Devotional Diary: Angels


Today I am deeply honored to be sharing an incredibly powerful story that my precious friend experienced, in which she believes God’s Angels saved her and God’s love lifted her heart out of doubt and into belief.  Denise reached out to me after reading my post about Cassidy’s claim to see angels.  She told me […]

For The Angels Appeared

For Those Who Don't Believe

    My daughter recently shared quite an extraordinary experience … “Mommy!  Guess what happened last night? I saw three ANGELS! I woke up and there they were…watching me!  One was tall and skinny and she was up on the curtains, another was on the other side of the curtains and she was smiling like […]

Be Somebody’s Angel

Be Somebody's Angel

I have a friend who calls me “Angel”.  She’s been calling me that for years now, and each time feels like the first. I gasp under my breath each time, with a deep chilling reverence for being called such a thing. She believes I am just that for her, but I stand in resistant acceptance […]