A Prayer for the Suffering

Prayer for the Suffering

A Prayer for the Suffering… When the world turns upside down Twisting, turning, spinning Falling, falling, falling… Let me land safely in your arms. Cradled like an infant Bound to dependency Of Your Promise. Spirit feed me your Truth. Let me fall into Thee Pure Holiness.     When the venom stings Of a thousand […]

It’s All About The Placement

It's All About The Placement

Every year I’m in awe of my Begonias. I plant them in the early spring, haphazardly in a hurry, adding a few in my large pot placed strategically on the remnants of the tree trunk in my front yard. I began this ritual shortly after we had to cut down the only tree we had. […]

Growing Older and Slowing Down

Growing Older and Slowing Down

I will be turning 48, before my yogurt expires. I suppose I can now say that inevitable phrase, “late forties”… Sigh. So in thinking about my upcoming birthday, I often reflect and ponder the years past and where I stand today. I’ve had some shaky steps this year, but the ground I walk on seems […]