The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude

The Garden of Gratitude When your world is spinning… Fast and furious off its axis Parts and pieces flying all around… Unsettled and stirring in the fury Of perhaps a storm hit hard unknowingly. When your earth’s breaking apart… Crumbling into parts and pieces Scattering thoughts swirling with the dirt As though gravity has lost […]

Managing Pain: Stay Off The Bridge

Managing Pain Stay Off The Bridge

I’m not a stranger to managing pain. I have had four surgeries in five years, and every one of them left me in pretty bad shape. Pain has so much power… There is a slippery bridge from physical pain to mental anguish. I try not to step on it. I know what’s on the other […]

Grrr… To Gratitude

Grr To Gratitude Take Two

I wrote this post over two years ago, and I came across it and realized this principle is ongoing for us all.  I believe one of the greatest challenges and deepest joys comes from the fine art of gratitude… Even when you’re suffering. During the years that my daughter was sick, we learned together that […]