“Natural Childbirth”

Natural Childbirth

“Natural Child Birth” January 28th, 2006 3:12AM: My 9-month-old ‘in uterus’ baby literally stands up inside of me and awakens me in a terrified state. (seriously- standing up in my belly, as my stomach looks like a cone) “AAHHHHH! Oh my God, Oh my God! Is… this… it, Lord? What the…” 3:21AM: On the bathroom […]

Oh! What a Beautiful Morning at The Mom Cafe – Part 2

So having morning crust on her teeth grosses me out to no end and God forbid I send her off to 8 hours of school (and drama club after school leaving a total of 10 more hours) for her teeth to rot makes me….well …..LOSE IT! Of course I park in the school parking lot […]