Growing Older and Slowing Down

Growing Older and Slowing Down

I will be turning 48, before my yogurt expires. I suppose I can now say that inevitable phrase, “late forties”… Sigh. So in thinking about my upcoming birthday, I often reflect and ponder the years past and where I stand today. I’ve had some shaky steps this year, but the ground I walk on seems […]

Projects Projects Projects…

Projects Projects Projects

I needed to clean out my desk to give my girl.  It was a simple task.  My desk was small, so I didn’t have too much to sort through.  Or so I thought… This isn’t the first time one small task has catapulted into a few more…massive projects.  I suppose it happens when we continue […]

Wait. Where Did Summer Go?

Wait Where Did Summer Go

It started with the packets that came in the mail. Those thick large envelops that I seem to always dread opening. Included in the layers of paperwork was all the information on those “Back to School Days” schedules, important dates, forms, fees and needed supplies. Ugh. I put them aside, thinking I had all sorts […]