Weekend Warrior- Mama Style

Weekend Warrior Mama Style

I was a weekend warrior.  You’ve heard the phrase, right? It’s usually pertaining to those elite athletes who spend their weekends running marathons or taking on a triathlon or some kind of extreme fitness adventure. Well, this was not that kind of weekend warrior per say… But pretty close. Pretty darn close.   If you […]

All the Firsts For Moms

All the Firsts for Moms

From the moment we hold our babies and look into their sweet freshly opened eyes, we begin the journey in discovering the joy of “firsts”… First cry. First poop. First outfit. First bath. First smile. First giggle. First time rolling over, pulling up, crawling, walking, running… First time latching on, taking a bottle, starting foods, […]

It’s All About The Placement

It's All About The Placement

Every year I’m in awe of my Begonias. I plant them in the early spring, haphazardly in a hurry, adding a few in my large pot placed strategically on the remnants of the tree trunk in my front yard. I began this ritual shortly after we had to cut down the only tree we had. […]