What Would You Do?

What Would You Do 1

The gun is pinned to your forehead. His eyes, glazed over as he stares straight through your soul. The sweat is beading on his forehead and his voice growls with a distinct edge that seethes evil. You’re trembling. Terrified. Your friend lies beside you in a pool of blood. Head blown open with scattered brain […]

“Experience Christmas” By Christine Trevino

Experience Christmas by Christine Trevino

Although we just began October, if you have been around the proverbial block a few times, you will understand how quickly the Holiday Season collides into fall. I know, I know… You say “Don’t push it!” And much like you, I won’t dare even set my eyes on the store’s outlandish displays until after Thanksgiving. […]

A Prayer for the Suffering

Prayer for the Suffering

A Prayer for the Suffering… When the world turns upside down Twisting, turning, spinning Falling, falling, falling… Let me land safely in your arms. Cradled like an infant Bound to dependency Of Your Promise. Spirit feed me your Truth. Let me fall into Thee Pure Holiness.     When the venom stings Of a thousand […]