Buried Treasures of Gratitude

Buried Treasures of Gratitude

I’m guessing if you stopped by to read this, you may be in the midst of holiday preparations. You may be packing to head out of town to see family or friends. You may be cleaning and cooking to host your own festivities. You may be stirring with that anticipation of seeing people you may […]

Think Thankful… We Can Do That.

Think Thankful...We Can Surely Do That

I jolt awake, look at the clock and realize I pressed snooze too many times. I still have enough time to make this morning run smoothly. I can do this. We have our routine down to the minute over here. Seriously- down to the minute. Pulling my heavy aching body out of bed to meander […]

Are Thank You Notes Becoming Obsolete?

Are Thank You Notes Becoming Obsolete

I’m a big fan of thank you notes. When someone gives me a gift, I want them to know how grateful I am. Now truth be told, I’m not always consistent in sitting down and penning a lovely note sharing my appreciation. Sometimes, life pulls me in too many directions submerging me in too many […]