Dear Teacher…

Dear Teacher

Dear teacher, Every day I relinquish my precious children into your care.  Do you know how important you are to me?  To them?  From this day forward, you are a valuable force in what defines them.  You will encourage or discourage, inspire or disappoint, empower or belittle, engage or neglect, instruct or demand, fill or […]

Happy New Year!


I always think of the “fall” season (now mid summer- geesh) as a new beginning to a new year. It is perhaps more of a “New Year” holiday than the one we celebrate in January. It is a brand new start to school and around this time I always celebrate, reflect, ponder and plan… As […]

A Mother’s Dichotomy…

Back to School Crayon

Tic Toc, the clock moves forward with an anxious tremble. Anticipating letting go, again. It’s never an easy season. Mixed emotions fluctuating back and forth as my mind wanders through the halls and classrooms filled with children and all that lies ahead. I feel sudden surges of anxiety, forecasting bullying and sickness, academic struggles and […]