The Dark Side of Motherhood

Mothering Through the Darkness

I remember vividly, those long dark nights and empty days of life as a first time mom. I remember the tears, the fear, and the constant anxiety that welled up over and over again, as I tried to care for my baby. I remember the countless days with no end in sight…and the terrifying nights […]

Think Thankful… We Can Do That.

Think Thankful...We Can Surely Do That

I jolt awake, look at the clock and realize I pressed snooze too many times. I still have enough time to make this morning run smoothly. I can do this. We have our routine down to the minute over here. Seriously- down to the minute. Pulling my heavy aching body out of bed to meander […]

Shouts From The Sidelines: Lessons in Life

Shouts From The Sidelines Lessons in Life

If you have kids involved in sports of any kind, you surely spend a lot of your time on the sidelines of the field, the court, or the track. There is always the hum of excitement stirring among the participant’s parents as they anxiously watch the game play out. I’ve had a lot of experience […]