To The Parents Whose Daughter Received A Bible

To The Parents Whose Daughter Received A Bible

                              To the parents whose daughter received a bible… First of all, I’d like to thank you for allowing your daughter to come to my house for my weekly youth ministry. She really seems to be enjoying it, and I appreciate […]

The Dark Side of Motherhood

Mothering Through the Darkness

I remember vividly, those long dark nights and empty days of life as a first time mom. I remember the tears, the fear, and the constant anxiety that welled up over and over again, as I tried to care for my baby. I remember the countless days with no end in sight…and the terrifying nights […]

Think Thankful… We Can Do That.

Think Thankful...We Can Surely Do That

I jolt awake, look at the clock and realize I pressed snooze too many times. I still have enough time to make this morning run smoothly. I can do this. We have our routine down to the minute over here. Seriously- down to the minute. Pulling my heavy aching body out of bed to meander […]