Wait. Where Did Summer Go?

Wait Where Did Summer Go

It started with the packets that came in the mail. Those thick large envelops that I seem to always dread opening. Included in the layers of paperwork was all the information on those “Back to School Days” schedules, important dates, forms, fees and needed supplies. Ugh. I put them aside, thinking I had all sorts […]

Volunteering: It’s Complicated


If you are a parent, then you are well aware of all the opportunities that are *offered* for us to volunteer.  Most of our kids’ activities, school affairs, sports, and church ministries are run by volunteers alone, which means we all must chip in to some degree- in order for our kids to have such […]

How To Make It Through Middle School

How To Get Through Middle School

I’ve learned a lot from my daughter, as she went through sixth grade. I believe she taught me how to make it through middle school. Since the beginning of the year, I have fretted over the many issues that could possibly erupt in what many call “The Devil’s Playground”. I have prayed for her precious […]