All the Firsts For Moms

All the Firsts for Moms

From the moment we hold our babies and look into their sweet freshly opened eyes, we begin the journey in discovering the joy of “firsts”… First cry. First poop. First outfit. First bath. First smile. First giggle. First time rolling over, pulling up, crawling, walking, running… First time latching on, taking a bottle, starting foods, […]

Projects Projects Projects…

Projects Projects Projects

I needed to clean out my desk to give my girl.  It was a simple task.  My desk was small, so I didn’t have too much to sort through.  Or so I thought… This isn’t the first time one small task has catapulted into a few more…massive projects.  I suppose it happens when we continue […]

Wait. Where Did Summer Go?

Wait Where Did Summer Go

It started with the packets that came in the mail. Those thick large envelops that I seem to always dread opening. Included in the layers of paperwork was all the information on those “Back to School Days” schedules, important dates, forms, fees and needed supplies. Ugh. I put them aside, thinking I had all sorts […]