The Power of Memories

The Power of Memories

I’ve realized something quite profound recently. It started with a project my daughter had to do for her language arts class. She was to write a timeline of all her pivotal moments in her short little history, and explain the impact those moments had on her. I thought this would be an interesting pursuit and […]

Devotional Diary: Where Was God In All of This?

Where Was God In All Of This

This is a follow up post from my recent piece titled, “You Don’t Remember”. Please read that first. These months were the hardest months I would ever have to survive as a mother. Since the moment Cassidy was born, she had one medical crisis after another. My greatest fear with having another baby was Cassidy […]

She Doesn’t Remember…

Three Years Old

  “Oh Cassidy, do you remember this song?” “No. What do you mean?” “I Can Only Imagine” started playing as I switched around the cd looking for the song Cade begged to listen to once again… I immediately turned it up and gasped with that ever-reminiscent stirring gust of air that somehow blows the dust […]