A Portrait of Friendship and All It Gives

The Gift of Friendship and All It Gives

This piece is dedicated to my beloved friend, Christy. May we continue to walk alongside each other for the rest of our lives. *** I listened to every word, every undercurrent that gently passed through them, and watched her as she opened her heart and handed a few pieces over.  I took it all in […]

Thoughts On Friends and Feet Washing

Thoughts on Friends and Feet Washing

I have been blessed with an amazing amount of true friends and unconditional friendships throughout my life. So many dear souls who have embraced, loved and cared for me during times of suffering. So many women who have loved me just as I am, where I am. They have accepted all my quirks and goofball antics as […]

Finding Her Tribe In Tough Terrain

Finding Her Tribe In Tough Terrain

                            I am sitting upstairs, listening to giggles and shouts downstairs in the basement, while my daughter and her new-found girlfriends are playing games. She’s been wanting to have them over for months, because they have become her closest friends. She spends […]