“My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends”

“My Other Ex Women’s True Stories of Losing and Leaving Friends”

Women are fiercely passionate people, aren’t we? We connect deeply with other women, and oftentimes develop long lasting friendships that make an enormous impact on our lives. We create bonds that are unbreakable, and fiercely love each other through the unfortunate falls and the tumultuous turns we endure. Our connections with each other are often […]

The “Sidelines” of Blogging… That’s What I am Thankful For!

The Sidelines of Blogging

Every blogger has a platform, where they display their writing gift, their art, their mission, their business, and their voice.  We take center stage when we post an article we deem worthy of reading, sharing, and publishing out for the world to see.  There are countless men and women that work behind the scenes, connecting […]

A New Voice of Thankful


Today I am so excited to share someone who is proudly taking on Lizzi’s call to have us focus on the Ten Things of Thankful in our life.  I decided that this week’s thankful should be something really special, seeing as Lizzi and I have been going CRAZY over the big package reveal.  You see, […]