Thanksgiving Every Day

Another day of plenty, I ponder this time.

At the top of the mountain

I forget the climb.

So many buried in rubble below.

Or struggling halfway

Or stuck to and fro.


The Lord, my Redeemer

Shines Light on my goods.

And in that fine moment

I realize I should.


Count every last blessing

Of all we possess.

And pray for and give to

Those burdened with less.





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Walk with me through my morning, as yours may be the same. 

And let us realize the abundance on the top of the hill together.

Have a beautiful blessed Holiday, dear friends!!!



Thanksgiving Every Day




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  1. says

    I was having trouble leaving a comment there so I’ll leave it here too:
    Ugh, I’m not sure my comment went through! My computer freaked out. Anyway, this is stunning, beautiful poetry. And you wrote your descriptions in ways in which we are all lucky enough to relate with.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Chris! I’m thankful for you.

    • says

      Oh sweetie! I am SO sorry you were having trouble with commenting! I hate when that happens- and it’s not only frustrating but time consuming! Bless your heart for trying so hard… THAT means the world to me!!! I did get both comments!!! 🙂

      I love you. I am SO grateful we connected… you are a constant blessing in my life. XOXOXO Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.

    • says

      Oh Jennifer- you always make me feel so special. There is nothing more fulfilling than having my words be valued. God bless YOU, for always blessing ME. XO

    • says

      No, YOU are! XOXOXO Wanna come with me to my sister’s house today? LOTS of good food and fun to be had!!! Get Joe and head on over!!! You could tackle me down in the snow!!! And then, we could go in for some hot cocoa… or something stronger. Yeah- something stronger sounds better. 😉

    • says

      I am SO grateful for you, Stephanie. I am THRILLED that we have connected! Your support means the world to me, my friend. XO Have a beautiful Holiday!!

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