The Christmas Magic Slowly Died…

The Christmas Magic Slowly Died

  “Mom, do you move the Elf? Are you the one who does that?”   /\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\__/\___/\   “MOM! Why aren’t you answering his question? MOM!” “Where on EARTH is this coming from? You guys were SO excited about Little Kris coming and now this?” “Just answer the question mom! We know you can’t lie!” “No […]

A Book For Every Mom:

Lose The Cape

I recently read the book “Lose the Cape – Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive“, written by Alexa Bigwarfe from No Holding Back and Kerry Rivera from Breadwinningmama.   First of all, I just love that title, don’t you?  All of us mothers try to be that “supermom” attempting to juggle so much […]