“Natural Childbirth”

Natural Childbirth

“Natural Child Birth” January 28th, 2006 3:12AM: My 9-month-old ‘in uterus’ baby literally stands up inside of me and awakens me in a terrified state. (seriously- standing up in my belly, as my stomach looks like a cone) “AAHHHHH! Oh my God, Oh my God! Is… this… it, Lord? What the…” 3:21AM: On the bathroom […]

Another “mom story” to tell…

ice cream truck
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Mother stories….don’t we all have them?  So many mother stories you can’t even count!  How many times we laugh out loud at something our kids do or say….  How many times they say something so adorable and witty, you just want to share it with the world!  How many times they do something so awful, […]



The past few years I have had some surgeries and procedures. A little more than your typical healthy mom, but it had to be.  Through these latest seasons of medical fun, it was always such a pleasure to bring my jovial and jubilant, energetic and energizing, insanely cute and well, insane kiddos with me to […]