The Best Marriage Resources for Newlyweds and Seasoned Spouses.

Oh friends, do I have something incredibly special to share with you today! If you have been living in matrimony for years or freshly celebrating your recent vows, these marriage resources are invaluable to the health of you and your spouse. 


 I have had the honor and privilege of receiving “Marriage Rebranded” by Tyler Ward with hopes to share it’s invaluable wisdom and truths in which he unequivocally proves his powerful message of “Modern Misconceptions and the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person.” After you learn more about this incredible book, you will surely want to look into it more, and get to know Tyler Ward’s purpose and mission.  You can go HERE to do so.

I know far too many married couples that are struggling, straining, suffocating in their union, and this book speaks to the reasons why so many marriages have been broken and torn through the countless misleading perspectives on what marriage is ‘supposed to be’.

For anyone who has been married for one year or thirty years, you know full well that this significant piece of your life is a critical component to your happiness, your health, and your hope. I don’t believe there is anything more important in your life and mine, for which to invest. I absolutely love that Tyler saw this need early on in his marriage, when he realized through his own harsh tests and trials of navigating a life with his wife, that something was incredibly wrong with their misguided journey together.

“I had brought suitcases of misconceptions to the altar. And as these misconceptions were tested in the face of a very real relationship, we slowly but surely waved goodbye to our best friend slumber party and Norman Rockwell picturesque life.”

I am guessing there are many heads nodding right now to this honest revelation.

“Marriage can at times feel more like exactly what it is: the very unnatural, and sometimes unhappy, reality of two unique people-with all of their beauty and dysfunction-attempting to love each other and navigate life together.”

Ah, yes. Keep nodding…

But it gets better. For Tyler continues to share truths and wisdom that far exceed those misconceptions and broken pieces that have strangled the very life out of marriages. He shares powerful insight into what defines marriage based on the original intent of this God Given Gift worth fighting for.

“Marriage, even though it will introduce us to some of life’s most arduous moments, has brilliant intentions in mind. It’s unapologetically interested in chipping away at our dysfunctional thoughts, patterns, and postures in life and inviting us-our spouses-to become the best version of ourselves.”

Ah…. Indeed!

As I read through the pages and pages of his poignant words, frantically highlighting and nodding along the way- I realized every single bit of this has played out in my own marriage.

Over 13 years ago, we began our daily transformation of chiseling away at the somewhat naïve and often selfish conception that our marital journey would be filled with a natural unfolding friendship and romance despite some bumps and bruises we so maturely assumed would occur. It didn’t take long for us to dive much deeper into the raw and gritty growth of living this life together, shaping and molding us into givers and seekers of sacrificial love. There will always be those pivotal moments that offer us an opportunity to “chip away at our dysfunctional thoughts, patterns, and postures in life…”.  Who knew our love had the potential to be the most potent, and hard-earned fulfilling love in this world?

I for one am a better version of myself because of it. And I grow more and more in love with my husband every day, because I see him too- becoming the best version of him.

Stripping away the dead skin of history, and carving out the treasures within your spouse is and always will be our greatest fulfillment in marriage. I thank God every day, that during those tumultuous times of discovering how to give, understand, communicate, cultivate, and commune together- neither of us ever gave up. There were times we both thought the undertaking was too grueling and down right terrifying, but through prayer and petitions grasping our sacred vows- we held on.

Oh, yes my friends. Marriage is surely worth fighting for!

We figured out and realized that in order to nourish our marriage, we needed to feed each other.

I love what Tyler shares about the true definition and meaning of the Hebrew word for love.

“’Ahava’ is actually a verb that means ‘I give’… To love another means to give.”

Ah. Yes.

He goes on to share what that looks like in a marriage. I am betting that if you are married, you have a list of your own. And what’s so beautiful about living out this ‘unnatural art of loving another person’ is that in our giving… comes more fulfillment than anything we would get otherwise.

Have you experienced this?

As I continue to refine this un-selfish way of giving in my marriage, I reap the most amazing rewards each and every time I take a deep breath and stretch beyond myself. Giving is love. Love is giving. I am living that beautiful truth with my husband every darn day we both continue to sacrifice our own needs for the sake of the other. The deepest irony unfolds when this happens… we discover our needs are not only met but we are drenched in the blessings of each others love.

Every. Single. Time.

We extend ourselves…beyond what we want- and reach for the other. I have yet to find anything more gratifying. Truly.

I have only begun to share the wealth of knowledge and insight Tyler reveals in his book. The richness of his words will carry you through endless research, interviews with marriage experts/authors and his chilling experiments in practicing the ‘Unnatural art of loving’ his precious wife, Analee.

