Tumor Benign… Free To Breathe

Tumor Benign  Free To Breathe

I woke up, surprised the kids let me sleep in- I felt rested after tossing and turning these past few nights.  I have been trying to plan how this will unfold with the kids home not having school today and me getting the call.  How exactly will I handle it while they scurried around my […]

Another “mom story” to tell…

ice cream truck
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Mother stories….don’t we all have them?  So many mother stories you can’t even count!  How many times we laugh out loud at something our kids do or say….  How many times they say something so adorable and witty, you just want to share it with the world!  How many times they do something so awful, […]

Mommy Incidentals

toilet_money 580x300

This is one of my favorite laughable memories of potty training.  After you read this one, add your own in the comments below! My four-year-old son paid me to wipe his butt.  Let me say that again… My four-year-old son paid me to wipe his butt. You see, he is almost five and still has […]