Book Review: Multiples Illuminated

Multiples Illuminated Book Review

One of the greatest gifts in being a blogger, is connecting with and reading other writer’s words. I’ve talked a lot about many writers I have grown to love and many more I have discovered along the way. When it comes to sharing online, I have presented various books to you, written by dear friends […]

It’s The Little Things…

It's The Little Things...

Motherhood is marked by the big things. We witness our children take courageous steps, hard falls, and triumphant leaps through our journey in parenting them. There are big things we often celebrate, commiserate, and reflect upon as they grow. Ask any mom about the big moments and she will gladly share the stories that light […]

“The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity”


When I first had my kids, I assumed I would continue to be at the piano regularly playing my songs and writing new ones, anytime I was inspired. My music was my greatest creative outlet and my most passionate joy. I had been playing since childhood, and found writing music to be cathartic and therapeutic […]