A Call For Us All… Who Will You Choose?

Who Will You Choose?

The Christmas Story still lingers in my heart as I dwell on the greatest story ever told … and the Characters that made it happen. I have been thinking through each person’s call and their purpose set on the stage of God’s Will, and it is my deep desire to live like them. It is […]

My Resolution…


Happy New Year to all you beautiful moms out there!!! Hope it came in with much joy and excitement filled with lots of kids screaming and running amuck! Now is the dreaded time to make those new goals and start the New Year off with a promise and a plan… I like New Year’s resolutions. Call […]

Holiday Greetings!

Holiday Greetings

I was in a pondering state last night (as I always am), and I thought through all the funny and weird and adorable things my kids are into these days.  Because of this lovely, amazing, and peaceful “break” we are getting from crisis drama, it would be so nice to send our Christmas Cards out […]