Encouragement for Women with Insecurities

Untangled Book Review

Today I am sharing a treasure of encouragement for all women who struggle with insecurity of any kind. Carey Scott is a gifted writer with an incredible faith. She has taken her own painful experiences and struggles with self esteem that many women face, and written about it all in her book, “Untangled”. She boldly […]

I Am What I Am, And I am Enough

I Am What I Am And That Is Enough For Him

  I am utterly human. Full of flaws and weaknesses. I’m anxious, impatient, fidgety, and uncontrollably quirky.  If you met me in person, you would probably be engulfed by a full body hug, and feel that awkward invasion of boundaries I dare to cross over time and time again. I would want to please you, […]

Devotional Diary: Dear Lord…I’m Ready

Dear Lord I'm Ready

  Dear Lord… I’ve prayed for your protection, for your providence… I’ve begged for your forgiveness, for your unfaltering grace. I’ve asked for your guidance and your strength to inspire me… I’ve forged through hard places and rough waters, Trusting your faithful plan for my life. I’ve questioned your timing, your sovereignty, I’ve doubted your […]