Finding Worth in Our Waiting

A Worthy Wait

*I have been walking a lot this spring (when it isn’t snowing-good grief.) Each time I put one foot in front of the other, I am filled with immense gratitude for my ability to do something I love once again. It’s been incredibly liberating. The past several months I lived in waiting, this time in […]

It’s The Little Things…

It's The Little Things...

Motherhood is marked by the big things. We witness our children take courageous steps, hard falls, and triumphant leaps through our journey in parenting them. There are big things we often celebrate, commiserate, and reflect upon as they grow. Ask any mom about the big moments and she will gladly share the stories that light […]

The Christmas Story… Are You In It?

The Christmas Story Are You In It

The birth of Christ is the most well-known and celebrated story, through the prophetic anticipation of our savior to His miraculous entry into the world. The sweet simplicity of the manger and humility with which God delivers His Son brings forth the foundation and stage for the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. There is magic […]