20 Truths about Life After Foot Ankle Surgery

20 Truths about Life after Foot Ankle Surgery

  I recently had another surgery. Yeah, I know. I’m all about these surgeries, aren’t I? If you read one of my previous posts about the bulging screws causing pain in my foot, then I bet you can guess what happened next… The lovely surgeon took them out. Because they HURT. The swelling had finally […]

Moms, How ya doin’ with those Summer Workbooks?

Summer's Grace For Moms

The one thing I used to fret over, was the deterioration of my kids’ brains over the summer.  I worried that all the academic information that infiltrated their little minds would be long gone by the time school started up again.  I would prepare for the summer by going to the store to buy the […]

Encouragement for Women with Insecurities

Untangled Book Review

Today I am sharing a treasure of encouragement for all women who struggle with insecurity of any kind. Carey Scott is a gifted writer with an incredible faith. She has taken her own painful experiences and struggles with self esteem that many women face, and written about it all in her book, “Untangled”. She boldly […]