God’s Word Delivered in the Sweetest Way

Faith Cass 1 done

My daughter Cassidy worked on these precious love notes without my knowing. When she showed them to me, I was both humbled and surprised at her determination to create these beautiful pieces of encouragement through God’s Word. I wanted to share them with you, in case you may need a few notes of encouragement too. […]

A Prayer for the Suffering

Prayer for the Suffering

A Prayer for the Suffering… When the world turns upside down Twisting, turning, spinning Falling, falling, falling… Let me land safely in your arms. Cradled like an infant Bound to dependency Of Your Promise. Spirit feed me your Truth. Let me fall into Thee Pure Holiness.     When the venom stings Of a thousand […]

Dear Christians, What Will you lay at the Foot of the Cross?

Christ Gave His All

I always feel a stirring in my heart during Holy week. The weight of a heavy shadow hovers over me, as I reflect on the torturing assault Christ endured on that fateful day.  I find myself submerged in the account of Christ’s agonizing approach to the cross… Good Friday is here. Luke 23:33-43 ESV And […]