The Christmas Story… Are You In It?

The Christmas Story Are You In It

The birth of Christ is the most well-known and celebrated story, through the prophetic anticipation of our savior to His miraculous entry into the world. The sweet simplicity of the manger and humility with which God delivers His Son brings forth the foundation and stage for the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. There is magic […]

A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

Sometimes I wonder how I would look back on my life, when I’m faced with the end of it. I find myself in those moments of reflection, anticipation and evaluation fairly often, if I were to be honest. I suppose I have this intentional desire to do my best every day, in order to be […]

A Prayer for the Suffering

Prayer for the Suffering

A Prayer for the Suffering… When the world turns upside down Twisting, turning, spinning Falling, falling, falling… Let me land safely in your arms. Cradled like an infant Bound to dependency Of Your Promise. Spirit feed me your Truth. Let me fall into Thee Pure Holiness.     When the venom stings Of a thousand […]