The Mess of Mediocrity

The Mess of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is messy. I live in it, I know. It messes with your mind. It messes with your perspective. It messes with your heart. It messes with your faith. It messes with your dreams. It messes with everything. I’ve spent my life striving to get out of this mess, but it seems I land right […]

You Are Alive! Savor It…

You Have A Reason To Live

  This year has brought sudden deaths in the lives of people I know, people I love… One of my best friends lost her fiance suddenly and unexpectedly. She didn’t get his daily phone call, and worried why. She sent her step dad over to his house to check on him while she was at […]

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful You

Beautiful You

  Do you know that you are beautiful? You are. You were knitted together with His Divine Power.  You were made on purpose, for a purpose. Each thread within you, is woven perfectly together to create a miraculous masterpiece that is You. Yes, YOU. All of who you are… Even the hard parts, the soft […]