to send some of these images to Derek… wink wink!

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    My daughter hates shopping – I will send her here next time she needs a dress – what a huge selection! It was fun window shopping with you, Chris.

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    Love so many of these and so going to have to look better into this, because I have three weddings I am invited to this year alone. So, thank you for sharing these with us today!! 🙂

    • says

      Oh Janine!! This is truly the SITE for you!! One stop shop girl!! Go find yourself some beautiful dresses- you will look gorgeous in any of them!! 🙂

    • says

      Okay- first of all, if you came with us to renew our vows, I would probably never EVER see Derek, because I would be off gallivanting with YOU!!! We would be INSEPARABLE!!!! That would totally defeat the purpose. So, lets just go find a beach (hint hint) and do our THANG and buy a dress to celebrate our time together!!! We can buy the SAME ones!!! HA! Oh wait- your gorgeous bod would look better, so there’s that.

      I’ll just wear my ‘mansweater’ and call it a day. (Yeah- you totally already dropped the ball on THAT!!! LOL)

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    Wow – I wish I had known about this site sooner. We have adult prom (a military formal) coming up but I don’t think there is time to get a dress since they all (the ones I liked!) say they are tailor made. Next time for sure!!!

    • says

      Oh BUMMER!! I would hope they could expedite it for you??!! Perhaps? Worth a shot! I mean the prices are SO GOOD! And good golly Kim, you would ROCK any of those dresses with YOUR bod!!!! 😉

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    Okay…I LOVE that second dress. It would be *perfect* for a teen to wear–beautiful yet sweet! <3
    I also love that chic short white dress. I can't believe these prices! They are FANTASTIC!! Can't wait to visit the site and really look around…and they have accessories which are my favorite things to buy in the world! I'm in!! –Lisa

    • says

      I am SO glad you love that precious sweet sixteen dress TOO!!!! And isn’t that short white dress just so so GORGEOUS?? The prices are truly amazing… I am SO going to get me one of these!! I hope you go CRAZY over there Lisa!!! YOU deserve it! (Tell Robert it’s your V day present!!!) 😉

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    The red dress! I want it. It’s me. And I love the one with the nice back that you mentioned! I’d much rather see it on you! This girl’s arms..seem photoshopped.
    However, maybe not! Don’t listen to me! I love dresses.

    • says

      Oh I do kinda hope they ARE photoshopped… then I wouldn’t feel so bad about picturing MY arms in that dress!!! 😉

      You would look AMAZING in that red dress!!! Oh Tamara- seriously – you would be STUNNING!!!

    • says

      HAHAHAHA!!! First of all, that dress would look GORGEOUS ON YOU!!!!! And secondly- the company told me that they loved you SO much that they wanted to name it after you- TWICE!!! You’re a SUPERSTAR!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Those are some really lovely pieces…and the prices are right on too. My hubs and I want to renew our vows on the beach…that dress is so elegant. You would totally rock that dress for your vow renewal.

    Gotta check out JenJenHouse. Thanks for sharing.

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    Window shopping online has taken the #1 spot of distractions when I need to get things done. It’s an escape and I have to admit that in my dreams, I wear the short white dress in Hawaii, on a beach where Leo and I renew our vows. 🙂

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      OHMYGOSH you would look SO GORGEOUS in that dress, AnnMarie!!! We should have a beach wedding- together!!! DOUBLE wedding…. oh wait, then we would never spend time with our husbands though. Nevermind. 😉

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    All the dresses are so pretty, but the shoes had me. I LOVE shoes, though I would never wear those, because…well, I’m old and not as light on my feet as I once was. You’re going to renew your vows on the beach?!!! Cool!

    • says

      Today is our anniversary!! And no- I hardly saw the man, and I am too tired to hardly tell him I love him… but hoping on our 20th we will finally celebrate how we should!!

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