Wait. Where Did Summer Go?

Wait Where Did Summer Go

It started with the packets that came in the mail. Those thick large envelops that I seem to always dread opening. Included in the layers of paperwork was all the information on those “Back to School Days” schedules, important dates, forms, fees and needed supplies. Ugh. I put them aside, thinking I had all sorts […]

Summer’s Grace for Moms

Summer's Grace For Moms

  How can it be that summer is over?  As quick as it came crashing in, it has yanked itself away with school starting and cool mornings meant for jackets and backpacks. I feel cheated. This summer season was all but a blur of goings on that seemed to roll together and never stand still.  […]

What Do My Kids Want This Summer? More of Me…

What My Kids Want for Summer... More of Me

I had one of those heart to heart talks with my kids, one night while we were doing our snuggle time before bed. It started with that beautiful embrace as they stretched their arms out to me and squealed ‘Do that thing you do mommy!” I jumped on the bed in between them and rolled […]