Marriage Hacks Ebook In celebration of launching his book, “Marriage Rebranded”, Tyler has also published a free ebook titled “Marriage Hacks” which holds invaluable advice for married couples. These well-known contributors share twenty-five profound perspectives that make love last. I am deeply honored to have a small part in this compilation, and join in the mission to bring much needed new light to love. This ebook is a must read, well worth your time to take in the sweet well of fresh water for your thirsty marriage. I for one am always in search of growing the one love in my life to greater heights and deeper depths for the sole purpose of God’s Divine intention in marriage. I think Tyler says it best in “Marriage Rebranded”…



“In short, as we learn to love and therefore give to our spouse, we not only become the best version of ourselves-we offer our spouse the chance to become the best version of him or herself as well.”


Oh friends… I am only beginning to share the intricate and passionate pieces of this vital message Tyler ignites through his book. There is just too much good stuff to not share here in this place of encouragement. I hope and pray you will take in all the goodness it has to offer to you and your marriage.

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    I love that we’re using words like “unnatural” and “gritty” when it comes to marriage, because YES, at times it SO feels that way, but boy, when it comes down to it, it’s such a gift. Love my guy, even though at times I could drop-kick him from here to the curb. 🙂 Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

    • says

      You will absolutely love this book Michelle!! It’s one of those wells of wisdom that you will probably refer to over and over again…

      *drop kick him from here to the curb* BWAHAHA!! Yup.

  2. says

    Chris, you are so right about marriage and it definitely takes work and commitment to keep afloat with each other day in and day out for years. I can tell you that I do truly love Kevin, but do we have our moments? Yes, indeed we do and I find that the harder we fight for each other and with each other, the stronger we become. Love what this book sounds like it has to offer and need to check it out further now. Thanks so much for sharing!!! 🙂

    • says

      Oh Janine! I love how you described your marriage!! I am constantly convicted of practicing DAILY the act of love as a verb… and the pay off is better than any selfish endeavor. You would eat this book UP- both of them are amazing. The ebook “Marriage Hacks is short and sweet- The Paperback, “Marriage Rebranded” is an easy and relatable read- and yet the information and message is deep and worthy of true diligence in taking in and applying it to our own marriages.

      Every marriage would grow from reading both resources. I have so many quotes highlighted from both, oh how I love to learn and add even more richness to the most important relationship we have here on earth!!

    • says

      It sure sounds like a song!! lol

      It’s so in our nature to make life and love all about ‘me’- that self centered philosophy has killed so many marriages! I love that your pasor just preached about this very thing! Joey, you would LOVE this book. Share it with any couple that is struggling or just simply wanting to grow!

      Thanks friend! XO

  3. says

    Marriage is work!! My husband and I are currently leading our Sunday school in a marriage study called Love and Respect. It’s great! I agree with Michelle. Marriage is a gift but sometimes we have to work through the “gritty.” When we get on the other side of the gritty, our marriage grows. Can’t wait to check out this book. Thanks for sharing it!

    • says

      Stephanie- you will DEVOUR this book!!! I love that you are leading a marriage study!! I think this would be a perfect additional component to any marriage group. Both are excellent resources- but “Marriage Rebranded” has such a wealth of good stuff, it worth the time and investment to study it and share it with as many married folks as possible.

      Too many marriages are dying… and this book addresses exactly why.

  4. says

    I especially loved this line “I for one am a better version of myself because of it. And I grow more and more in love with my husband every day, because I see him too- becoming the best version of him.” So true! Marriage truly is work…and a forever work in progress. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thanks so much Andrea! This book is just so inspiring and convicting- it is full of such great advice, I think any married couple would be blessed by reading it! I like that line too, my friend. It’s a wonderful revelation to realize God has grown us both so much in our journey together!!

  5. says

    This sounds like a great book. What a great reminder about giving. In giving we receive…that is so true in marriage. It’s hard to be in a relationship and give of ourselves when, actually, we want to be selfish. But once we get past our own needs and desires and focus on our mates needs then we find ours are met (in most cases…I’m assuming tho book is written for couples in healthy, loving relationships. Relationships full of abuse are a different story.)

    • says

      They BOTH are amazing books, Stephanie!! I wouldn’t share them if they weren’t… And Tyler’s “Marriage Rebranded” is AMAZING!!! Girl, ya gotta get it. And share it with as many couples/spouses as you can… there is a wealth of good stuff in it to grow any marriage.

      *And I thought the SAME thing about abusive relationships! Absolutely get your point. There are many that do not apply to this message- and I do wish Tyler addressed that in his book. I haven’t finished the book yet, so possibly he did! Thank you for pointing that critical piece out, Stephanie!!!

