The Day I Failed as a Mother

The Day I Failed as a Mother

The day I failed as a mother…                 I had an enough. I was tired and those ever-present vapors of frustration radiated from my skin… I launched the attack. “You better get your act together!… Don’t you dare disrespect me or your father! … You need to be […]

Two Important Ways To Manage Your Child’s Anger

Two Ways To Manage Your Kid's Anger

  As my kids get older, I’m realizing the ongoing need to parent them through difficult emotions, especially anger. It takes great effort and insight into helping them develop productive ways to express themselves. It’s easy to miss some of those teachable moments, in the hurried hectic lives we lead. We must realize these little […]

Time is Magical…

Time Is Magical 1

Time… I have been thinking a lot about time. How fast and fleeting it can be. How generous and magnificent is its wonder. And what a thief it can become. I’ve been digging into deep contemplation, as the season changes and the air gets heavy. And I wonder about this thing called time. How does […]