“The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity”


When I first had my kids, I assumed I would continue to be at the piano regularly playing my songs and writing new ones, anytime I was inspired. My music was my greatest creative outlet and my most passionate joy. I had been playing since childhood, and found writing music to be cathartic and therapeutic […]

I Welcome Yvonne, Proud Author of Drawings in Sand

Drawings in Sand

I have a lovely new friend here today to share her story and her novel!  Yvonne has an incredible talent and I am honored to have her share her writing here on my blog.  You can find her at Writing a river and Inquiring parent.  She is a master of words and stories and also?  […]

Oh Mother…

Your Mission Never Ends

Oh mother, oh mother What challenge awaits your day? Stay strong and endure The “endless road” some say!   Mother, ah… Mother Embrace each moment or You’ll look back and wonder Was there so much more?   Oh Mother, dear Mother The winding road you’ll see That when the path takes a turn Another road […]