    • says

      Both of these books are amazing Kaylene!! I am so grateful I have been blessed to share them with you and all my readers. I can’t tell you how powerful the impact will be on anyone who invests in BOTH of these resources. Please share- and lets transform marriages! Ah, such a need!

  6. says

    We have been living in a really rough patch for a couple of years now. The stress of small children, compiled with both of us trying so hard to get what we want out of this life, that is not always compatible with the wants and needs of each other. Thanks for this post. I downloaded the eBook, and will likely check out this book too!

    • says

      Do you know that I honestly thought of YOU when I was reading this book and writing about it? Oh Alexa- I am so glad you downloaded the ebook, and I can’t think of a better resource for you to dive into, than “Marriage Rebranded”. I promise it will truly make a difference for you in your marriage!! Lots of good “guy stuff” too- if hubs is interested!

      Absolutely worth your time, hun. You’ll see…

      I LOVE that you caught this post… no accident. Always on ‘purpose’! XOXO

  7. says

    Wow! A free ebook too! Thank you.
    We have been in and out of rough patches, which I now know is normal, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed.
    I think we started in a rough patch – a nervous time. And then Scarlet came years before we expected that chapter to start. So sometimes it’s like we go backwards to go forwards.

    • says

      It’s amazing the beauty of love that comes from investing in each other- through the rough patches, especially. Your love for each other is so evident, and that is the base from which to learn and grow and GIVE more and more and more…

      Tamara- I think you would absolutely love both books. And Cassidy- would SO relate to much of what Tyler talks about in his book “Marriage Rebranded”- he shares so many things guys go through trying to love their wives… both of you would seriously get SO much out of this book!

      Well worth your time- your marriage- your joy and your love for each other… promise!!! XOXO

  8. says

    Congrats on being included in the e-book, Chris – just downloaded it! Suitcases of misconceptions brought to the altar – so true for so many couples. Marriage is a constantly evolving relationship, and if it isn’t treated that way it won’t survive.

    • says

      Dana- there is just so much good stuff in this ebook book, and “Marriage Rebranded”. Although both are based on Christian principles- they are absolutely the same values you embrace in your marriage too. Tyler writes in such a way, that ANY MARRIED person, can read through the book and reap the benefits and grow immensely from his lessons learned, and insights drawn from all the research and interviews with known leaders in this field.

      You will love it. And if you know of others who may need help with their marriage, or fresh newlyweds- Tyler’s book is the perfect gift. It may very well save their marriage- young or old.

      I love you for downloading the ebook, my friend. XOXO

    • says

      Thank you so much Michelle! It’s amazing how it happens really… years and years of growth and investment- and you catch yourself gazing at your spouse in awe of the man/woman he/she has become. I thank GOD we have been blessed with the ongoing journey revealing that true love is the most sanctifying and edifying gift we have.

  9. says

    “The raw and gritty growth of living this life together…” What a perfect way to describe it. There really are so many misconceptions about what marriage will/should be like, and most people go to that altar with no idea how much WORK it’s going to require. But when you truly prioritize that relationship—when you nurture it and struggle with it and talk about it —the results are amazing.

    • says

      Katie- you would seriously love this book. It’s such a great read, full of ‘raw and gritty growth’ that Tyler reveals and transforms into meaning and purpose for our marriage journey… There is just so much good information and insight- it’s going to be one of my best marriage resources on my book shelf. Hoping too, that we can use it for a marriage small group. It would be PERFECT for something like that…

  10. says

    It’s weird, but sometimes I think, having grown up in a broken home and not really knowing what a happy, healthy marriage looked like — being raised by a single mom; I didn’t really bring an preconceived notions to my marriage. Maybe it was a blessing in the end — I only knew what NOT to do. And I was open with my hubby about that — that I might fumble in the role of wife because…. what IS that?
    But I did know one thing: What you Feed – Will Grow – and I am always mindful of that in my marriage. As a mother. everything.

    • says

      Oh Leslie- I hear ya. I always say that Derek is my miracle, because he taught me how to love. I never knew what ‘healthy’ love was… I never experienced it. Only brokenness, dysfunction, and pain came from love in my world.

      I know exactly what you mean.

      Thank God, we have spouses that we can launch a foundation of true love that is nourishing and fulfilling and exactly how God intended it to be!

    • says

      Michelle- it’s really an incredible read- worthy of your time. BOTH books are in fact great resources to pull from- and learn even better ways to love your spouse. I HIGHLY recommend them. 🙂

    • says

      April, you will get SO much out of both of these books! They truly speak to so many issues that naturally unfold in a marriage. I was deeply impacted by them both! You will be too…

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