To The Woman We Are All Standing Up For, Thank YOU

To The Woman We Are Standing Up For

I’ve been reading endless articles written about this horrific case you are at the center of, and I have felt intense anguish and anger about the injustice around the vulgar and vicious act done to you. And in all this news and the rage lashed out on your perpetrator and his father, I’m afraid the […]

The Power of Memories

What defines you? We have the power to choose.

I’ve realized something quite profound recently. It started with a project my daughter had to do for her language arts class. She was to write a timeline of all her pivotal moments in her short little history, and explain the impact those moments had on her. I thought this would be an interesting pursuit and […]

It Takes A Good Woman To Know One: TToT Women’s Edition

It Takes A Good Woman To Know One

Ten Things of Thankful: Women’s Edition I have had the privilege of knowing countless women throughout my life. Not just in passing while superficially connecting through a fleeting event or circumstance, but truly experiencing who they are through deep conversations that revel in truth and trust. I am constantly amazed with the blessings from each […]