How To Breath When You’re Suffocating From Anxiety

How To Breathe When You Are Suffering From Anxiety

I find myself gasping for air these days… treading the treacherous waters as best I can. I sink in grief, for my beloved friend who so abruptly lost her devoted lifetime love just days ago. He was yanked from her life in an instant, leaving her heart crushed into a million tiny torturing pieces and […]

Devotional Dairy: Lost But Always Found

Devotional Diary Lost But Always Found

Devotional Diary… I’m in a season of madness, functioning, and frantic scurrying to get ‘things done’.  I am task oriented and overwhelmed, as my priorities fight for first in line.  No time to take a breath, reflect or process… barely an utterance of silence in my mind.  Instead of long lingering prayers, I am unable […]