Buried Treasures of Gratitude

Buried Treasures of Gratitude

I’m guessing if you stopped by to read this, you may be in the midst of holiday preparations. You may be packing to head out of town to see family or friends. You may be cleaning and cooking to host your own festivities. You may be stirring with that anticipation of seeing people you may […]

The Power of Memories

What defines you? We have the power to choose.

I’ve realized something quite profound recently. It started with a project my daughter had to do for her language arts class. She was to write a timeline of all her pivotal moments in her short little history, and explain the impact those moments had on her. I thought this would be an interesting pursuit and […]

Devotional Diary: Where Was God In All of This?

Where Was God In All Of This

This is a follow up post from my recent piece titled, “You Don’t Remember”. Please read that first. These months were the hardest months I would ever have to survive as a mother. Since the moment Cassidy was born, she had one medical crisis after another. My greatest fear with having another baby was Cassidy […]